Lisa Vanderpump Clears Up Rumors She Has Butt Implants!

Lisa Vanderpump

Many viewers have questioned whether Lisa Vanderpump’s Donkey Booty is so bootylicious because she’s had butt implants! On Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, MJ from The Shahs of Sunset, revealed she thinks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump has had injections into her butt to have a “donkey booty!” MJ explained to Andy Cohen that she thought Lisa had fat injected into her booty, then went on to tell a story about going to get Botox and learning about the injection process to enhance your behind.

Lisa, who was less than pleased by MJ’s accusations, immediately followed up with a tweet, saying, “Did this girl just say I took her with me for Botox? I don’t even know who she is..nothing injected in my ass…thank you and goodnight.”


It’s clear Lisa’s booty is all natural! No implants needed!

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6 Comments on "Lisa Vanderpump Clears Up Rumors She Has Butt Implants!"

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I can’t stop laughing.
I bet it took Lisa a millisecond to come up with that one!
Great response to MJ!

MJ said she went with Asa to get botox, not Lisa.

I love you lisa!!!!
I would love u to smother me with
your nyce-wide rear….I would love
my DNA to be in your bottom!!!!!

Its fake. Check out her Before pics from back in the day. If you are going to get butt injections at least. Admit it, stop telling lies. #fake

I totally agree, she looks like she is wearing a bedtime depend, and half the time she walks like she has a load in her diaper, she looks so funny with that fat butt. It just reminds me of my grandson with a load in his pants.

I just like you said I’ve been watching Lisa Vanderpump for years Lisa I love you respect you stop lying about that booty injectionslet’s keep it real Lisa Love You Juanita