Lisa Vanderpump Did Not Have Cedric Deported, Says Brandi Never Met Cedric In Person


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain how the other women of RHOBH turning on her has affected her. Lisa shares that she is really upset when she sees Brandi bringing up Cedric and denies her accusation that Lisa had him deported. Lisa reveals that Brandi had never met Cedric and that Brandi entered Lisa’s life in a lie.

Lisa goes on to reveal how shocked she is to hear and read what Yolanda Foster has said about her. She says she ignored the signs about Yolanda, and admits that Kim and Kyle Richards were right when they said Yolanda called Lisa phony in Paris.

Lisa writes, “I am of course extremely upset when I see, for example, Brandi bringing up the subject of Cedric. All of you who have followed the story from the beginning will understand Cedric was a precarious subject and one that out of loyalty to Brandi I would never have raised. But now she is saying I had Cedric deported. I will explain, with regard to him being deported. It should have been done, but unfortunately Housewives don’t have that much influence over Homeland Securities. . .If after he left us he was working in violation of his visa, then I am sure it was a problem. I believe he left to return to England of his own volition and to renter America he would need another sponsor.

The most interesting thing that I discovered, which I would never have exposed is the fact that Brandi had never met Cedric. She wasn’t a “friend” of his and they hadn’t modeled together. She had somehow concocted the story with somebody else. She came into my life on a lie. . .that should have spoken volumes.

I honestly felt that Kyle initially offering the necklace was some sort of peace offering. But when a ring appeared I didn’t quite understand the connection between a blue skull and a gold ring.

Again, it’s confusing as to why Brandi felt the need to run to Kyle to try to create a rift between us. Now I have a better understanding when I see Brandi tweeting that she was a little jealous of Kyle and I when they had shown us playing in the pool, and remarking how she found it strange as she believed Kyle and I weren’t that close. I had previously tried to placate Carlton at her event with regard to Kyle, but after seeing just how badly the anti-Semitic remark had affected her, I understood it was a precarious situation that required a deeper conversation. I like Carlton so very much, and I know how traumatized she had been by the accusation — and I don’t think a ring would fix it.

Now after reading Yolanda’s blogs and having seen endless comments on film, I have realized I called it wrong. Obviously Kim and Kyle had been truthful about what had transpired in Paris, I just had refused to believe it. Joyce had warned me at the beginning of the season, and I chose to ignore her account of Yolanda desperately trying to engage her in a detrimental conversation about me. I didn’t know Joyce at that time and I was hoping that the bond between Yolanda, Mohamed, and our families would supersede the negativity she harvested.

I understood at the beginning of the season there was no support from the other women. It was discussed in rehearsals when I was on Dancing With the Stars between us struggling competitors how strange it was. How it was expected that the Housewives or members of a competitors team would vociferously tweet and vote in support. Apart from Brandi tweeting a couple of times, the other Housewives were silent. They came for the one appearance, that you saw on the show.

But I never expected this, and to be honest after seeing all the episodes it has been pretty traumatizing. I thank Carlton and Joyce for being so supportive. In the year I have known them I have grown to adore them. They will testify to the fact that I never talk negatively about the other women. I always believe it says more about them than it does about you.

And so on we go, on this tumultuous journey riddled with obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable. You will see. But lastly I have read your comments, which see me through, and your supportive tweets, and I thank you for that.”

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  • Mikey B

    yup, cedric’s been back in london working as a maitre’d at a Peruvian restaurant here for quite a while. I’m sure if lisa did get him deported we woulda heard about it before!

  • Aunt Bee

    I am not looking forward to the reunion and seeing Lisa being bashed. I don’t understand how all these woman have turned against her. It truly bothers me that Lisa is so friendly with the Witch just as it bothered me that Lisa could not see the ugliness of Brandi. I truly believe Brandi is behind the Lisa persecution and it all stems from her jealousy of Kyle and Lisa’s long term friendship.
    Just please, Lisa, be very very careful of the Witch. Now that you are aware of Brandi’s treachery your next problem will be the witch you “adore”!

    • Alex

      you so fucking ignorant. it’s her religion fuck off!

  • Cin

    Lisa,,, you have behaved with more class than the other ladies. It’s been obvious from the start they are intimidated by you, Such is life.

  • Alex

    they are photographed together and thats why you didnt like her because of her friendship with him…did you forget watch season 2 again bitch

  • Scs

    The RHOB cast is jealous of Lisa. Lisa has a sucessful spinoff show. She was on DWTS. And what.. Kyle and Kim was on that dive show (so uninteresting I forgot the actual name) I used to love Kyle. But now.. It shows how jealous she is of Lisa. I would luv to see another spinoff show w/Lisa.

  • Andrea

    People are so fooled by Lisa. She is not what she pretends to be. These are her true colors coming out and I believe it’s because Andy doesn’t have the power to protect her anymore.