Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Kyle Richards For Phone Conversation With Taylor Armstrong Regarding Kennedy!

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss several things regarding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. First, she insists Faye Resnick was NOT invited to her tea party and there was NOT a place setting or a seat for her. She says she received a phone call revealing Kyle wanted to bring Faye along. Lisa says it was clear there was a miscommunication about Taylor and the whereabouts of Kennedy and that Kyle shouldn’t have led us to believe Taylor didn’t know where her daughter was. Lastly, Lisa discusses the hypocrisy of Adrienne’s letter to Brandi and says it is the same thing that Adrienne led the group in last year when Russell sent an e-mail to Camille.

Lisa writes,”Firstly I want to address the tweets and comments in regard to the tea party and as to whether Miss Resnick was invited. Now as often happens when one of us organizes an event, production arranges transport. I was informed that Kyle wanted to bring Faye. Now I immediately rejected the idea in the aftermath of what had resulted at Kyle’s house previously. I had no intention of reenacting that scenario. So, I relayed my sentiments. Apparently Faye was miffed. I could honestly care less and hoped that as she knew I didn’t want to include her. She would have the wherewithal to stay home. There was no place setting, a chair, yes, but no gift, no place setting, just one for Kim which was taken by Faye.

When Taylor called Kyle, it was clear that she had been drinking. But I believe that there was some sort of misunderstanding. I recall Kyle telling me the nanny was going to collect her and a decision was made for Kennedy to stay, unbeknownst to Taylor. Taylor believed that her daughter was being taken to her grandmothers, now I think that Kyle should have explained that, rather than us believing that Taylor was devoid of any knowledge as to the whereabouts of her daughter.

Witnessing my old house being burnt was sad to see on film. A plethora of memories going up in smoke. . .an end of an era.

Then we see Adrienne and Paul in the car. She finally admitted that there was a letter, because at the tea party she vociferously denied it. Interesting that she also stated that she would never try to ruin somebody’s reputation. . .Mmm I think I have to disagree with that one. Anyway the whole situation was almost identical to last year’s fiasco. The charge had been led by Adrienne and Paul to ban Russell and Taylor, so where’s the difference?

It seemed to me it shrieked of utter hypocrisy. It has been really hurtful and rather irritating at the vicious remarks that their cook has made about me constantly on Facebook and in the press. I was advised to ignore it but at times it has been challenging, Brandi has endured the same aggressive behavior and this has resulted in a mountain of resentment and confusion.

I also couldn’t resist mentioning to Adrienne about the body make up. She leaves it like a trail behind her, which ultimately results in her being a rather expensive guest. I would have expected some sort of remorse or responsibility taken but no, “clean it with baby wipes” that was all I was told.

Ken was not happy with the intimidating letter. He believes that when you know people socially and are continuing to socialize with them, it is redundant to enter into litigation. So he voiced his opinion to Paul and suggested they pay her legal fees.”

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8 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Kyle Richards For Phone Conversation With Taylor Armstrong Regarding Kennedy!”

  1. Kyle and Morris are ONLY about camera time and drama…..friendship? NO – unless it is Faye, and that is because they are both trash and have everything in common and Faye’s hubby has some $$$ so you know they will keep that friendship tight / as an investment for future commissions. They angle for commissions on real estate and glamour for the camera. Kyle needs a taste of her own medicine – will Andy get a clue….doutful. Kyle is a coward of the worst kind – talking head interviews, she says what she thinks makes her right with the viewers. Kyle /Morris and Kim are putting this show in the toilet. Kim isn’t sober and frankly too old to act so inmature-she is boring and sad. And please find Morris some place else to spew his sickening sales pitch and corny toasts, I mean really?!? Is this the best the producers can do. Moma Kathy taught those girls well – I notice Kyle is prepping Porsha for her fame. That little one looks for the camera alot lately….like mother, like daughter – ugh. Fire them please and thank you.

  2. Love Lisa!!! I had to laugh “Adriennes Cook”? Chef Bernie’s not going to like that one!

    Lisa must have spent thousands re-covering that couch! Adrienne’s entitled attitude makes me sick!

  3. Lisa and Ken are such a class act. I never had any doubt that Lisa did not invite Faye to her tea party. Kyle was the reason. She needs her pitbull, bodyguard, backup. I do wish Yolanda had been there though. It’s always interesting to hear her perpectives on situations involving these spoiled women.(not Brandi) They could do the show with just Lisa, Yolanda, Brandi and yes Kim and I would be happy. I always felt Kim’s spirit is to fragile for these strong woman, kinda like a deer caught in the headlights.

  4. Lisa is the best thing that has happened to the Real Housewives! Yolanda is second best! I missed Yolanda this episode… 🙁

  5. OR, he could have told his new bestie Brandi to learn when to shut up. We know shes doing this for her attention. Kind of like Cedric misbehaving.

    I really like Lisa yet i think she has a thing for supposed underdogs which in the end leads to hurt.

    Just want to add that I really love how the men have stepped up this season!!! Ken, Paul and Mauricio whether you agree or not they take a stance and back their wives. Not just tell them to hush and not worry about it. Its refreshing.
    What is stale is each episode holds the same conversation and really no one out here in TVland cares. Step it up, fight about something else…….

    And get rid of Faye. UGH

  6. You gotta love Lisa standing up to the bullies and liars! She will call you out when she sees hypocrisy and deception! This is probably why her friendship with Kyle is now so tenuous! Just love that Lisa Vanderpump!

  7. You can never go wrong with the truth….that’s why Lisa finishes first. Brandi too is a truth teller as I think Yolanda is. The reason the other ladies on the show seem to have difficulty is that they take little pieces of the truth and spin off of it. That’s isn’t the case with Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda. They wait forthe full story. If they have a problem with someone, then confront them with it face to face. Adrienne and Kyle always came across as bullies and media hogs to me and I think that very much has proven to be the case as this series has transpired. I am hoping Taylor falls by the wayside after this season. She keeps trying to make herself relevant and she is quite simply boring. That fake smile of hers drives me up the wall as well!

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