Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out “Mean Girls” On RHOBH, Says She Has Dirt On All Of Her Co-Stars


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to bid farewell to this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa calls out her cast mates for being mean girls and says it’s easy to plan attack in numbers. Lisa reveals she has dirty secrets about all of the other women, but says she doesn’t play those games like they do.

Lisa writes, “So as the curtain falls on this final episode, I wish I could call it a comedy of errors — but it’s not. It has been a challenging experience. Week after week, I have viewed the vicious conversations between people I had believed to be friends.

When I remember the innocence of the show four years ago, I would never have anticipated the level of cattiness and the bitchy, pack-like mentality that this experience has deteriorated into. The backstabbing of certain Housewives took it to a whole different level. It felt like I was drowning in a sea of negativity. I tried my best to swim against the tide, but the current pulled me under. I succumbed to a depressed state and vociferously threw myself into work.

So, seeing the other women over the last five months in interviews, all repeatedly stating that this would be my downfall, has been an experience to say the least. What they are accusing me of in retrospect is trivial. It’s just the ripple effect and what they are trying to achieve is so vindictive. I see that clearly.

It is easy to plan an attack when you are in numbers, but not so easy to plan a defense when you have no idea what is coming at you. I compensated by focusing on what was important — my family and my business. I have come to the conclusion, in the aftermath of the hurt and confusion. I was angry — but then I realized the best revenge was to get over it. Nothing pleases your opponents more than to see you suffer.

There has been kindness from Joyce and Carlton that is for sure, but I wasn’t as invested in them as our relationship was just developing. But I have so much respect for Joyce repeatedly standing up for what is right and not being afraid to hold her ground. I recall how she looked me in the eyes and told me how she tried to warn me at the beginning, about the nastiness behind my back from people I naively adored.

Brandi was so eager to be part of our group, to immerse herself in my world and she was well aware that Scheana was in Vanderpump Rules, its first season, and that Scheana had worked for me for five years. Nothing could change that. Sometimes planets collide and that’s what happened in this instance. Of course paths would cross.

I can’t attack. Of course, there are many things on all of them I could call out — secrets that have been shared, scenarios I have witnessed. Some would be an easy target, but that’s not who I am nor who I want to be. So, there we have it.

In reference to Brandi’s comments saying David works for a living — inferring Ken doesn’t is so disrespectful. Regardless of what he has done for her, my husband has diligently worked his whole life, starting with nothing, digging ditches, taking risks with his savings to create a business. He even bought his parents a house before he bought his own. He has loved and cared for us, and I resent that coming from somebody like her. I was a huge supporter as she relayed her story to me — a divorcee, struggling, desperate to join this group for all the opportunities that would accompany it. I was her biggest advocate. That was my first mistake — defending her, often to my detriment. That will never be resolved. That train has well and truly left the station.

In all my years as a mother, a wife, an advocate for equal rights, and a business woman, my integrity has been of utmost importance. Although when you put yourself in this arena you are, of course, likely to be criticized. However I know most of you have been extremely supportive, but even if it is one percent who doubt my integrity — that is one percent too many.

After an arduous two-and-a-half hours at the final party, half-an-hour of trying to reason with Brandi (much you didn’t see, including her yelling “I checkmated you bitch.”), it was all too much. Yolanda’s relentless pursuance of me, telling Ken how “David would never associate with the likes of you.” It finally came to a climax and we left.

I then heard how Yolanda was brushing away tears, shaking, saying a man should never put his hands on a woman. I thank god that you can see the innocuous interaction. What actually transpired was the most disappointing of all, as the mean spirited actions tried to incriminate my dear husband. I was there and mystified as to the level that they would stoop to, trying to malign his character. I then understood as I looked at the two of them together, that this dream team — one orchestrated by Yolanda — (one that I had not wanted to be part of) had fulfilled their agenda.

When I look at these episode I have asked myself however hurtful it has been, would I rather be me in this scenario? Or one of them? I know the answer because I prefer to sleep at night, and never would I ever join in a bunch of mean girls with a calculated attack.

So there we have it. We can throw accusations out there, bankruptcy, deportation, lying, abuse, and unfortunately because of the cyber world we live in today, some of it sticks. But I know the truth.

I thank you for your incredible support through this tough experience. Trust the fact that without it, I would have floundered. It has been distressing– that’s for sure. I am thankful it is over, and I will live to fight another day. I am deeply involved in the many fruitful aspects of my life, work, family, and charities, and am perfectly happy that this experience is behind me. I always remember my mantra — love and laughter supersedes all.”

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15 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out “Mean Girls” On RHOBH, Says She Has Dirt On All Of Her Co-Stars”

  1. Brandi is a complete idiot when she said she never ate out of the hand lisa fed her. How quickly she forgot how everyone hated her because she was White TRASH and if it wasn’t for lisa taking her under her wing Bravo would have fired her ignorant ass.

  2. Lisa, you’re a grown woman. And you have the worst judgement. Why you ever thought you could or should be friends with the likes of Brandi is beyond me. All that has happened to you this season is a direct result of your relationship with Brandi. Cut her loose and don’t look back.

    That aside, you act like you’re so innocent. I’ve watched since the beginning. The first year, you were nice; you were my fave. The next year you started your mean girl act. What goes around comes around, Lisa. You constantly make catty remarks about women you call your friends. I’ve said it before: you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

    I’ve watched you make hurtful remarks and do so with a smile and a small laugh as if that makes it less hurtful. You can’t say whatever you want and think it’s okay if you do it with a smile. It’s not okay. And you NEVER apologize when you’ve hurt someone. Yet you expect others to apologize to you. I’ve seen you do it with Adrienne and with Kyle, specifically.

    Come on, Lisa. Get back to the person you were in the beginning…if that was the real you.

  3. What happened to Yolanda? i absolutely hated her by the end of the season finale! i think she is actually the biggest sh*t stirrer of them all. wow. U can see her constantly lookin for trouble and arguments to insert herself into. ken and mauricio havin a one on one and she walks uo. its like get the eff outta here then when he walks up to Lisa’s side five seconds later on the shows she right away says kens what r u doing here this is a girls thing. its lije stfu five seconds ago u were inserting yourself into a guys conversation. is she the biggest hypocrite ever or what? and dont even get me started on her dont touch me tirade! a man should never abuse a woman yes but he barely came into contact with her arm and sges acting like he attacked and beat the hell outta her. maybe some issues there? and sayin david foster would never hang with the likes of ken? plz Yolanda is like davids 24th wife! lets not kid ourselves that because hr plays the piano well that he probably isnt the king of all douches. i mean in the beginning i really liked Yolanda but wow guess she had me fooled.

  4. I am so sick of lisa and ken acting so high and mighty . I love kyle, kim, and yolanda and how dare that stupid old fool call kim ‘from another planet’ ‘not quite like the rest of us’ and all the other nasty things he says about her ! what kind of grown up man walks around carrying a little dog everywhere he goes and plays dress up with the darn thing and brings it to the dinner table – where did he learn his manners ! and he is no friend to any of these ladies but kim is usually his target since she has made some mistakes and bad decisions he likes to throw them up every chance he gets to be little her ! how disgusting of a person he truly is ! that is his TRUE COLORS and yolanda called it right when she said lisa and ken think they are above and better than everyone else it seems to appear true . and it is so obvious they are perfect and never make any mistakes and never apologize for their terrible behavior even when they confronted with it. i pity them. it is so obvious who was brought up right in this world – kyle always apologizes even if she isnt in the wrong. kim apologizes for her behavior and words. yolanda apologizes when she is wrong. all of these ladies are honest about confronting an issue to get rid of it – that is so admirable. at least in my book. i wish they would get rid of lisa and ken and vanderpump rules. geez what kind of friend would think it is ok to subject their friend to their ex husbands mistress …… how does lisa not see how wrong she is in all this ! she is despicable

  5. All of this is so stupid and childish. These are grown women acting like they are in high school. Next season it will be someone else they won’t like and they will do the same to them. Every season it’s someone else’s turn to get sh*t on. I’ll never understand why anyone would want to keep coming back to the backstabbing and meaness? All the ladies have money why do they need a pay check from Bravo? Well except the skank Brandi. She’s desperate for money and will do anything to get it. Even if it means sh*tting on your friends. I don’t enjoy this show anymore. It’s all too much crap and not enough fun. I am debating if it’s even worth watching the reunion to see everyone get all crazy and screaming at one another and nothing gets resolved. I do like Lisa. I USE to like skanky girl Brandi but not anymore. She’s THE most catty, bitchy, backstabbing person I’ve ever seen. And it’s all for money with her. Get a grip Brandi!! You have A LOT of growing up to do.

  6. Oh, where to begin, first these women take themselves entirely too serious (minus Lisa), the others are irrelevant and are bottom feeders. Yolanda with her self-righeous theatrics, brandi with her trashy self, kyle trying to stay relevant (put the story out there about mo cheating just to have a storyline-boring), kim of course is irrelevant and bitter.
    Call a spade a spade, they set out to “bring Lisa down”, they are all fame hungry and jealous of Lisa especially yolanda, kyle and brandi—they do not have a clue in how to be a real successful woman.
    Bravo to ken for defending his wife against these vile juvenile girls.
    Team Lisa & Ken all the way……..
    BTW—yolanda / brandi—the viewer’s have called you both out—you’re grand plan to take Lisa down was an epic fail…….go away……..

  7. First season I was all Team Lisa. She is beautiful, fun, and has a great accent dahling. Then things started to change a bit when Brandi joined the show. I did not care for Brandi when she first appeared and I got to the point of simply hating her. I could not understand why Lisa would (1) spend time with her and (2) defend her behavior.

    Obviously, as viewers we only see a portion of what happens. Add to that the comments on social media, we get more of the picture. Brandi had nothing and saw she could get more screen time and open more doors by being the lead mean girl. Same recipe as other mean girls. She enjoys the attention both good and bad. She is a vile and terrible person. She is quick to repeat a rumor and spread gossip. It is to the point that if she remains on the show I will no longer watch. Full disclosure, I only watch(ed) RHOBH and RHOA. I stopped RHOA because of Keyna and Nene–being mean, hateful and bitchy. I lived in Atlanta and they do not represent the ladies I know. Regardless, I see the same happening in BH. We do not always need drama to entertain us.

    Anyway, I also liked Yolanda last year. This year she has become more aggressive and sticking her nose into other people’s business. While Ken is wrong for calling her stupid, the way she acted when “Ken laid hands on her”, was just “stupid”. No, I am not advocating men can treat women any way they want, but she acted as if he beat her. She, along with Brandi, made the episodes less entertaining. I do not care for Carlton; I think she is just way out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, Joyce is a breath of fresh air. I love her. She appears genuine and sincere.

    Kim and Kyle. I am glad Kim is doing better but for me she adds nothing to the show. Now Kyle. First, was the Chamber of Commerce party. It is obvious from her comments she had no idea what CoC did. I think she asked Carlton what she did with the Chamber as if Carlton worked there and not a business owner. Just made me have second thoughts on her intellect. She and Brandi chose to confront Lisa with production in tow. If she considered Lisa a friend then do it privately and out of range of cameras. It was wrong. Then Yolanda gets involved and Kim jumps in. Just wrong.

    Now to conclude my thoughts on Lisa. I think she has become more abbraisive as the seasons progressed. I tried to dismiss some of her actions because she is British, but it is more than that. She got her spin-off and perhaps wants more. I ran several businesses and have an MBA, and you do not allow your employees to do the things the Sur staff does. By allowing it to continue, I questioned Lisa’s reasons and motivations. Regardless, Lisa has thrown several elbows and hip checked the other girls. She will do so with a smile and a chuckle and say I was just joking. She dismisses people when they wish to clear the air, which to me is a let down. We have seen the nice and sweet Lisa and there are many of us that want her to be that person again.

    I do not know if she did what Brandi alleged regarding the tabloids. However, she should have told Joyce she and Ken were leaving and apologized for any of her and Ken’s actjons that may have distracted from Joyce showing them her home.

    Lisa please remember when you see a stray dog on the side of the road and decide to take it home, don’t be surprised when that dog bites you while you are caring for it.

    Just my thoughts…

  8. It’s interesting that Lisa is “calling out the mean girls” and also says that she “has dirt on all of them”. Really? You know that only a mean girl herself would say that. It sounds like a threat–the kind of threat only a mean girl would make.

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