Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Housewives Haters


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog this week, not to talk about the episode, but to call out the haters on Twitter who think that Housewives is about using the show for financial gain. Read what Vanderpump had to say below!

“Hello to you all. Yes, Pony Express was a wonderful experience, and the two little ponies Diamonds and Rosè are loved and adored and flourishing at Villa Rosa!
It has been a wonderful year, and I have relished sharing incredible moments like these with you.

I have been pulled in all directions as of late–and that coupled with our sudden loss of little Daddio–my mind has been elsewhere. Unfortunately I haven’t yet seen the last two episodes, which I will get to as soon as I have a moment!

I have never felt the need to justify how I spend my time, but I see on Twitter there has been some mention of Housewives using this platform purely for financial gain. Well that is not true. I know for sure many of us give time and money to things we support and believe in.

This year I have been awarded The Ally Award by Equality California, the greatest organization for LGBT advocacy and public education, because I have been so vociferous in my support.

I have hosted and financed events for the Friend Movement (anti-bullying), hosted events for GLAAD of which I often speak on their behalf, fed the homeless each week, sometimes personally, but always have my restaurant cook and deliver food every week (so this year that would be 52 times), hosted an event for The Hero Dog awards, which celebrated the bravest dogs in America, dogs that have achieved incredible things and enriched lives.

I marched with Giggy for his charity NAAF, as we draw attention to children with alopecia, which is a devastating disease for those afflicted. I supported The Trevor project, which is a crucial service as it provides a hotline for suicidal youngsters.

I have walked and campaigned and cut the ribbon on the AIDS march to garner attention for the 37 million living with HIV.

We have personally brought awareness by marching, making placards, producing a public service announcement to draw attention to the barbaric torture of poor dogs in YULIN. I have been fortunate enough to be honored by the British consulate for services to charity. I have hosted dinners for homeless youths at Covenant house and created a clothing drive.

Today we will receive three dogs from Yulin that have been brought from China to draw attention, and tomorrow I am working with Project Angel Food.

Aahh and there is also that little thing called my business, which employs 230 people and is open 16 hours a day…

So being on reality show has afforded me many opportunities in different arenas but, be sure, not just to line our pockets, but to use our voices and resources to create a better society.

As we celebrate this time of year, I send you all love and good health, remembering to be thankful to those who dedicate their lives as they defend our countries, and hopefully next year we will have peace, which is my greatest wish at these turbulent times.

I will close off as I wish you all happy holidays. I will be cooking for my family as some arrive from England today and loving every minute of it.”

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62 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Housewives Haters”

  1. That sets Yolanda straight for her remark about why do grown women want to sit around in the afternoon drinking wine, etc. Apparently, some of them actually do have a lot going on. And also for Yolanda’s remark that she is the only housewife who uses her Real Housewife fame to draw attention to anything worthwhile.

    I thought Yolanda’s comments were a bit self-congratulatory so I’m glad Lisa V. set the record straight.

    1. JJ this morning I am going to agree totally and hope we can move past yesterday? I got out of the right side of the bed today, just meaning I am happy, my Daughter is on the train on her way so all is right with my world! I sincerely hope you have a very merry Christmas ❤️❤️

      1. Yes. I don’t think any of us come on here hoping to get into a tiff. Some days it just all goes sideways anyway. Merry Christmas to you, too.

        1. I like this thread. I think we can all state our opinions and even disagree with each other without being disagreeable…and we all have our days were we are a little more sensitive than typically.

  2. You go Lisa Vanderpump. Put that Yo in her place for even HINTING that you have nothing better to do. Once again, Yo and her “judgy eyes” strike. I highly doubt Yo ever worked as hard in one month as LVP does in one day. She is like a little girl compared to LVP. Yo needs to grow up and start acting like an adult which isn’t going to happen since her entire adult life she’s been coddled and stroked and played dress-up and given whatever she wants. And this is what I mean about not liking Yo’s core. She is NOT a nice person.

    1. I don’t know why Yolanda grouped them all together. Lisa R. brought up Munchausen but the rest of them mostly seemed to just cringe.

      1. ITA! Lisa R. brought up what so many people have been thinking. It doesn’t mean they don’t believe Yolanda is sick, has lyme & other illnesses.

  3. Yolanda has been put in her place by Lisa V. WELL DONE Lisa V. She’s my English rose & Yo is definitely not my Danish rose or wherever she hails from. Lisa has class not to mention a name, but we all know who it was directed at. Lisa has brought & done a great deal of awareness to so many different worthy causes. Yolanda? She brought attention only to herself.

    1. She would be a Dutch poke of chips with mayonnaise!!! I’m not being rude that’s all you can buy on every street corner in Amsterdam!

  4. I am so glad Lisa V. spoke up for herself. She could sit and eat bon bons all day every day if she wanted. I personally wouldn’t have thought anything was wrong with making money in the first place, how else could anyone else make any, the economy would fall besides. I have always said that tho.

  5. I agree with 3D. What’s wrong with appearing on a show to make money? What was wrong was Yolanda she’s the role model (pun intended). Yolanda seems so petty at times because she’s so self involved, and I think that’s a major part of her illness.

      1. Even if I hadn’t spent every dime of my life’s saving trying to save my Daughter, I wouldn’t ever have the money to live in a house like hers or have the life she has. That is why I watch the show. If they want to be on the show, good for them and good for me. I love it all, the ladies, their houses their jewelry and their attitude.

  6. Yes Lisa and all of these women give back a lot. However very seldom is it shown on RH. I have said before one of the only reasons I like RHOA is they often show the charity events these women host. Not all are parties to raise money. Last season Phadras event with the young men was really cool to see. Too bad Claudia had to ruin it with drama. What is often shown on these shows are businesses (RHNY) hour long infomercial of skinny girl, yummy jeans, pop of color ect. I think what yo was saying has a bit of truth. It’s one thing to do these things it’s another to use the show to only promote businesses opposed to make notice of the charities and originations so the rest of the viewing audience knows they are out there. Instead they are shown parting and gossiping. It is such a great stage where I wish some of what Lisa spoke about was shown to help open sweetness to it.

  7. LVP, LVP, LVP…….what a class act!!! Yolanda is a narcissist and she really loves revolving around her own world and wallowing in self-absorption. Yolanda is a jealous woman which clearly is shown whenever she is around LVP. Also, LVP has shown her involvement in some of her charities and, certainly, on Vanderpump Rules and her involvement with the LBGT community. Go Lisa………a strong, beautiful, compassionate and passionate woman who uses her smarts……she shows that Beverly Hills women are not all ‘just about themselves’.

      1. Lilbit, I will repeat my self, a woman of Lisa’s age is NOT an old lady, by agreeing with Jake you are insulting a large proportion of this blog! I’m not criticizing your dislike of Lisa each to their own but please don’t be rude to others here!

        1. Hey Jake, I’m only a couple years younger then Lisa, I am by far an old lady, I’m sure I could run circles around you, your opinion is you hate somebody because you feel they’re old?? Real mature.

        1. Sooooo it is ok for you to be hateful to Jake but not to Jake to be hateful about a person on TV who puts them self on television to be judged. As long as it is you or Sally being the hateful ones to people all is ok? Or if you two decide it is ok to say it is let go, but if you don’t than that person is treated poorly or you two find it your job to police them. Here’s the thing, there are moderators for the blog, it is NOT either of your job to police people’s comments. How about if the blog allows comments then it’s not your business to tell them different. If you don’t like a comment move on no need to try and justify your hatefulness as anything different than what was posted you’re responding to. Didn’t your mom ever tell you two wrongs don’t make a right.

          1. Kelley, My complaint was Jake calling Lisa an old woman nothing to do with phony or his opinion of her!!! We all like different housewives and that’s what makes this a great blog, I’m not policing anyone, Jake has never liked Lisa and who cares, I don’t, he/she has been rude to me several times but I have ignored it apart from once. So where were your comments then being snarky to Jake as you are being to me. I will not answer for 3D that’s nothing to do with me. I will say this a again I am not trying to police this blog! However as its a blog for different opinions I am allowed to question a comment, exactly the same as you are doing here.

            1. Just to add I have just read another of your comments on another thread where you are calling out the views of another commenter, what is the difference?

          2. 100% correct. The double standard is insane.

            People spend a LOT of time here bashing Brandi, Kim, Kenya etc. but someone makes a comment about Teresa and they are labeled a hater and start saying stupid things time donating the time spent hating Teresa to charity – funny how that isn’t the case for time spent hating other housewives.
            Calling a housewife an old lady gets people up in arms, but calling others a whore, slut or changing their name to a derogatory name gets no reaction and is totally acceptable.

          3. Sally and 3 D’s hateful Kelley?? Are you the blog police?? We all have opinions and some people are nasty about them, this site is far from from being a Hate site, snark maybe because there’s nothing like a good snark!! Chill out

            1. Naynay, I don think I have ever been hateful to another poster here and one of the reasons I appreciate you so much is if I was I know you would be the first to call me out on it and rightfully so! We disagree about one housewife but are never rude to each other about it! Most others we agree on. Thanks xoxo

            2. Thanks naynay. I enjoy an intelligent debate maybe a little too much but I do say my honest opinion. When I used to call Brandy names, I didn’t stop because anyone “called me out.” A fellow poster whom I respected told me it was offensive to her. I thought about that and realized my error. I apologized sincerely to her and we have been friends ever since. I have tried to apologize to some others, but always another thing about me bugged them and on and on. I don’t come here to be told what to think and how to speak, but I do find growth is a good thing between us. Anyone who can be ran off by a strong opinion doesn’t belong on a housewife blog. Some of them are vicious man.

          4. Yes, you are absolutely right. Me and Sally decide everything. You, however, have come on only to say things to the regulars here and I personally have no idea what your opinion about any housewife is, just your job to come on anytime you see one sentence from me or another regular to make a point of it. I think that is the only time I have ever spoken to “Jake” and he comes on with vulgar, hateful comments all the time and I got fed up. To point out someone’s comments are hateful is ALL YOU EVER DO. Even tho the people here have lively debates and the only downer are people like you who can’t stand any comradeship between anyone. Telling someone like Jake to move along isn’t hateful, but you pointed out something I already knew, “Don’t feed the trolls.”

  8. LVP is not my favourite Housewife by any means, but there is no denying she has a big heart and has a huge following. Yo, on the other hand … hmmm; “those who protest the loudest have the most to hide” is a saying that springs to mind with her.

  9. The blog was written by LVP. No where was Yolanda Foster’s name mentioned. Enough with Yolanda bashing. To those of you who so obviously find her intolerable perhaps muting or fast forwarding her segments on the show would be more enjoyable for you.

    1. She was most certainly referring to Yolanda’s comment, as that is where the twitter rants came from when Yo said why didn’t the women have something better to do but sit all day and drink wine and talk about my illness.
      I do zip her segments personally, but I don’t bash her. I do think people are becoming tired of her implying that all of a sudden all the women should forget her judgmental attitude because she is sick. I hope she is as well as she has said she is. I have suffered from an illness that was devastating to my life, so it isn’t without empathy that myself and many posters speak about Yolanda. Actually I have been pleased that the true nastiest haters have been absent from the blog. I did read another article where Lisa spoke directly to the comment and was insulted as it was Lisa R. that spoke, the rest of the ladies just listened, and even then they were shying away from the topic.

  10. Haters will always hate. The hatred comes from within them. They’re always looking for an object for their hatred. So the best thing to do is ignore them. Some would say pray for them.

    1. Jody, you are right and 99% of the time I do just sometimes a comment is made that really infuriates me! I’m done with above now. I will go back to ignoring Jake and any trolls that seem to be popping up more and more lately. Thank you 😀 😀

  11. Love LVP! She is my favorite of all time! She is beautiful inside & out. She is an extremely hard worker & still finds time to give back. Such a awesome person to look up to!

    1. Me too, patricia. I just like her. I envy her a little, which is different than jealousy as I am sure you know. That house, the business acumen, lot’s of friends and a very busy life. I like to say that being crazy busy is my favorite thing.

  12. T/U Patricia. Everyone has their individual likes and dislikes….that’s what makes life go ’round. The unnecessary bashing seems part and parcel in the blogs because one can hide….doubtful some of the comments would be made if there was no curtain to hide behind. It would seem one can give opinions without being mean and sounding like gutter-sludge. When one goes to such dirty depths, everyone should just ignore the ignorance of the post.

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