Lisa Vanderpump On Brandi Glanville: It’s All Lies


Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville’s feud rages on as Lisa tells Star Magazine that most of the drama created on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is caused by Glanville… and says she it’s all lies. “It is just like every other false comment Brandi has made about me. Such as, I filed for bankruptcy, I live in the Valley, and that I got [houseguest] Cedric Martinez deported,” Lisa said of Brandi’s claims that she encouraged Brandi to bring the tabloids accusing Mauricio Umansky of cheating on Kyle Richards to Palm Springs.

“Just because Brandi says it, doesn’t make it true,” Lisa says. “And with her it is usually the opposite. It had nothing to do with me, this whole scenario is something Brandi created. You just can’t trust Brandi.”

But an insider tells the mag that Brandi isn’t the only one creating drama. “The driving force behind all this is Yolanda. She is the absolute ringleader!” the source said. “She just wants to create trouble for no real reason.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    I agree – Yolanda is a shit stirrer and Brandi is a huge pathological liar. Kyle how can you be so blind??????

  • joe

    Team Lisa all the way but it really bugs me how she never defends herself on camera!! If Someone yells at her or confronts her or interrupts her she just shuts up or doesnt finish a thought and mumbles “ok Nevermind” or something similar. its frustrating to watch. Rip those bitches a new one Lisa! especially if theyre lying! stop being so meek n quiet! trust us viewers we wont think any less of you! lol

  • joe

    Perfect example; Lisa being confronted about those tabloids in Puerto Rico and all she was saying were things like “hmm i dunno” or “i dont think i saw them” or “im not sure” she was trying to play it too calm. if a group of people are callin you a manipulative liar essentially…among other things…. you’d better be a bit more assertive than that! Stand up for yourself!

  • Cin

    Lisa, the viewers have already figured it out – Brandi & Yolanda need to create trouble to be relevant. Looks to me that Brandi is Yolanda’s puppet… both of full of it!! ”Sincerely yours, Team Lisa & Ken”

  • ceebee

    Brandi? A liar? Hmmm…imagine that.

  • Ann

    I have no doubt that Yolanda is the manipulator. When Lisa had the dinner party for Joyce and
    Mohammed complimented Lisa, Yolanda must have seen red.
    She is the instigator and did lie before. And of course, Brandi is just for Brandi. Although her name
    should be spelled Brandy.

  • Of course brandi lies (every time) she opens her huge filthy piehole. brandi needs pyschological help and help for her alcoholism. Yolanda is just so jealous of Lisa V., she can’t see straight and nearly foams at the mouth. yolanda will blame “lymes” if she gets caught being a B____….
    bravo needs to quit dumpster diving for these losers they produce and promote as BHHW’s….

  • Jody

    Yolanda is the only same one in the group but, alas, I knew that eventually there would be attempts to drag her down into the mud pile. She’s a genuine lady and doesn’t fit in with this group of hacks.

  • Amazonmel

    Q: How do you know when Brandi is lying?
    A: Her lips are moving!!!

    Team Vanderpump all the way!