Lisa Vanderpump Blames Lisa Rinna For Eden Sassoon’s Perception Of Kim and Kyle Richards

Lisa Vanderpump is defending her friend Kyle Richards when it comes to Eden Sassoon calling her an enabler and questioning her sister Kim’s sobriety in her blog this week. Vanderpump says when she met with Eden at her house she had no idea about the conversations Eden was having with Lisa Rinna at the time. Lisa says that perhaps Eden’s perception of Kim and Kyle’s relationship and what’s going on isn’t the reality and perhaps she is judging based on Rinna’s axe to grind with Kim. Read what else Lisa had to say about the situation below.

“Well hello. Once more I will try to dissect these complicated dynamics as we progress down this path, a rocky terrain as we venture forward. Firstly, loved seeing EJ in Greece fulfilling her dreams. Life is so short and punctuated by memorable experiences for sure. That is one that should be firmly imprinted on her mind.

For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how this story is so rapidly progressing in a direction I didn’t predict… How can one diagnose another individual after a fleeting interaction?

I spoke of this last week, as Eden inappropriately questioned Kyle on the family history in regard to alcoholism.

When Eden came to Villa Rosa for tea, I was blissfully unaware of the conversation between LR and her regarding Kim’s sobriety, the shopping expedition where LR had stated Kim was near death and Kyle was an enabler, an opinion deduced from what exactly? Well, maybe we will be enlightened as to her findings later.

Kyle had mentioned that Eden seemed to be a little invasive, questioning her in regard to an “alcoholic gene,” feeling that there was no basis for her inquisitiveness, as they barely knew each other. I believe I was unaware that LR was present as Eden interrogated her but sat silently.

So Eden came to tea. I mentioned previously that I knew her father, a kind, eloquent, iconic man, a man who I wish I had known better, as I had enjoyed the lunches at his house where he and his wife had kindly invited us, and engaging with him at SUR, laughing and uniting over our British bond. So there was a small conduit to Eden. I lamented over the time I had also been in her sister’s company, as she had passed, so I was curious about Eden and welcomed her to our group. We had an interesting conversation until it turned to Kyle. Loyalty is of paramount importance to me so, yes, I was vociferous in my defense of Kyle, and I speak from a position of strength. My strength is a direct result of witnessing Kyle do her utmost to deal with a complicated sibling relationship, a relationship, albeit extraordinarily convoluted, and often perplexing, but supportive nonetheless, and enabling has never entered this equation, and I remain stalwart in my defense of that notion.

So Eden waffled on about a recent relationship, and I was bemused by her judgement…her speculating over this man she had recently been involved with, and you can see the confusion so evident in my eyes. Swans flapping, dogs barking, ponies neighing LOL. Everybody present was in agreement…

Something that baffles me is the notion that anyone is authorized to speculate in a public domain. They are bviously disregarding the ramifications, the ripple effect as loved ones view these statements on somebody’s welfare. Somebody being Kim, who has struggled publicly and endured much criticism as she has battled demons and desperately tried to overcome this insidious disease for the sake of herself and family.

So I ask you, you who are watching closely and who have witnessed pretty much the same as I have, as I was not present for many of these conversations either… I ask you this: Is Eden’s perception and judgement of Kim Richards formed from the brief amount of time at two social situations? Or is it a judgement that has been brewed, construed by an interference from a person who has an axe to grind? Alternatively, another notion I briefly entertained was the fact that this woman who had lost her sister, struggled with sobriety herself and had obviously copious amounts of experience regarding alcoholism, was seeing something others weren’t, in regard to Kim? Analyzing her anxiety, in regard to her upcoming daughters birth as a an inkling that she was in danger of relapsing? I was briefly confused as to how much credence her opinion warranted. I have little experience when it comes to these matters. I wondered if her own path might have given her more insight than I was capable of.

I soon dismissed that and rightfully so. You will see.

The party held for PK was a jovial affair. Of course I was well aware that there would be an extraordinary scenario behind the black curtain, and I hope that the years I have spent on this earth (and there have been many LOL) have resulted in the fact that you can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I am more astute and perceptive maybe than some, and if there is bullsh–, I can smell it from a distance, regardless of the sugar coating it is covered in.

That is why it is my conclusion that a little tiny bird might be fluttering around Miss Sassoon’s ear, tweeting an opinion that is a result of a grudge that has festered over the last couple of years. We will see, and just as the black curtain was pulled back, we will also see a greater reveal soon.”

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18 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Blames Lisa Rinna For Eden Sassoon’s Perception Of Kim and Kyle Richards”

  1. I don’t think LVP might be far off the truth here (says me, grudgingly). Yes LR’s opinion is shaded and for sure Eden has been influenced by LR’s version of the sisters. But I still think Eden needs to butt out. Oh and Kim’s comment about her grandon’s appearance and the remembered anxiety that comes with it…..well I’m not an alcoholic in fact I don’t drink alcohol and I had the same thoughts when my grand babies came into this world. In fact I said to someone just recently that I’ve been worrying so far for almost 36 years with 3 kids and now I’ve ratcheted it up to include 4 more kids. My anxiety level is high and will only get higher as the family grows. So no Eden, Kim is not regressing. It’s called becoming a grandparent.

  2. LR needs to keep her lips closed. She has no buhsdiness between the sisters. She should however worry about her daughter getting a dating up on HER credit card. I don’t drink or do drugs, but isn’t LISA R. Husbands face to wrinkly??? Last I saw him in anything worth watching was “Clash of the Titans” and that was late 70’s early 80’s??? Is that why LisaR. got so violent at that dinner when she tried to grab Kim’s throat and broke the glass, because Lisa’s husband is an alcoholic ??? Lisa put one of those depends over your mouth to catch the s**t that comes out of your mouth.

  3. I love seeing Lisa back up Kyle. I hope their friendship lasts for their entire life. Being they were friends 4 years before the show even started, they have a relationship that wasn’t public until the show. So they have a lot of background to pull from. That Eden is a troublemaker, and what she says can cause damage. It’s bad enough Kim is back AT ALL, but then to allow Eden to make the accusations she is just boils my blood. I am not fan of Kim’s, although Kyle is my favorite housewife of all time. I have a very similar situation with a sibling, so I know what I am speaking of. I gotta hand it to Kyle to take the shit she has for all these years and still allow Kim in her life, wow. I see that as sending her own kids the wrong message. That as long as we love someone, it is ok for them to constantly verbally abuse us. I do not agree in the least, no matter what. Oh well. Sigh.

  4. Lol, get a grip LVP, who’s responsible for Dorito’s perspective of the other women? LVP is so dumb, she thinks viewers aren’t smart…

  5. LVP is correct. Eden was fed by Rinna & based her opinion from that meal. Of Course it’s a poisoned meal without a doubt as Rinna feels nothing but hatred for Kim. Who does she care for really? Just 1 person ( Eileen) & even then—–for they use one another.
    As for Eden, she cant base her experiences on another within a couple of meetings & she comes across as a know it all without proper facts either. JUst mind your own buisiness Eden & keep far away from Rinna.

  6. Oh FFS, for the first time in ages I can admit Pumpy is right and justified. I’m digging the way she’s wielding her power as perennial show favorite this season, she seems a lot less punch drunk by her popularity than previously and it makes it a lot easier to take her… in well measured doses. Cheers on the tone of the blog, too, it’s fabulously soapy and reads like something straight out of the shows “Royals” and “Revenge” .

    Pumpy has clearly been listening to previous backlash and is redefining her survival strategy on the show, and it’s a much better look than before. I’m looking forward to the episode where she finally gives Kyle the proper backing in return for all those years of the woman groveling at her feet in tears for forgiveness: letting folks know she will put her foot in their arse over her little friend is going to be entertaining, as well as appreciated by those who cannot stomach watching leveraged friendships on these shows… and as many times as Lisa’s slyly planted seeds doing the exact same thing to Kyle as “RINNOON”, the least she can do is gift the woman a Free Arse Kicking gift voucher every now and then. Kyle deserves it.

  7. Hi Rain honey, glad to be back on board. Had some problems getting back on, but thanks to Nicki, here I am. Plus, lost my young nephew John to pancreatic cancer 2 days ago, we are so, so saddened. This makes 6 gone since January 2, 2017 from the family. The family is overwhelmingly large, so, as sad as it is, we’ve come into acceptance—except for John who has affected us all.
    So glad to be back, this is theraputic for sure. Lots of hugs.

    1. Oh Starr I’m so so sorry sweetheart!!! There are no words for such tragic loss. I’m speechless. Prayers to you, your family and loved ones. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Thanks so much Rain, John’s passing is heart wrenching. Hard to say, but the other 5 took a back seat to this loss. I must sound awful to say that, but they were so much older & had all had full lives. I really appreciate your kind words so much.

  8. Just a LARGE Bunch of thanks to Nicki for helping me get back on. I had missed you guys. Anyone know where Suze is? is she having this sort of problem too? I pray she’s okay.

    1. I miss Suze and I really hope everything is fine. Starr, I read about your loss……I’m so sorry. How terribly sad for you and your family.

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