How Lisa Vanderpump Betrayed Brandi Glanville, What Happened To Their Friendship?


As we previously reported Real Housewives of Beverly Hills BFFs Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump have run into a bump in the road in their friendship, and Brandi is finally speaking out on what caused her problems with Lisa. Brandi writes a weekly column for NW Magazine in Australia and AllAboutTRH obtained a copy of Brandi’s column, revealing what really came in between the friendship.

“You might have heard some stuff about Lisa and I having a bit of a tiff,” Brandi writes. “I found out some unsettling things about her using me to get this Scheana girl, the girl Eddie cheated on me with, publicity.”

“I thought I had done my part by talking to her [Scheana] in the first place,” Brandi continues. “I wanted Lisa to get her show. But then to find out Lisa is like her second mother and there are plans to help her [Scheana] get a spin-off show?”

“I really trusted Lisa,” Brandi adds. “I’ll always love her, but I want an apology. I feel like I was becoming her sidekick and I needed to find me again.”


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  • Aunt Bee

    My God you people make me sick. Do you even know what the word “LOVE” means?

  • NanNan

    @ Aunt Bee you are right these people do not even know how to spell it let alone what the true meaning of the word Love means

  • fresafresca

    I don’t really see how this is a betrayal. Of course there could be a whole lot more to this story, but the way Brandi presented it, it really doesn’t seem that way to me. For one, Lisa knew Scheana a lot longer than Brandi from what I understand,so to expect Lisa to downgrade Scheana just because Brandi came into the picture isn’t fair or realistic. Secondly, I could see where Lisa asking Brandi to meet Scheana could be seen by Lisa as a win for everyone: Brandi gets an apology which she was owed and she also gets to tell Scheanna what’s what, Lisa gets exposure for her show, and Scheana gets exposure for a possible new show. What’s the problem? Scheana f’d up big time, but that does not mean she should never have friends or opportunities just because of what happened with Eddie. Like I said, unless there is more to this story, Brandi needs to let this go. Brandi is vindictive and she should get the f over Scheana moving on and having a life. Lisa is friends with both of them and Brandi can’t handle it.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of show would Scheana have? I have a few Title suggestions:
    1- 101 Ways to be a home wrecker staring Scheana
    2- Whore Girls of Beverly Hills meet Scheana and her firends
    3- So I screwed your huband can’t we still be friends?
    4 – Boom I screwed your husban I screwed your man!!

    • Lolaz963

      Here’s the thing Anonymous…people make mistakes. We need to move past them. The problem I am having is that it appears Scheana is using this mistake to gain mega publicity, which only continues to smear it in everyone’s face. I am leaning towards her being a fame whore rather than a home wrecker. Eddie is the home wrecker.

      • curious

        Is this Lisa or Scheana?

  • Meric

    Brandi needs to learn how to pick her battles. It seems like she thinks everything is a battle. I don’t condone cheating of an kind.. whether it’s the mistress or the cheater, or whatever.. But come on on now. This kid shouldn’t pay for her mistake for the rest of her life. Eddie is remarried to one of his other mistresses.. How long is Brandi going to ride the victim train? The only time Brandi should relive the past she shared with Eddie, is when she is thinking about the good memories they once shared. (kids, etc) She can’t rightfully blame any woman he laid with at this point. He was a serial cheater. Brandi is a perma-victim. I cannot believe she is still going on about this and actually letting friendships go over a man that left her. Not only did she lose her husband.. Not only does she still fight over this man on twitter with his NOW-wife, but now she is ending friendships.. He is still costing her her happiness and she is letting him. In fact, she is doing it herself and blaming him and their past. Another unstable. SAD!

  • Aunt Bee

    Well said and I agree with Meric.

  • Lou

    Seriously? Because Lisa didn’t decide to make her an enemy you don’t like her anymore? How OLD are you again? Grow up Brandi seriously, you don’t have much going for you.