Lisa Vanderpump Believes Erika Girardi Should Have Laughed At #PantyGate

Lisa Vanderpump is sharing her thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOBH in her blog this week. Vanderpump extends Eileen Davidson an olive branch by acknowledging the pain she much have felt by cleaning out her mother’s house after her death. Lisa also talks about her fun friendship with Dorit. Vanderpump says that #knickergate would have not been a big deal if Erika could have laughed it off.

“Welcome once more as we delve into number three. Dorit and I go shopping for my darling’s birthday, and I arrive with my little pickle. I have introduced our newest family member Harrison to you, who is such a welcome addition.

The little man was unceremoniously dumped in the pound a few moths earlier. His picture was released on social media, tagging me. He was a bald little dog with a cheery face. I drove eight hours to Fresno and back and immediately gave him the cosseted life he deserves, however the neediness and attachment issues entwined with insecurity, due to his abandonment, have led to him needing to be constantly by my side.

So I pick up Dorit, and off we saunter into Beverly Hills.

After last season it was extraordinarily difficult to come back into this group, but it was made much easier by the addition of Dorit…Dorit is most definitely a friend who I can have a giggle with, talking about Harrison being a mop, laughing about the rubber, pepper spray comments, harmless self-deprecating remarks without any boundaries, just enjoyable moments that friends can indulge in.

In a world that is so troubled, in times where chaos is so prevalent everywhere we look, it is an essential part of my life to have humorous banter and be secure by the fact that each time you turn away, there is not a blade inserted between your shoulders.

As we have witnessed, the huge loss Eileen has endured, I can honestly say my heart broke for her as I saw her struggle with the overwhelming grief she has had to deal with, to lose that many loved ones in such a short amount of time must be truly devastating, which speaks to my point of enjoying this fragile life each day that we can, as obviously we have no idea what lies ahead.

Knickergate takes on a life of its own, the ripple effect and ramifications of a situation that was, I believe, inadvertently created. I know Erika was unintentionally exposing her coochy to PK. It was an innocent faux pas, but what transpires after, as we travel through this season, was largely a result of not having a sense of humor about it.

Laughing at yourself would ultimately dissipate the embarrassment, rather than exacerbating a ridiculous circumstance.”

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19 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Believes Erika Girardi Should Have Laughed At #PantyGate”

    1. At least it’s not all about illness. Dirty hair and the ambiguity attached, for me anyway, between my empathy for Yolanda, and what I saw as a ridiculous gap between what she said, and what she did. Not to bring back Munchies, but I still don’t hear of her actually DOING anything for the many sufferers she constantly refers to, and when she was on the show, her extremely upper class, super rich suffering. I believe she was ill, and I have a genuine empathy for people who are ill, but I know that having unlimited money, private jets, private nurses, a staff of others doing every single necessary thing to live, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting your kids to school, it’s endless, and what she “suffered” is a totally different thing than people who are middle class working people, or at the poverty level, suffer. I mean, a lot of people fit on a jet, and I bet there were a lot of Mom’s and Dad’s and children, who would have greatly benefitted by having that kind of transportation even a few times to and from the many doctors they also undoubtedly saw. I still think of the word in capitols “HYPOCRITE” every time I think of her at all, and at least this isn’t about something serious.
      Hoping you are having a fun pre-Christmas baking session, Bee.

  1. Well said LVP. Why there has to so many mountains made by these women on the whole, is beyond me. Enough with their shallow silliness. Imagine how enjoyable their time together would be if they saw humor in the petty things. There’s already so much sadness in the world, make a little happy people.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Suze & your family. Love you too,
    I agree Suze, LVP putting her hand where she did with husbands there, was not comedic, even though she viewed it that way, it was just not right. Maybe, if it were only the girls together, it would not be a story right now. These women really make mountains out of molehills .

  3. True Suze ❤ the hand up is the skirt is too much . And things aren’t funny simply because one person decides they’re funny. If you’re not violating someone’s personal space without permission, it’s not funny !! Would be funny if Dorit grabbed Kens privates?? I think not

  4. Wrong move LVP . The classy thing would’ve been to apologize to Erika . Especially now that she knows Erika did NOT find it funny …

    I agree with something 3Ds said yesterday that LVP seems to be acting a bit erractic this year . She’s usually more grounded and doesn’t pull silly stunts like this . She’s a classy woman and has impeccable taste so I’m surprised by her doing it and now trivializing it

    1. Yes, for once maybe in her life, a real, sincere apology would be in order. She isn’t the queen, and she is going to ruin her wonderful reputation if she doesn’t think on this a little more. I really, really don’t want to watch while it all goes to her head. She is a fan favorite, but we all know anyone can fall from grace, even Lisa Vanderpump. Becoming more aggressive isn’t the answer.

  5. LVP is walking a very thin line lately. Nobody should put their hands up anyone’s skirt. EVER. Period. And why make such a big deal if you are wearing underwear or not? This has to be scripted.

  6. I know Kyle has taken some heat already for saying things that aren’t considered complimentary, but she is being honest. Geeze, she can’t win. When she sticks with Lisa, she is kissing ass. When she says how she feels, as she has done many times past and present, she isn’t being a good enough friend. Friendship doesn’t require paying court. Lisa has said her share of “honest” things too.

    1. I like that Kyle is showing some spunk this year when it comes to calling out LVP, but she needs to do it to LVP’s face and not only in diary format. After Lisa sees some of Kyle’s comments, Kyle will have hell to pay at the reunion.

  7. I tried to change my 3 back to the 3 from the emojis, and it wouldn’t let me. I did the disqus// bs and all that and it kept saying to “enter a valid username.” I gus=ess, f this posts, I am ok, without the cool 3 I had for so long, but it still makes me upset at 11″20 pm after a busy day. Still like your new M, t’s so cute.

  8. #Pantygate? Oh no, not another faux “storyline” being stretched into infinity. Can we just get to the trips to Greece, Mexico, and Hong Kong, already?, sigh BTW, this is the poster formerly known as Pr…I mean, BON VIVANT.

  9. LVP is a bitch. She constantly makes rude comments and then tries to defend them by claiming they are jokes. LVP should learn to think before she speaks. Not everything that comes out of her mouth are pearls of wisdom, but what can you expect from this woman who always puts down her own husband. And while I am leveling my critique of Lisa, she should do something about that rats nest on her head. Hasn’t she heard that long hair is not flattering on a woman of a certain age? Also, Lisa does not have exclusivity over the color pink.

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