Lisa Vanderpump: Being Attacked By RHOBH Women Has Been The Toughest Year Of My Life


It seems the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has turned on Lisa Vanderpump, but the Bravo star tells Star she’s trying to remain strong during “the toughest year of her life.” Lisa doesn’t understand how she has become everyone’s enemy. “It was tough. [The other Housewives] definitely succeeded in making things difficult for me, but I won’t be affected by their petty, b-tchy remarks,” Lisa tells the mag.

“The only way to get through all of their mean comments is to ignore them. I just pretend it doesn’t exist,” she continues. “I believe that tweeting is a great way to communicate with fans, not a good way to put down your castmates. It would be easy for me to say something bad back to these people, but if it comes to that for me, there is no point anymore in continuing on the show.”

“The viewers have been so supportive,” she says. “They’re getting me through all of this.” Adding, “Being attacked really has been tough, but for the most part I feel lucky. I try not to take myself too seriously.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Rose

    Stay strong Lisa! You are a good friend, that wants to see their friends so the right thing. You care and it shows. You are one of my favorites, and I hope you wouldn’t leave the show. Just know you have support from your fans 🙂

  • Judy

    Lisa! For many of us, you’re our favorite housewife! Please, don’t let those other women get you to start entertaining the thought that you may not want to return to the show. You are the show.

  • Joan

    Lisa, ignore them. You have more sense and class in your little finger than all of them do added together.

  • Cin

    Lisa,,,,,,, you are one few reasons I watch this show. Each year I keep swearing I won’t watch these mean girls again but you keep me coming back. Brandi, Camilla, C…..n (can’t bring myself to type her name aka the ”witch”) Adrianna……. not individuals that women like to spend time with so why on earth do we want to watch them. The ladies seem to want to deflect away from their bad behavior so they zero in on you – what a joke on them….

  • DebBrenn

    It’s so clearly a case of the others being intimidated by Lisa. She’s sophisticated, and they aren’t. She’s accomplished, and they are not. More than that (unlike them) she is not scheming and petty. She needs to look at them as they are, annoying gnats without any real sting.

  • deonn

    lisa all the fan see that they are all full of sheit dnt wrry

  • Lisa, you are my favorite by far. You are a smart, accomplished,classy.lady. They all are jealous of you. Please dont quit the show.

  • Lisa is the show, she has shown what a strong saavy business woman is. She is caring and accomplished and that makes the other wives jealous since they are wannabes…….kyle and kim are just mentally and emotionally immature, yolanda is purely jealous of your friendship with mohamed and your successful business (all she can talk about is that she was a model like 20 years ago). brandi is just a shameless twit with way too much botox (all she can talk about is being married to a b-list actor), and her divorce that happened like 6 years ago–uggg. I hope bravo gets rid of the twit (richard) sisters and the trash that is brandi and the snob (every time I get caught lying, blame the lyme disease) yolanda #6 foster……

  • I like that Tom S. (vanderpump rules) called out brandi for looking like her nose is squished between 2 _ss cheeks, and something about a string—(lmao)…….So true Tom—we all think brandi is gross……….