Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif Feud! Talks About The Accusations Paul & Adrienne Made Against Brandi!

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the feud between Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif, and Brandi Glanville. She shares how Brandi regrets what she said about Adrienne, and how she has been the victim of Adrienne’s bad side too. Lisa explains she was shocked by Paul and Adrienne’s behavior towards Brandi at Mauricio’s event. She also notes that she didn’t know Faye would be at the dinner party, and if she was aware, she wouldn’t have attended…

Lisa writes, “So let’s try to dissect this complicated episode. . .we resume with the awful scenario at Mauricio’s event. Clearly Kim wanted to be a loyal friend and inform them, but she shouldn’t have ignited the situation there. But hindsight is 20-20!

I had been briefly given the lowdown by Kyle the next morning and then, as you saw, Brandi comes over to see Ken and explain what had exactly transpired.

When I viewed this episode I wasn’t prepared for the venom and ugliness, the temper of Paul, the vicious accusations by Adrienne towards Brandi, and I immediately understood why Taylor looked like a deer in the headlights, given her past. I cannot fathom how the other men stood by and let Paul verbally assault Brandi. It would never have happened if Ken had been there. Lord knows what would have ensued.

I have always endeavored to be honest with my friends, fellow ‘Wives, and you the viewer. I would be dishonest if I let my support of Brandi supersede what I truly believed was right — she shouldn’t have said it. However I understood Brandi’s frustration with Adrienne, as I have been in situations manifested by Adrienne and her staff of complete utter nonsense, constantly on social media and in the press, that I have really wanted to respond to, but have somehow managed to ignore. Maybe with the support of my husband calming me. When I have been so insulted by the things written that have come from her and her staff, it has been somewhat easier. . .Brandi has had to deal with it alone.

Brandi is, as you know, more volatile. She regrets what she said. Did I chastise her? Yes, to be truthful I did. She wished she could retract it. . .too late.

We were invited to Kyle’s house for dinner. If I had known that Faye was going to be there, all clued in, on what was supposed to be a secret, I would have possibly refused the invitation and advised Brandi to do likewise. I have memories of another dinner party where Faye was back up, mouthpiece, or whatever one would like to call her. It was an impossible situation. I knew Brandi had shown her regret but still felt indignant, and I agree with the fact that her feelings were valid too.”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Lisa?

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  • Pam

    Yes, but once again Kyle and her big mouth starts problems then sits back and watches. Other than Kim no one else has caught onto this. Kyle needs to keep her mouth shut and that of her friends.

  • Celia Proud

    I find Lisa’s comments refreshing. Faye should realize that she comes across as a very unattractive individual. Maybe that’s why she’s friends with Maloof! Kyle really does enjoy igniting the flame as her sister rightly pointed out. Not only that she enjoys pouring oil (inviting Faye to dinner party) over troubled waters and fanning the flames. She (Kyle) certainly gets others to do her dirty work on occasions and then pretends to be miss innocence. If I were Kyle I would be embarrassed about the incident when Brandy referred to Kim as an addict. I wouldn’t have been happy about Faye bringing that up as Kyle’s behavior then was appalling! Kyle has a daughters and yet she behaves often as a bitchy mean girl. It would be good to see Kyle own up to her part in the dramas that go on. Someone should hand Kyle the ‘wooden’ spoon award at the end of season reunion. But keep it up girls. It’s v entertaining to watch! I love Lisa and Brandy

  • nonya

    faye opened the door at that dinner party, and i agree all you ladies need to start asking “Wow is on the guest list” when faye is around you stirs the kettle for Kyle.
    i beleive mauricio, has already had a talk with here over the samething that happened with Caimle…These people are his clients…she needs not bring a dark cloud into his business, or all of them will be eating Top-Ramien for dinner…

  • kira

    The only reason Faye and Kyle kiss Adrienne as becuz they want free rooms at Palm Casino. Kyle is a bully and not to be trusted at all. Mauricio i thought was gentlemen is just money making machine for Kyle. Mauricio is no gentlemen.
    If Kyle is so rich and care for sister why doesn’t she help her looney toon sister Kim.
    Paul saying What did the other trouble maker say meaning Lisa. If Paul was really gentlemen he would calm Adrienne and said we will deal with this later. No Paul like bitchy wife Paul had to fight.
    I like Brandi good for standing up these bully. I’ve seen women like that every where they control everyone and nobody want’s to stand up to them. I don’t blame Brandi at all. Faye just wants 15 minute fame.