Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Rumors She’s Leaving RHOBH


There have been many reports that have indicated Lisa Vanderpump might not return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, even rumors that she is giving Bravo an ultimatum: her or Brandi Glanville. The Beverly Hills beauty took to Twitter to let her fans know what the real story, revealing that she has not made a decision about next season.

“Good morning,” Lisa wrote on Monday. “Once again endless stories fabricated by some, NO discussions and most importantly no decisions as yet. Let’s get on with life.”


Do you think Lisa will leave RHOBH?

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16 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Rumors She’s Leaving RHOBH”

  1. I firmly believe Lisa will leave RHOBH. What is the point of her staying on? She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t–just look at how this spin: poor Brandi the single mother of two with no real job except this, being fired by Lisa, taking food out of her babies’ mouths…poor Kim–trying to stay sober (wink/wink), with no other income of work..

    Run away, Lisa….Run away. (It will be better for you). TEAM LISA!!

  2. If I were Lisa – yes I would because she was ” ganged up” on and Yolanda was one of the instigators who tried to look so innocent last night. Yes I broke down and watched #3 even though I swore I wouldn’t. I don’t want Lisa and Ken to leave, they are the best part of the show, but why stay around and get beat up again?

    1. Yes, Lisa was ganged up on by everyone except maybe Joyce and Carlton. Who the hell wants to be around such mean, viscous, venomous, filthy low no class acting people that demand an apology…but never give one for their back stabbing, instigating, filthy mouths !!! What two faced fakes….Lisa has so so so much more class than these creeps!! And Andy was degrading himself for letting that trash go on for the whole hour!!!!!!!!!! I was disgusted

    2. There you are, aunt bee!! Missed you commenting on more recent posts…true true–K en probably won’t be seen much if Lisa decides to stay, but doubt she will.

  3. I don’t know whether Lisa will leave. And I don’t care. There are, I’m sure, any number of self-absorbed divas in Beverly Hills who can step into those pepto-pink pumps.

  4. I hope Lisa leaves, she’s been there too long. She’s beginning to look like the mother of some of the younger wives. She has enough money, fame and endeavors in her life to need a silly little reality show. She turned into a trouble maker anyway just to get the spotlight on herself.

  5. No explanation needed moving on I sure those HATERS would love it don’t give them the satisfaction Watching the reunion show was horrible the way Kyle come at you and Yolanda instigating telling this women to be quite at the same time I’m reading on line her Marriage is not stable David has a wondering eye Kyle nervous not sure if there is truth that husband is cheating Kim carrying her alcoholism like a trophy petty party Brandi is most unhappy of them all if look back at all the previous episodes since she came on you will see Brandi is the Manipulating chase player check mate Brandi you got the Ladies just where you wont them

    1. I AGREE with every word about those others!!!! Lisa is too good for that show…since when did gang bang bullies….be OKAY????? And who the hell wants to take a vacation and be ganged up on…??? And NO Yolanda…that was NOT the Time or the PLACE ! have more class….

  6. Lisa & Ken are class acts among juvenile children……..It must be tiring…. vyle reaches back 2-3 seasons in her quest to take Lisa down, brandi “you cheated on me”, and turtle idiot, and then there is man shoulders (lymes), the bouncer of the group……Ugggg, I wouldn’t just leave, I would run fast away from this group of psychotic twits……….

  7. I love Lisa and Ken. I love animals. I have dogs all my life but – does anyone besides me question this obsession with Giggy? I think the whole thing is unnatural and I feel sorry for the poor dog. Enough.

  8. Love Lisa & Ken they are very classy british people. But I don’t support the idea of a new show for “pump” for gays, that’s where this viewer draws the line, bravo has become the “gay channel” complete w/ miss andy–and it’s a bit too much.
    Won’t watch Lisa “marrying” gays for ratings———-

    1. If you’re not interested in seeing gay people on Bravo or any other network, might I suggest you pick up a good book? Bravo has long had programs for those that the rest of the entertainment world ignores.

      Things are changing. Gay people are being more accepted everywhere. And that’s as it should be.

    2. So, Candace, can you begin to imagine what it’s been like all these many years for gay people so see only straight people on TV on every single channel on every single program? Thank you, Lisa for the work you do to support gay families. My partner and I just celebrated our 36th anniversary and, if we hadn’t been lucky enough to be legally married at City Hall just before Prop 8, I’d be waving my hand to be married by Lisa at Pump! Can you imagine what a thrill that will be fro some lucky couple, and what an education straight viewers will get who have never known married gay people! Thank you, Lisa!

  9. please please please be true ! to have lisa gone and her d… dog sounds to good to be true but fingers crossed 🙂

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