Are Lisa Rinna’s Friends Worried She’s Popping Pills?

According to a new report, RHOBH star Lisa Rinna’s close friends are concerned that she is popping pills to stay so thin.

It all started when Rinna revealed on a January 24th episode of RHOBH that she slips Xanax into her smoothies, and she pulled out a massive bag of pills while the cameras were rolling. But Lisa claims the pills were just vitamins and that she was just joking about Xanax smoothies.

A source close to Rinna tells RadarOnline that they “believe that she is pounding pills to stay extremely skinny!”

Rinna’s rep denied that there is a problem. But Kim Richards, who has been in a nasty catfight all season with Rinna after Rinna questioned Richards’ sobriety, threw the final punch at Lisa during a recent episode, when she said, “If Lisa ate a slice of bread, she might be a happier person.”

Do you believe this report?

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99 Replies to “Are Lisa Rinna’s Friends Worried She’s Popping Pills?”

  1. Duh…where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Guess there may be some truth to Rinna’s eating disorder and cheating hubby.

    1. Right….. It’s sad bc she’s not a big, fat blob living in a trailer park like you right? She MUST be on drugs.

      1. I see you’re off your meds again you mad cow.
        I never said ANY of them is on drugs but before you open your snatch, get your facts straight you imbecile twat !

      2. Wait a minute! Because someone has an opinion about a person on a reality show this needs to be your response? You know there are many people in this world that would 1. Love to be fat rather than starving 2. Love to have a roof over their heads. Shame.
        To surmise that you can determine someone’s socio-economic status and political beliefs based upon their postings here is in my opinion more of a reflection upon yourself than anyone here. Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing. Deuces.

  2. Do “friends” show their “worry” by making it public. We have no idea whether she is or not. Her behavior is that of an idiot, not necessarily a druggie.

  3. It seems obvious to me ( IMHO)
    that Rinna. must have some type of chemical imbalance..(which, BTW must be a prerequisite to land a gig in Reality TV)..
    Rinna, might just be cruel & mean spirited by nature or perhaps she is just validating her own nasty behavior by deflecting on others? Who, lnows?
    I, used to this,k she was quirky and fun, (I, didn’t watch all episodes last season.)
    However, to be fair, Xanex is used for Anxiety and Panic disorders not to suppress appeitie or help with weight loss.
    Is she bat shyte crazy? Ahem, in Hong Kong, her behavior was not only annoying & obnoxious but looked like a Hypomanic meltdown.. ( She wasn’t alone in the Meltdown department..)

  4. Dont know what to believe anymore with this nut case called Rinna. All I do know is that she is very difficult to digest & brings out the worst in me. Tell me why again I used to like her & loved how she laughed at her own jokes? I think I must’ve been just as sick as she is. Glad I’m cured now though. I have absolutely zero patience & tolerance for her now.

    1. Starr… she was one of my favorites when she started on the show… and I’m with you – she brings out the ugly…. lol

      1. How fooled we were Cin, but no more. I just dont like how many fumes comes out from me the minute Rinna opens her big mouth.

  5. She is completely self obsessed, quite simply a very nasty woman who makes wild, outlandish allegations to deflect from her own spiteful deeds. Why does anyone rate her?

      1. Hey I’m 34 and weigh 124 lbs., have a degree and live in Manhattan. I’m guessing I have a better chance than your sorry, uneducated, hillbilly, Trump voting fat-ass. Get off BRAVO, it does not suit you.

        1. Muhahahahaha you shriveled old scrotum ! You’re an old fat twat living under a bridge. Shut your turd bucket mouth and move along you mad cow
          Seriously , get tested ! It saves lives

                1. Oh, that was a movie to remember. Yes, in NYCity I wonder how many little people have bunnies boiling on their stoves from this moronic nitwit. Let’s see….”it’s” I.Q., maybe, now I am being kind since I know it’s way, way over her intelligence level, I.Q. of 68.
                  BTW, thanks for reminding me of that great movie, Sunshine. You brighten up this blog just like your name.

          1. Back in the good ole 60’s, I was 5’8″, 125 and hair to below my ass. Riding on the back of Harley’s, remember? Only hate reveres hate. People who hate themselves are the only ones who come here saying what comes from their black souls. I’m going to concentrate on the beauty you, and Jane, and Aunt Bee, and Sandy, and GIGI, and Daisy, and Sue and Starr and kt, and Sunshine and ORE, and Apple, and anyone else I forgot, (sorry) have. That is where I am going to allow my mind to go, to the beauty of life.

              1. It is rather funny that a supposed 34 year old has to make up stories and is so full of shit. He/she needs an enema and a mirror. Probably if someone was an amputee, or their baby was born needing an operation, he/she would show them just how much hate it has inside too. Just for fun. I am so blessed with friends, and I pity anyone who must be so lonely that it has to come to a place like this to spread it’s stench!!!

              1. Thanks, Starr of the Skye. I am always reminded of this myth when I read your beautiful name and think of your beauty, about a Starr that came to Earth to enlighten some troubled souls.

            1. It’s a lovely pic, I pray you count your blessings, and think before you post, no need for vile comments. Enough already.

        2. Wow, you’re only 34 and you’re filled with this much fetid stench? What the eff happened to you in your short life that filled you with such black hate? Like anyone believes anything you say this time…last time what was it??? That was so 2000 and who gives a phuck. I bet you $100,000 that I can run circles around your ass, you little bitch.

    1. She’s 53 you psychotic. Why are you here. Really why do you keep coming back to this particular site time after time when you’re despised here and you despise everyone worse. Why. Are you a masochist on top of being a certifiable lunar bug? You are legitimately unhinged. You need help. Doesn’t anybody look after you? Are you not loved by even one person on the face of this earth who has your back? Must not because it appears the only company you can keep are those you hate and those who you want to mind rape for fun.

      You know how I know you’re not worth any second or third or fourth chances? Because you didn’t care whether a woman who is revered here and is as ill as one can be lived or died?? REMEMBER NOW?

      There’s a special place waiting for demon seeds like you and I’m only happy to personally escort you to the door when that time comes. Remember this, my name is Jane, I’ll meet you there that day and you’ll see my face. And I’ll see yours finally. And then I’ll spit in it. And then kick your ass into Bezelbub’s waiting arms.

      1. Ok religious, freak zealot. I follow this site because I watch Bravo. All I see on here are pathetic old bags of crap bitching about something they don’t have. Also it’ s AMAZING fodder for my friends and I at happy hour. You sad, pathetic fuck. Good luck with the afterlife moron. Btw I am at District on 38th if you want to put your money where your big mouth is. I will eat you for dinner you dumb fuck.

        1. Stop lying ! You’re under the Brooklyn bridge sleeping on your used tampons, you dumb goat !

          You are rude , obnoxious and a stuck up twat ! You say HORRIBLE things to people and think that makes you cute . You’re a delusional little bitch and fat old bag

          You found big foot yet??

            1. You’re the old fat scrotum . Muhahahahaha . That’s why you hate fat people because you’re a fat troll!
              Find big foot her???

  6. This is how the internet can kill you. This may have been a joke which I totally think it was, one person takes it to the media and boom Lisa R has a drug problem. So stupid. Everyone needs to just shut up. If she says she was kidding she was kidding. Kim Richards has NO ROOM TO TALK. This woman has an excuse for everything. Why she can’t go to rehab, and how she is fully sober. I happened to watch the reunion from last years season and I watched Kim sit there and make excuses and she also pointed fingers at everyone except herself. She talked about taking a pill and going to Eileens house and acted like an idiot. She then tried to make everyone believe she did not have a relapse, a bump in the road or whatever she is calling it this time. KIM the way you acted at that poker night and the way you treated everyone at the reunion was horrific. That is NOT the face of a sober individual. She just thought everyone should know she is NOT using. Well honey and relapse is exactly what happened you took a mood altering substance that caused your actions and it was sickening. She is NO WHERE SOBER. When people do the steps there is a plan to deal with every level of the disease one of them is being able to stand up and say, Im sorry. I made a mistake. She through crap at everyone. Being humbled for the way it affected herself and the other people around her.
    Go back Kim and realize EVERY therapist in the country is going to tell you that you RELAPSED and that means whatever you did for 3 years is mute and she needs to start over again.
    She is in such denial it makes me crazy.
    Leave Rinna alone if she is taking diet pills so WHAT. It’s her choice. Everyone is focused on Lisa Rinna’s weight , jealous MUCH. This story line is getting old. Who gives a crap if she is thin. All you chub chubs just wish you had her figure.

    1. Actually, I’ve always had a “figure.” Her “figure” is like bones, with no curves at all, but some are built that way. I believe she is too thin. The boobs are not real, so that doesn’t count. I don’t think she is taking diet pills, but benzodiazepines instead, like she mentioned. I could really care less, minus the fact that she literally can not keep her mouth shut. That is a sign of anxiety medicine usage when mixed with booze especially, that loss of inhibition, and control over oneself. Because of that, I have thought that she was on Rx pills for a long time, way before this Xanax into smoothies thing. And I think she is nasty. I am not a chub chub, but if I was, I would prefer 10 extra pounds rather than 20 too few. Especially as we get older, if anyone else here is close to Rinna’s age. Zsa Zsa Gabore said once, “I would rather have 10 extra pounds on my ass and a smooth face, than a wrinkled face and a smaller ass, as everyone sees my face.” My Mom showed me that when I was pregnant, me thinking I wouldn’t lose the 30 pounds I gained. But, being I nursed all of mine, it was gone in 5 weeks, and my insides were aided by that too. Her question to Dorit, who I am not a fan of, about the dinner, was a childish get back for the bag of pills rumor that Dorit kept telling anyone who would listen. What I wonder, is why didn’t Rinna go inside when everyone else did? One doesn’t need to be “invited” back into the house after the dinner party they were already invited to, idiot woman that Rinna. I wouldn’t be surprised if that entire thing was thought out purposefully. Not knowing of course if it would work, but sat outside long enough for the camera to pick it up, that’s just how dirty she plays.

  7. Yeah ok then. Well just so you know Sunshine I don’t trust you. Sorry. But that’s what trolls will do to once very naive and sweet trusting women like myself, I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof now and it’s changed me. So you’re going to have to start sharing something of yourself and earning trust to speak about our friend Sue which by the way we really don’t share openly here about her.

    1. Oh, I completely understand. What I LOVE about this site is that you are fiercely protective of your friends. I hope I have offended no one, I text once in a while love to her as she did mention she does not text but does read comments occasionally. Sorry if assholes have made you keep your guard up, understood.
      I’m a grandmother from the Midwest. My eldest grandson studies this year in Australia, my youngest grandkids graduate high school soon. I’m married, and take care of my mom with dementia 3 days a week.

        1. Wow, I’m not. I haven’t ever been accused of something like this, and I am sorry if you misunderstand me. I had a good time here, and meant no harm, truly.
          However, this kind of stuff isn’t for me. Just trying to have a nice exchange with nice people. Sorry for whatever someone has done to you.

      1. Right. You’re a ‘grandmother’ from the Midwest but yet you take care of your ‘MOTHER’ with dementia.

        Do you realize you’ve used nearly the same scenarios before? You’ve run out of lies and stories you freak of nature. Take all your aliases nycbunny, ASher, yadda yadda and go. Go get some help I mean it. You need help we can’t help you here.

  8. Rain, I want to thank you and the others for your kindness. For some reason a poster here has accused me of being a TROLL, and says they are reporting me, this is not what I need in my life right now. But I do wish you all well, I’m a nice lady, but I’m nobody’s asswipe either.

    1. You are worse than an asseipe. You’re evil. You pose as dozens of posters for months maybe years now. Lung before I ever came here but I’ve heard about you. You have so many aliases you think nobody shouldn’t be Leary of someone coming on here looking for Susie and wanting to know how she is?? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAt THE HELL DO WANT WANT OF HER!!!


      1. This is my last posting. Yes, I am a grandmother, and yes my mom is still alive, and no I never posted here before as anyone else. This is why I never had but a few good friends, cannot deal with this kind of stuff. It’s hurtful. The world has enough pain, never did I think I’d find this nonsense here.

  9. You are down right cruel and nothing but a trouble maker. You act like your in high school and your one of the mean girls. Your behavior this season was disrespectful and disgusting. Worry about your own life and not everyone else’s. Susan

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