Lisa Rinna Was Paid $2 Million For Depends Commercial


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna was paid $2 million by adult diaper company, Depends, to be their celebrity spokesperson. The subject was brought up during the part one of the reunion and Rinna was asked if she regretted doing the commercial which she shot in 2012.

“Lisa was able to get a huge paycheck from Depends, and was paid $2 million. Knowing she would be teased for years, Lisa made sure she was compensated for it,” an insider tells RadarOnline after Rinna was adamant she did not regret her decision and revealed she made seven figures on the deal.

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Was Paid $2 Million For Depends Commercial”

  1. Kim’s values are really upside down if doing that commercial is beneath her dignity but vindictively lashing out like a crazy person in social situations isn’t.

  2. Kim is no Harvard Grad & on top of that, silly, stupid, vindictive & malicious. Cannot expect better from this woman. She is jealous of Lisa R & hateful too.

    1. Cin, No kidding! I’d show America how they work for $2 mil! Too bad nobody wants to pay me to make America throw up.

  3. Yup and Lisa R is laughing all the way to the bank. Kim is a big fat liar when she says she would have turned $2 Mil down… She prolly got $10,000 and a new swimsuit for the diving show. Can’t pay off to many lawyers fees with that. Sharknado ain’t going to help either if she loses the current lawsuit.

    1. @Jo–what a spot-on statement. Lisa can wear her depends, poop in them, and no one would care because it doesn’t leak out! That’s what the advertisers were hoping people like you would say….

      1. Which is EXACTLY why it would’ve been the PERFECT role for Kim Richards, as she is now known get sh!t on her pillows, that she then carries around in public, even abroad. Too bad someone didn’t throw that little tidbit out there…

        1. @queenie–yup..I have brought that poopy pillow every chance I got but totally forgot about it this time!,

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