Lisa Rinna Think Vanderpump’s Joke About Eileen’s Husband Was Crude and Inappropriate

Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog to discuss her encounter with Lisa Vanderpump at Dorit Kemsley’s birthday party this week on RHOBH. Rinna says she meant what she said in her apology to Vanderpump, and discusses British humor. However, Lisa has a big problem with Vanderpump’s joke about Eileen’s husband.

“So, here we are on episode two of Season 7, and we’re already finding ourselves at another lavish party. This season is going be filled with fun, and it’s going to be glamorous. Boy do these people know how to throw a great birthday party!

I want to point out how amazing it is that Eileen has been consistently working on Y&R since 1982! She was just a baby back then! Hands down, Eileen Davidson wins for the longest-working actress I know, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. I mean really, people. Watching her in her first scene and then to see her controversial abortion storyline in ‘86 is really just incredible and exceptionally brave as an actress. Kudos to both Eileen and her castmates on Y&R for being so successful and celebrating 11,000 episodes!

I also loved watching Erika and her crew audition dancers for her upcoming Xpensive video! I loved watching them at Third Street Dance, because that’s where I rehearsed for Dancing With the Stars with Louis Van Amstel, and I have so many great memories! See the dancers hit those splits followed immediately by Erika Jayne howling, I have to say, is my favorite part of the whole show! Those dancers are fierce, and I can’t wait to see which ones were chosen for her nasty crew, because from what I could tell, they were all so good! That decision had to be hard.

Back to Dorit’s Buddha Lounge. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, looked beyond gorg that night. Whether my compliments were appreciated or even accepted, who knows, and who cares, but I really thought everyone looked fab. I particularly loved that Erika showed up in a Moschino t-shirt dress, and I died when she said it was right off the runway. Oh, snap! If anyone is going to pull off that look, it’s definitely Erika. I also found PK’s speech to Dorit to be quite touching, and I was happy to be there to witness that kind moment between them.

So, you saw an apology tonight, and I meant what I said. I know I went in hard in hopes of the truth coming out. Like I said, I don’t need or expect an apology, because I have already forgiven, made peace with and moved on from last year’s situation. Again, life is too short, and I can’t control what anyone thinks, feels and says, but I can certainly control my reaction to what is said and done to me, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I want to end this by touching on the whole British humor thing. Trust me when I say that I understand and appreciate all types of humor, particularly British humor. However, to respond with, “I saw him with his head up another woman’s skirt” when asked by Eileen if anyone had seen her husband Vinny, was crude and inappropriate. In my opinion, there is no way you can hide behind the guise of “British humor” on this one. To quote Kyle from all of those Season 7 promos we’ve been seeing, perhaps I’m not the ONLY Lisa in this town that needs to sew her f—-ing lips shut.”

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131 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Think Vanderpump’s Joke About Eileen’s Husband Was Crude and Inappropriate”

  1. It was inappropriate and being British I don’t think she can put it down to British humour (which is different to American humour.) Lisa pushed it with this comment and much as I love Lisa this was too much.

    1. YES Suze ❤️ If you’re talking about the comment Lisa made about Eileens husband? She went beyond the line. She meant to, she reallyyyyy doesn’t like Eileen to do that. I’d go so far to say you have to loathe someone to put that kind of hurt on someone. Those were damaging words and she knew it. Oh Lisa. I didn’t expect that from you ☹️

      1. Don’t care for Lisa VP at ALL. She uses her “Britishness” as a way to say the most hurtful and nasty things. Remember her waltzing into Kyles’ kitchen and with Portia right there starts talking about the rumors of Mauricio’s infidelity! She constantly strikes out at people and then scurries back into her hole and blames everyone else. She likes to say well ” I’m British” and that means I can be as nasty as I want”.

      2. Thank you Bluebell, I am so pleased someone else who is a Lisa fan can say honestly this comment was wrong. It doesn’t mean I like her any less just that it wasn’t right! Xo

    2. I totally disagree and as a dear friend of a Brit who rests in peace, LVP’s humor reminds me so much of him. If LVP was friends with Eileen then I would agree but LVP and Eileen are adversarial acquaintances and it was dry humor directed towards her clear nemesis on the show. I APPRECIATE LVP’s honesty! Geez, she can’t win, if she had fake smiled and kept her mouth shut she would be roasted for being “manipulative”!!!

      1. Sorry but as a Brit I still don’t think there was any excuse for the comment she made. Our humour is different we all know that. But what she said was wrong. I am a big LVP fan and really dislike Eileen but she is just feeding the fued rather than rising above it which is what I would have done. Both Eileen and Rinna hurt her a lot last year and I can see she is angry but she would be better just ignoring it, be polite but have nothing to do with them except filming!

        1. Right because LVP keeping her mouth shut and phony smiling all night would be so fun to watch… not! England, like America must have vastly different regional perspectives. New York versus LA versus the South versus the Midwest. Vanderpump may not be your kinda Brit with her dry, quick wit but she is definitely mine! Yes her sarcasm was loaded but so was Eileen’s manipulative attempt to use LVPs condolences for her mothers passing to corner LVP into apologizing for the millionth time while swearing she never apologizes! Totally and completely TEAM LVP.

          1. You obviously didn’t read my comment through. I said I am a big LVP fan! That doesn’t mean I have to like everything she says or does! I was born in the south, lived there for 53 years (apart from six in Dubai) and now have lived in Scotland for twelve years. I think I know my country very well. I have travelled from Landsend to John o groats! As I have said many times I cannot stand Eileen at all, she is a soap actress who is treating BH like her personal soap show with Rinna as supporting actress. The problem with these two neither of them can act! When I like someone it doesn’t mean I have to ignore their faults! I have plenty myself! So please don’t put words in my mouth! Have a nice day Deexo

            1. Oh lady, grow up and get off of your high horse. Just because I don’t agree with everything YOU SAY doesn’t mean you need to come for me but since you did, let me lay it out for you. I too know my country very well and I have lived across much of it but I was born & raised in one part of it, LA, which makes my perspective on some types of humor vary from someone that was raised in another part of the country. Knowing your country has nothing to do with my point and it certainly doesn’t make you an expert in every region and individuals from those regions. Secondly, maybe you don’t read because I believe I said she MAY NOT be your kind of Brit in – as in a possibility NOT FACT. I don’t know you nor do I care whether or not she is, I’m simply staying my opinion as to this point in her humor which I found entirely appropriate given who it was directed at AND under the circumstances of this being a vehicle for ENTERTAINMENT not etiquette.

  2. To add I do understand why she is doing it she was really hurt last season but for her own sake she needs to let it go. Neither Eileen or Rinna are worth it.

    1. yeah it hurts being called out for what people really are ^^ Get over it she’s manipulative and tried to screw over Kyle & Rinna. It is what it is. She’s mad she’s been caught, AGAIN.

  3. Oh really? I didn’t know but that’s weird as they haven’t done a celeb apprentice for years it’s all wannabes now. But on saying that I’m not at all surprised and I really didn’t like her car, I thought it was tacky, I hope I don’t offend anyone but I really dislike gold cars!

  4. I have just been reading about him. He was ad advisor to the contestants on Apprentice. I remember him now. Seems he has had a lot of money and lost a lot! I don’t think much of either of them!

  5. Well, they must be finding it hard to find people with money, as they don’t want to do it, would you? I certainly wouldn’t, Lisa and Kyle did it in the early days when it wasn’t so vicious! I’m surprised they are still doing it. The only reason I can think of is they are both fame hungry and I don’t mind saying that about Lisa as she has admitted herself everything the show has enabled her to do because of it. All her charity work, that’s one of the reasons I like her but she isn’t perfect! Xoxoxx

    1. You’re right! People watch the show and don’t want their private lives splattered all over. Unless you have something to promote , why would you be on there ?? They’ll rip you AND your family apart

  6. Hi Rain and Suze. Yes, I read about their finances some time ago too. I guess they have more now. Maybe George is paying rent? Well, we just do not know.
    As for namedropping, Dorit is very good at that. I honestly cannot stand her. She is sickening, and just about as bad as 25,000.00 sunglasses was back then or worse.
    As for Lisa, it was not funny when she said it. It was out of nowhere and inappropriate. Some jokes are fine amidst company that is close and you have that sort of banter between you, however, when it is someone you are barely speaking to, then of course it looks like it is meant as a dig and inappropriate.
    Lisa V, let it go. I always love Lisa, but she has to learn when to turn it off. You don’t have to like Lisa R and Eileen, but just don’t make it worse. It was just bizarre.
    Speaking of bizarre, Dorit’s husband likes to go through Boy George’s closet and take some things….or borrow them. Is that not what she has written? I wonder about her husband and her. He is a lot older than her too, and well, it seems he has to buy her to keep her. She is a spoiled little girl, and though they seem like they are in love, I wonder if she would stay if the well ran dry.
    I did love that Bentley. Oh my, what a gorgeous car. I wonder if it is leased…but it must be, I imagine.
    Boy George was not around for her birthday party. I wonder why not? Sure he had something to go to, but if they were that close, would he not want to be there? Maybe he is jealous of all the attention her husband gives to her…or not. I am still wondering about the George connection to Dorit’s husband…just seems more than just business IMO.
    Okay, I am done here….I think.

  7. Well next episode Erika reminds Dorit she’s an American ! Dorits accent is a pretentious phony thing that she can’t keep straight most of the time because now she thinks is she’s British

    1. Yes! If she is like Madonna, then it is all an act and she can turn it on and off at whim. Some people do acquire accents a bit too, and around people who have the accent, it comes out more, and it is not always conscious.
      I was shocked years ago, when a relative’s wife who came from the Bronx NY and had a very strong NY accent, sounded like she was from New Orleans after living in the deep South for a few years. Her NY accent was totally gone. I was surprised. She was an oddball though, so it may just have been forced. I don’t know, but I was surprised.
      I know Madonna was very irritating to watch when she turned on her accent when married to Guy.

  8. not sure if my posts are coming thru….. always hard to do something different from what you are used to!! lol….. maybe it’s an age factor on my part.

  9. Hi All…it’s formally “What The”. This is my new name. I have to say, I love the animal pictures. I’ll have to try to add one of my former babies. Rain, Paisley is precious. That’s a big cat.
    I’m disliking LVP more and more. That’s all I can say about her. At least this episode was still fun, parties, glamour, and gee whiz those cars, right.
    So, who is going to join me in being one of EJ’s back-up dancers. Any takers?
    Peace and love

  10. Hi Rain, it’s formally “What The”. Yes, I have to agree, Dorit is being pretentious. Is she trying too hard to fit in in chic chic chic Beverly Hills. Only time will tell. Maybe Boy George was hiding in her husband’s closet….wham.

    1. Hey Mary ❤️❤️❤️ Too funny!! Wham indeed . When people try so hard it’s because they’re not genuine . The Boy George thing is weird too but hey it’s BH . More and more they seem like fame whores to me . I think I already made up my mind about her

  11. I thought LVP’s comment was way inappropriate and not one bit humorous.
    Even though I’m not a fan of lvp, anyone saying that would not be funny imo.
    Hope y’all are having a pleasant day. xx

      1. Woo hoo right back atcha! This is great, and Nicki worked so hard on it. She really is the best, and we have the best blog ever. 🙂

  12. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, stop being Eileen’s spokesperson and body guard. Stand in your own heals. you said you moved on from last year so move ON!

  13. Rinna’s the reason I stopped watching. Ugh she is the biggest shit stirrer and makes a mountain out of every tiny “slight”

    Take her, Vicki G and Kelly D and put them on their own show… so I can block it

  14. I tried to post photo in avatar, no go, oh well. Maybe my daughter will help me. I can’t find the pic I want. My other posts will come up later I guess, even tho they showed at first.

  15. Yay Sandy, I’m so happy your hubby is feeling better today. Enjoy the snow. We will be in the 40’s tomorrow-Sunday then back into the 80’s

    1. I have not listened to the latest forecast, but some is on the way. They have the good forecast and the worst case scenario forecast and then say it depends…on which way the winds blow, etc.

      1. Hi Sandy, I’ve been trying to respond to you about my picture and it’s saying that you can’t respond to an inactive post. How can that be when you just posted to me 5 minutes ago. This site is strange. I’m glad you like the cow. This picture was taken in Sicily. It’s so cold in Boston today and tomorrow. You’d think I’d be used to it being a lifelong New Englander, that would be a big fat NO!! How are you?

        1. Hi Mary, Honestly, I may have been editing a typo at that moment you tried to post or something, but otherwise, I am not sure.
          I am still frozen from going outside about 2 hours ago! I had to take my little dog out, and we did not go far when he ran toward the house, stopped abruptly to do his business in a hurry and wanted to go back inside. I don’t blame him. The gusts of wind nearly blew him away and the noise the wind is making is making him bark periodically. He is barking at the howling wind. It feels like single digits here and won’t get out of the 20s today. So, NJ is very cold too…maybe not as cold as where you are, but I came back in the house to tell my son it was polar out there…like Antarctica. My legs and face froze. I wore down coat, scarf, hat that tied under my chin and ski gloves too….coooood. There was some snow here too…just a dusting mixed with sleet early before sunrise too. It is sunny too!
          Did you go to Sicily? It is always warm there. My sister went several times. Her hubby is Sicilian, born there and came here in his teens.
          Have a great day. Stay warm. It is a hot cocoa day, and I don’t have any.

          1. Hi Sandy, yes, that would make sense. Though I replied to Rain’s response to me and it went into moderation and it’s been deleted. I guess the site has to work out the kinks. When a dog runs back inside, it’s way too cold. I’m so bundled up today, I’m actually a bit warm in the office. Not a bad problem.
            Yes, I’ve been to Sicily and this picture was taken as we were riding from Catania to Siracusa. There is an inlet off of Siracusa and the name escapes me. It begins with an “O”. This was in April last year. My maternal grandparents and my dad’s father were born in Sicily. My paternal grandmother was born in Florence. My husband was born in Rome. Me, I’m domestic.
            We’re going back next year. Actually, we’re starting in Zurich, driving to Lake Como, driving to Milan where we’ll catch the train to Florence (my absolute favorite place in all of Italy), then off to Rome (have to visit family), and then another week in Sicily. In Sicily, we’re renting a villa in Noto. Where in Sicily was your bro-in-law from? One of my bro-in-laws was born in Palermo. The other in Argentina to Italian parents. His parents moved back to Italy and his sister was born there. Funny, right.
            No hot cocoa. Well, you just have to make a hot-buttered rum instead. Enjoy the day!

            1. I was just watching Erika on The Young and the Restless which is on now. (She called Eileen “Bitch” in the beginning of the show after Eileen walked into her and her drink spilled. Now they showed her again…interesting. Erika could do soaps.
              I think my sis’s hubby is from the Comiso region near Ragusa, or at least that is what I found on his mom’s side. My sister told me. I think she said Ragusa in the South, but I am not sure. She may have mentioned other towns. I will ask her.
              My mom was born in Tuscany, in a town in the province of Pistoia, near Firenze. I visited as a child only. We did go to Florence and Rome and visit some distant relatives there at that time. I recall some things, like the Ponte Vecchio and the statue of David, and those gilded doors. I also understood every word before we left the country…then not any more after no one spoke Italian to me.. I never have been back. Dad’s family is from the Campania region. I have never been there.

            2. Zurich should be lovely. Lake Como is so beautiful. I have seen many pictures. It is such a pretty area. Milan should be very nice and high fashion.
              It all sounds like a great trip, and you sound like you are spending lots of time there.
              It is great that your husband is able to speak Italian too, born there. Enjoy!

  16. Some look okay on others. Me either as to no tats. I also think like a nurse, and the dangers of needles, especially if they redip the inks…

  17. Go to Discus , click on the wheel on the top right hand side. You will see ‘settings’ , then go to proflie. There you will find the box where you can add your avatar. You can generally pick from your picture gallery. Hope that helps

  18. I think she was tired of Eileen expecting the fifth apology. Eileen did have an affair, a love affair. It is Eileen, Rinna and Yo that don’t accept others, or the way others deal with emotion, not Lisa. Maybe, just maybe, Lisa doesn’t agree that to “bond” it requires sharing the horrible things in life. When Yo said “that’s how we BOND” as if that is the only way, her way, that was very narrow minded of all of them. When Lisa said she was sorry she hurt Eileen, she was sincere. Rinna and Eileen ruining an entire season and a trip like that over a petty comment that wasn’t even about them, and from that comment deciding Kyle’s relationship with Lisa was somehow fouled made me sick. Then when Eileen said “I think it’s very obvious that you have more compassion for animals than the ladies here” I was so pissed off. Maybe Lisa knows you bitches can take care of yourselves, and the fact you have the ability to speak, if you are in trouble, you can go to a trusted friend and get help. Animals don’t have that ability, it is our obligation as humans to advocate for them, the sentient living beings, our pets, animals from God, that can not advocate for themselves. That reunion made me almost hate her and Rinna and Yo, for being so closed minded that their opinion of Lisa is lowered because she bonds in a different way. Closed minded bitches one and all.

    1. OH, P.S. Her comment was in reaction to Eileen almost hysterically laughing when Lisa was sharing her condolences. They keep saying the death of their parents makes the rest of the nonsense foolish, petty and beneath them….but their actions say otherwise.

      1. I agree with both of you. I was screaming at the TV exactly that followed by a few expletives that I will not repeat. And, what was up with that hideous hairdo.

  19. What goes with this site? It starts out as a site about RHOBH and then turns into a site about a soap opera and then it’s a personal site for a few people. I’m looking for a site that talks about only RHOBH, and nothing else. I would like to suggest that personal texts and comments go via people’s own site and leave this site for RHOBH. Or if that isn’t what the majority of people want please just say so and i’ll back off.

    1. I read here all the time Debbie, and only recently started posting; I happen to like the joyful interactions between posters, it’s such a nice change from brutal blogs.
      I understand what your saying, n
      Scroll by what you don’t want to read and contribute what you want to say. That’s my advice, take it for what it’s worth.

    2. Sorry Debbie it’s always been like that here if you joined in you might enjoy it. This isn’t a hate filled site like most of the others and some of us have made really good friends here but the personal comments will continue. The comment about soap opera comes from eileen treating BH like her own personal soap with Rinna as well. So that is relevant to BH.

        1. All I said was it wasn’t a hate filled site like so many others! We respect others opinions here even if we disagree. It’s a good site give it a go!

    1. Who was Debbie? What name did she use? She left because she did not like the new site? I am bad with names.
      I am still here, and I could not log on to the Disqus…had used it in the past, but it was not letting me, and finally I used my Twitter and changed my Disqus name that way. I had to log on to Twitter. There are options. It works, so I am okay with it.

      1. Hi Sandy,
        Debbie posted that she wanted a site specifically talking housewives with no personal interactions with fellow posters.
        Read below if you have a chance.

        1. Oh well. That is her loss then. I talked soaps because Erika was on YR today. She did well. She had three separate speaking parts too.
          We are who we are here. I like it.

        1. Yup just about there! Waiting for another couple by post, three more arrived today so will get them wrapped tomorrow. Food won’t be done until 24th some ordered, turkey etc so just need to collect on 23rd. I love it on 24th when the shops are closed and I know I can’t do any more!

  20. That’s vile. We all knew that LVP was a vindictive vile piece of… I’m gonna stop right there.
    Here’s to one too many seasons for grandma. She needs to go.

    1. Jay, I agree with you. I’m only one year younger than her, so watch that grandma stuff you young whippa snapper….tee hee!! She is manipulative and vindictive. The remark she made to Eileen about Vinnie was disgusting. Please just go do her other show where she runs around with the 20 something’s in her restaurants. I’ll take all the other ladies any day. And, please for the love of dogs, put the dogs on the ground, remove the clothes, let them sniff ass, run around and be dogs. Welcome to the group!

  21. Hi Nicki, I don’t think I properly thanked you yesterday. I had a few hiccups getting this working, but tah dah!! This has become a place, not just for talking about our beloved shows, but we have all connected to one another. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!! Peace and Love

  22. Hi Rain, I tried to respond to your post to me from yesterday a little while ago. It was in moderation and it’s not here. I have no idea why I was being moderated. Me? Anyway, it’s frigid today and will be worse tomorrow. Aren’t cats the best? I miss having one.
    Also, I tried adding an Avatar but it’s not coming up. Ugh! Oh, well. I hope you have a great day as we’ll be posting.
    Bring on Christmas!! Peace and love to you my friend

    1. I see your cow pic.
      Oh, it is polar here too…unbelievable wind and feels like the teens and is not even 25 degrees out. Cooooold.

  23. Hi all. It took me a while to figure this out but I’ve got it now….
    Meanwhile, I love LVP but this was snarky. Not sure why she is lowering herself to this level.
    Did anyone else see Eileen and Rinna dancing? They reminded me of Elaine from that Seinfeld episode where Elaine was twitching and spasming out. Good Lord, no rhythm. I’m starting to warm up to Erika a little, but probably because Dorito bugs me to no end. She’s got a short fuse. I don’t like her. Somethings awry with that one.

  24. Yippee…I guess it didn’t like the first picture I was trying to post. This is from Sicily. We were driving to a little inlet off of Siracusa. My cousin took this picture. How appropriate with being called cows.
    I am done with shopping. You must be beyond excited to have all your babies home. I bet you’re cooking up a storm for them, so great. Darn straight put their asses to work. Now if I survive the frigid Artic air over the next couple of days, all will be good. Peace and love to you.

  25. LOL…oh no. Why do I always take a sip of coffee when I reading some of these. I almost covered my computer with it. At least she had the “girls” tucked in. Why does she always have her blouses half undone. My husband would never let me walk around like that, nor would I let myself. Have a great day, Boo!

  26. Well, I would never buy a gold car, though I thought that car was unusual in its color…almost bronze.
    My car is a metallic gunmetal (dark) grey called Dolphin Grey. My last car was very dark metallic and looked black but was actually a very dark blue called Black Opal. The car before that was a darker metallic red…a special Mercedes color that year, and it was on the showroom floor, but I never would have red as a first choice and my husband is color blind, though it was a nice red with the metallic as reds go. The cars before were white and silver. My very first car was a preowned Fiat and it was an orange yellow…and I could afford it until it broke down…too many times.
    If you saw how I dressed. Black was always my favorite, and my closet is gray, black, black and white stripes, some blues and an occasional dark pink shade. I was always into dark colors and wore only navy and black a lot.

    1. That Bentley was sick. I loved the color. I’m noticing a lot of great color cars lately and I love it. I didn’t know that Lamborghini made a convertible. I wonder if it’s for the US market.

      1. Yes, the Bentley was a rose-gold. It is a British car. That was what was so amazing. It was unusual in color, and I loved it.
        Bentley was purchased by Volkswagen. It is not Lamborghini.
        Lamborghini is Italian, of course. I love Maserati too.

  27. Rain, Did you watch Younger last night? They had a one hour (2 episode) finale. You were definitely on the right track. I won’t say more in case you did not watch it yet. I want to rewatch both of them, because the commercials are so brief and some are about the show, that I did not realize the show came back on and I missed a bit here and there.
    I love this show, and I am not sure what will happen now. We shall see.

  28. I had to change my Avatar as it didn’t like my first one, oh, well. Good to see you Gigicat. Dorito, that’s great. Yes, I’m getting why you all don’t like her. The accent does change, the name dropping, ugh! No wonder she’s friends with LVP. LVP judges everyone by the amount of money they have, not who they are. Dorito did make a snarky remark about Erika’s designer dress. I can’t wait to see Erika put anyone in their place. At least we’re enjoying a couple of episodes of glamour, parties, cars, etc. Come on now, ladies. We would all be bad ass back-up dancers for Erika Jayne. She just couldn’t handle our hotness. Sizzle!!!!

  29. I was giving Jay a hard time. I never saw his name before, but I was not offended. Yup, in 15 yrs. I’ll be 70. That came to me a couple of weeks ago and totally freaked me out. Don’t ask me when that happened as I do still think, feel (most days), and look young. So, I have lines and wrinkles, I call them experience lines.
    I want grand babies too. I only have a step-daughter, but she’s young. I do enjoy my cousin’s grand babies, so I get my snuggle fix. Your son will find a nice girl. I’m glad he’s being picky. I’m sure he has a lot to offer and never settle.
    Rain, are you being naughty? What is up with you ladies today. I think we all need to get our Erika Jayne on 😉 Darn my emojis don’t want to work.

  30. These are in Sicily. I have no idea what breed they are, but aren’t they great.
    For some reason, I wanted to post a picture of the back of me. I was standing on a bridge in Sicily and the bridge was the same name of my uncle. I was spreading his ashes on the bridge. I guess Disqus didn’t like it, so I picked the cow. Moooooo!!! XO XO

  31. You have done an excellent job as mother to those kids. They are exceptional. I am sure you are right about your daughter too.
    Oh well, it is up to fate. I did say to my son that he should never settle. He never settled for anything.
    My young son is just not settled and he just started a new job. Hopefully things will look up for him and he will meet someone.

  32. I miss the old site. I don’t like sharing my name with all of Disqus. It only makes sense with Housewives, and some my comments were considered spam. Was it my emoji usage or what? I am not a fan of Disqus.

  33. Once again, Lisa is snarky and blames it on British humor. Sorry but my British friends have great humor (yeah it’s a little different) but it is not rude. British people have boundaries, I think more so than Americans. Humor among friends is fun and can be bawdy – but NEVER with someone you are at odds with.

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