Lisa Rinna Teases Evolution With RHOBH Co-Star This Season

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is never one to keep her lips closed, and this time she dishing about upcoming feuds between her cast mates.

“This season, when we get into it with someone we move through it instead of getting stuck,” Rinna explains of the drama this current season. “Where last year, I felt like we got stuck and we never got out. So the good thing about this season is, we move through things quicker… we move on.”

Lisa continued, “Oh, there’s still some stuff going on… oh absolutely! Always… it’s me. I’m not going to say exactly who. There’s something that goes on that I feel very strongly about that doesn’t necessarily happen to me.”

“What I can tell you is my going into this season is really about, ‘How can I move on, let go and heal?’ Because I lost my father and it really changed the way I look at life.”

“Obviously, Kim Richards and I have something that is stagnate and you can’t move it. You will see an evolution take place, of some kind this season and I don’t think anyone will expect what happens.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I just don’t get what anyone sees in her! She is loud mouthed, bitchy etc etc etc!

Suze my love, I share your thoughts. I think we know what’s coming, she going to put her entire body, not just her foot into her flaring mouth.

I think she’s awesome. She successful, funny, quick-witted, keeps herself in amaze shape and is married to HH. Good for her!

I hope her eating disorder comes up next season, see how she deals with it.

NycBunny, Sorry, I might agree if I liked Harry Hamlin, never have, he looks just as scrawny as her these days. Plus I don’t think she is that successful what has she done recently? (I’m not knocking her depends commercial for that money I would have done it as well!) Sorry just differing opinions!

She is one of the most irritating people across all the cities. I wish she would take a little of ramona’s advice and TAKE A XANEX!!!!!

she’s disgusting

You would think that someone who played nutjobs on soap operas like Melrose Place would be interesting enough in real life that they wouldn’t have to invent conflict in order to garner attention. With Rinna and Davidson, that is not the case. I had high hopes for Rinna on this show, and she has just been one big disappointment.

Christopher, I was concerned when I heard two soapies were going to be on and many might disagree with me but in my opinion I was right. They both treat it as their personal soap opera. I guess like Eileen if you have been in one for so many years it’s difficult to get away from it. I can’t stand either of them!

I was one of the posters who thought they might be fine. I even said “why shouldn’t they get a chance.” Well……they had it and blew it immediately. I don’t care what she says about “it happens to someone else” whether or not she is the one outed for xanax, she has some kind of problem with pills or something. I still say that a housewife, who, in the actual word, “house…wife” means that they were intending the “housewives” to show their “houses” as part of the glitz and glamour of the idea of behind the gates. It just seems… Read more »

I am super interested to see where this season goes, especially with Eden joining the mix. It amazes me how much Eden reminds me of Brandi, so we will see how well things go between Lips and Eden. I want someone to take Rinna on and put her in her place.

Sorry jack but based on spoilers I read, Eden and Rinna get really close ! Of course that could be wrong but that’s what I read

NOOOO!!! i just melted.

I know , right??? I have to say based on that one episode (too soon , I know) , Eden bored the f**k out of me. She was in the running for full HW but lost to Dorit. I mean, how boring do you have to be to lose to Dumbsicle and Pervo??? We will see what happens! What I read is that she has most trouble with Kyle , but again , it’s all rumors

I wonder, too, if they were trying to prevent another Kathryn situation- having a housewife come in early-mid season, do nothing, then bail after the reunion. I know she’s (Eden) said that she doesn’t think next season can go on without her but im sure Joyce and Carlton thought the same thing too. And remember Brandi started as a friend too and look at her (albeit infamous) legacy.

Those are excellent points so we will have to wait and see. From the brief time Eden was on, she’s no Brandi , that’s for sure. She probably to Dorit because 1) LVP has some pull and 2) her husband Pervo is a ‘gem’ of controversy (barf)

She probably LOST to Dorit

Dirty Dorit and her dirtier hubby are just vulgar, disgusting, repulsive, nauseating greedy nobodies.

Bwahahahahah. That was funny. Pretty effing boring. Why oh why can’t they find anyone who actually has money, class and a passion in life? Maybe they aren’t looking in the right places…..who knows. I wish Camille would return with her new found way of being. I bet she is interesting now, and not obnoxious, as she most certainly was before. It says a lot about her and Kyle that they became true friends after what happened between them. Oh well, sigh……

Isn’t she coming on as a friend of Rinna?

How can she move on, let go, heal, when she is still bringing up LVP & last season!?

She started this shit show again. She ran her mouth at the dinner party & expected no one to share their own opinion. Running to ED with her perceived notions. Give me a break. Dorit & PK were not judging her or ED.

Oh ok! I hadn’t heard that!

I can tolerate Lisa….. but PK and his wife must go…

Her father lived a long life and was quite sick in his last years. What about his death cause her to have this profound life changing epiphany? In her interaction with her parents, she revealed that she hardly visits them and her sister is really the one that takes care of them. Her teenage daughters were seen on the show visiting her hometown for the first time.