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America knew her as one of the most famous soap actresses and being married to Harry Hamlin, but now we can call her a real Housewife considering the fact Lisa Rinna joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although she is returning for another season of the show, she recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey for an Oprah: Where Are They Now? episode discussing her newest career venture.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and to make all my other businesses run and do everything I want to do, I have to be on TV. In this day and age, I’ve got to be. I knew the girls on the show, and that’s one of the reasons I felt comfortable.”

Rinna was comfortable filming with friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards and giving hilarious commentary but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved in the drama. Last season she was a part of one of the show’s biggest blow ups with Kim Richards during a dinner in Amsterdam which lead her to slamming a glass on the table.

“I learned so much doing Real Housewives, because it gave me my voice and that voice has always been there,” she said. “It’s been inside of me, but it gave me the permission to just let it really fly.”

RHOBH is in the process of filming another season with Lisa along with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Eileen Davidson, Yolanda Foster. It was recently rumored that former castmates Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong have been behind the cameras as well.

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15 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Talks RHOBH”

  1. At firs I like Lisa but as time went on I changed my mind. Kim was enough to drive anyone mad last season but Lisa was just using her for a story line. She says BH gave her a voice but did not Celebrity Apprentice do that after she was fired on Twitter etc.

  2. Rinna is plain thirsty. She was fun in the begining, then she turned into a gossiper sh*t stirrer and the problem is that she got away with it. brandi and kim were blamed for their part but Rinna never was blamed for her part in all the drama. Sad that she got the 1st season treatment, I hope they finally show her true colors. Other than that her face is painful to watch on tv

  3. It’s those lip implants. I can’t see anything else. She made a horrible mistake cuz that stuff never comes out. The tissue has grown around the implant and there’s just no way of getting it all out.

  4. Well I guess we see why her & Taylor don’t mix. They both use rhws as an excuse to “have a voice.” Such bs. No you’re just trash Lisa. That’s fine. Own it.

  5. I don’t know why there are people saying she’s trash. She’s been doing TV since she was young, this is just a different form of it. Soaps aren’t the big deal they used to be, or only a few are anyway. There was no reason for this whole “storyline” explanation, as she was already cast and under contract for the season. It was happening in front of her and what she said was true. Kim is a lot sicker than a lot of people thought at the time and maybe she saw the signs of something deeper being wrong with Kim. Turns out Kim is really sick, and she is troubled. Looking forward to this season.

  6. I think Lisa R. is just as loony as Kim.

    Breaking a wine glass in someone’s face is assault. If Kim had called the police, Lisa would be doing community service right alongside her.

    Not to mention the weird stalking she was doing of Kim and the bizarre threats she made to her for no reason. She was strangely obsessed with a woman she barely knew. It would be different if Kyle or someone close to Kim was acting that way but Lisa R. was new. I agree, she got off way too easy!

  7. Sort of off topic but related ish! Last week on celeb big brother Farah Abraham was voted off, I don’t watch it but have seen some clips, after threatening to kill some house mates and being, to use Jakes word, Vile. She was obnoxious to one ex reality star on the spin off panel and guest show then last night she was on again. She called another ex reality star, who is a friend of first, a Hag several times. This woman then did a Lisa R and threw a glass of champagne at her. Chairs were pushed back and one of our lovely but not so young sit com stars was hurt and ended up going to hospital. I can imagine now what will happen! Some of these reality stars get far too big for their boots! It was Janice Dickenson who saved it from getting worse! This show should be cancelled. In the early days I watched but now it is so vicious I don’t anymore at all! I read about it in the paper, the DM not by watching!

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