Lisa Rinna Talks Kim Richards Fight On WWHL

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night after an all new episode. Rinna dished on her feud with Kim Richards and answered viewer questions.

After playing the clip of Kim confronting Lisa on the plane, Andy asked Rinna if she could do it all over again, would have gotten involved in Kim’s sobriety?

“I don’t regret it, no I don’t, because I truly had genuine concern and I truly do have genuine concern. If you poke a hornet’s nest you’re going to get stung,” Lisa says. “That’s who I am and no, I don’t regret it. I was only coming from a good place at all times.”

When asked if she had any regrets from the season, Lisa said, “No, I really don’t. I own it, 100% even if I did something I’m not proud of doing I still own it.”

Next, Andy asked Lisa what has surprised her the most from being on the show.

“That’s a really good question,” Lisa says. “I think the level of deflection and projection has been the most surprising to me.”

The first caller asked Lisa to describe her first reunion experience in three words.

“Ohh,” Lisa responded. “I don’t know if I can say them because it would all be cuss words. It was really an intense day. It was like the weirdest roller coaster ride on the planet. I don’t know how to describe it… it’s indescribable.”

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22 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Talks Kim Richards Fight On WWHL”

  1. I still contend that LisaR and Eileen are the best thing that has happened to BH in a long time. They are like a breath of fresh air between the stale deflect and delusion of KK&B.
    I watch BH to see the lavish lifestyles, glamorous homes and for the peaks into the world that most of us envy and desire, NOT to see a washed up child actor fight with her family and drunken brawls of foul mouth hanger on-er’s.

    @andy and @bravotv please clean house!
    This trip to Holland looks like it could be wonderful TV but we’re getting the same old tired crap.

    1. Amen to all you said, I agree 110%!! From the unqualified fresh,funny and POSITIVE attributes Lisa R and Eileen bring to RHOBH to the very hostile and played out negativity of the toxic twins Brandi & Kim.

    2. I love having Lisa and Eileen on the show! Dump Brandi and Kim and it might be a fun show. The others all have intelligence and fun ideas.

  2. I so agree. I also love the clothing, jewelry, restaurants, fashion shows, peeks of the women actually working, vacations, houses, cars. Views of different cities and places. Its a lifestyle many of us will never have just want to watch and not have to listen to the trash mouth crap all the time. Perhaps they should resurrect that show lifestyles of the rich and famous so we could watch that instead.

  3. I watch housewives for that reason too and it annoys the crap out of me to see the ladies I look forward to watching get attacked by stupid Brandi and now Kim. After seeing Yolanda on last nights episode, I have so much respect for her. I could never see that before because I disliked her solely for being friends with Brandi! She got to go so I can watch these ladies in peace.

  4. Love the addtion of Lisa & Eileen… this stuff with Brandi is old and predictable. In my opinion Brandi purposely instigated the ”fight” between Lisa & Kim. Kim needs to take a step back and take a good look at her behavior. I’m tired of the fighting… I want to laugh along with the ladies and that is not happening… therefore if Brandi comes back next season – I’m out of here!

  5. I think Lisa R & Eileen are both beautiful people & a great addition to these housewives along with Lisa V. Yolanda? I’m still quite skeptical, I see 3 faces. Kyle? right now she is taking the brunt of her sister’s anger & although she’s not my fav by any means, I feel bad for her. Kim? a total loss in every possible way. Everyone has hardships & suffer through the dying & death of loved ones. Weddings are a celebration. She handles everything as though she’s the only one enduring. What a spoilt, rotten, sick child. No one owes her, & the world does not begin & end with her presence, & the sooner she accepts that, the better off those around her will be.
    Brandi? I could write a book about this horror story of a person.

  6. i see no reason for her to be sorry to kim. she is the strongest supporter. she cared enough to get the conversation started and finally get the answer from kim that kim is good she is fine. everyone else just swept it under the rug and i understand why she didnt just go to kim and ask her .. shes new to the show new to the situations she needed to find out how kim was and if she ‘could’ go to her personally. and that tw*t brandi ! SHE IS THE ONE WHO PUT ALL THE BS AND SUSPICION OUT THERE WITH THE WAY SHE WAS ANSWERING LISA ! She is such a sh*t stirrer ! I hope to God they get rid of her by next season or im just gonna have to be done

  7. Totally support Lisa Rinna, she was coming from a good place and IS the only one willing to call out the addict / loser / deflector that is kimbecile. kimbecile has had an easy ride for how many seasons? everyone walks around on egg shells (not wanting to offend her), yet kimbecile attacks, is vindictive and stupid and gets a free pass for being a loser/addict.

  8. Anyone notice that when Lisa Rinna got close to the truth with vyle about kimbecile, that vyle pulled her usual “passive aggresive” crap bringing up “Harry’s” drinking problem. Talk about projection and denial. the bitchards need to go already……..

    1. I think (hope?) Kyle was just trying to relate and say to Lisa – you were coming from a good place. But I gotcha- with Kyle you never know.

  9. Kim is totally out of control using her clean & sober act as an excuse to attack everyone . I seriously doubt she has a sponsor or goes to meetings . She wouldn’t be this secretive and defensive . And this wasn’t the first time her “sobriety “has been questionable . Wasn’t she a bit off in Paris and flipped out on someone I forgot who ..She’s also is stabbing her own sister in the back in more ways than one . She did hear Brandi say to Kyle about Mauricio not wanting her . I can’t wait until Brandi goes for her . Kim is one miserable b#tch !

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