Lisa Rinna Slams Eating Disorder Claims, Says Kathryn Edwards Was ‘Unfair’

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 12008 -- Pictured: Lisa Rinna -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

From her lips, to her hair and now her body, it seems that Lisa Rinna has been getting a lot of flock for her appearance, her weight being a main topic. Kathryn Edwards had called out Lisa for not eating during her luncheon would did not sit well with Lisa. Not only was that comment made, but last season Kim Richards said that if Lisa ate a piece of bread that “she might be a happier person.” Ouch. After allegations, rumors and chat about her weight she finally put the rumors to rest in an exclusive interview with Radar Online. 

“The word diet is never used in our house! I have two teenage daughters, and it’s just something that we don’t do,” she speaks of her daughters Amelia and Delilah. “I eat healthy. I workout. I do yoga six times a week. I want to be a role model for my daughters and show them what is healthy.”

Rinna continued,“Eating disorders are very, very serious. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. There has to be a thoughtful conversation about eating disorders. It can happen to anyone, and if someone is struggling with it, I would urge them to get help.”

As for the comment Kathryn made, it doesn’t seem like Lisa is too happy about it. “First of all, Katherine doesn’t even know me. She doesn’t know how much I eat. Secondly, I don’t like to eat on camera. No big secret there. It’s hard to eat and talk while filming. Anyone who knows me knows that I eat! Ask my husband. For Kathryn to make that blanket statement about my eating habits was unfair. It’s irresponsible for Kathryn to just throw that out there.”

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  1. Pot meet kettle…Rinna says the most inappropriate and unfair things! Someone needs to give that woman a taste of her own medication.

    1. I agree PNT. I like Rinna, and I believe she really doesn’t mean any harm, but nonetheless, she often opens up a topic and releases information about others that could be harmful when she speaks without thinking. Kathryn may be just what she needs to help her learn to be more considerate.

    2. She’s a disgrace. I loved her comments on yolanda’s “I hold a lot in the vault” Saying how terrible it is to threaten prople with things they don’t say (in reference to Kim’s allusion). Rinna is the first to throw punches and not hold anything in her disgusting vault and she wants to turn it around and slam people who don’t say anything really? The woman went after Brandi and Kim now Yolanda. And next you can see in the previews that she calls LVC calculating! Does this woman have any real friends in her life? Or is this the reason why she spends a lot of time with her husband and a dildo strapped to her hips? Go figure. She’s disgusting for sure. Not a cute look. She’s making a fool of herself on tv.

  2. Why could she not say before that she doesn’t like to eat on camera? I think thats reasonable, I wouldn’t want to either. I can’t say I’m a Rinna fan or not I don’t like her over acting on the show, I have said many times it annoys me, Eileen does it as well sometimes. I also don’t like these labels thrown out and they all do it. I think they should think before doing this!

    1. Just to add, I’m not liking this Katherine she seems to be stepping into things that aren’t her business. Is she just trying to cement her place on the show?

  3. Not liking Kathryn at all!!! Maybe she’s looking for a payday so she can pay for her house, I find people who brag about money and materialistic things usually are the ones that are struggling financially. Just another over done face..stretched out.. lip injected…nose about to fall off face.

      1. Now what gave you that idea Sally?? I’ve said nothing but nice things about her face that’s about to fall off. She has such an amazing snotty, condescending personality. Such an easy person to like…..not! Lol

  4. On a reality show aren’t the cameras on a lot of the time. When does she eat? Most anirexics are in denial if not all of them and are very defensive when asked about eating. We cannot tell for sure what Rinna eats ir doesn’t. I just don’t know for sure. She may be a gymorexic.

    1. Typos. I meant anorexics. I used to know one I worked with. She died young. She starved herself. A gymorexic is one who exercises for hours daily and fears becoming fat. I would say Kelly Ripa (talk show host) might be one based on what I see, but so far she is okay. Here is an older article about it:–As-nation-gears-season-mince-pies-TV-reruns-meet-women-just-stop-exercising.html

        1. I believe there are many gymorexics. I knew some who were bone with some muscle and looked way too thin. Coming in to work out in spin classes when admittedly ill was over the top. But they would do that. It was a real addiction, good for most but not when taken that far. I was thin, but never just a bone, and I did eat meals, especially nice dinners, i burned it all off and stayed a size 4 which for me was thin, but my weight was not that low. I was muscle. Some are probably anorexic and gymorexic too. I say was…not like that now since my only exercise is walking the dog less than two miles daily and housework.

      1. I would love to get back to Pilates if it does happen what would I be? A
        My Ex SIL was an anorexic but sadly died in her mid thirties while pregnant with her seventh baby, it was so sad, the youngest was two. She had a massive heart attack!

        1. It didn’t like my word! Pilarexic!
          (She would have laughed about my Pilates comment, so I’m not being insensitive!)

        2. That is so sad. I am so sorry. I was a gym lover when I was well. 1.5 to 2 hours 5 days a week on average. That was at least one class daily if not two. I did lots but some there were extremely thin and did more and went 7 days.

            1. Yes, it is sad, but let’s not dwell on it. I will try to think of a bright sunny day here with happy thoughts. 😉 So, far it is still grey and raining.

        3. Your family had to be devastated. I am thinking of the children..a two year old too. I hope today that they have grown into happy people eho had a good childhood after their loss.

          1. Sandy this is the third time I have tried and it just keeps saying error. So I will just say thanks, it was ex in laws so far worse for them!

  5. I think the reason she’s so skinny is that constant waxing of her patootie 🙂 I heard that waxing that hair , sucks the far right outta ya 🙂 xoxo

  6. Is turn about fair play? Maybe Rinna can see what she has said to others hurts – never mind – it’s Rinna the gossip a$$ waxing queen, who can dish it but can’t take it…how many more innocent wine glasses will be broken?

    1. I can NOT stand Kathryn but let’s face it! All these starlets and models , like Rinna , are always accused of being anorexic ! So it’s not like it’s a preposterous assumption or anything! This faux outrage is not fooling anyone

      1. I haven’t made up my mind about Kathryn, yet. I’m just saying Rinna throws a lot of there and gets her feelings hurt when it’s her turn. She doesn’t want it out there unless she says it – she’s uses I and me way too much.

        And if Kathryn doesn’t know her – what was Rinna doing sitting next to Kathryn at Kathryn’s nephew’s funeral?

        You’re right, Rain the faux outrage is too much.

        1. True lol, if she compares someone calling her anorexic, to her accusing someone of faking their illness, I think that’s the end of that arguement.

        2. I Agee kt! She can dish it but can’t take it. Last season her behavior at the dinner was worse then Kim’s or Brandi’s but she blamed Kim for everything. Then she sends threatening texts. But no one can talk about that. So over her to me she’s the new Brandi.

  7. Just do not care for Kathryn, too full of the wrong things in life. An Aviva look-a-like as well. As much as Lisa R has been a PI, does not give the Kim’s & Kathryn’s of the world the right to pass unfounded remarks. Thus far, Rinna has not been wrong about any of her suspicions.

    1. That’s a good point. And I doubt very seriously, with the paps and the scores of people who have been around during her career, (I know, some think she doesn’t have one) but she does, that there has never been a hint of this before. She does a lot of guest hosting and commercials. There are only very few actors who work in a soap or a series every stage of their career. But she is around enough and ensconced in the Hollywood social scene enough that she would be a target. Even if it was ONLY that she was married to Harry Hamlin, that would garner enough attention from the gossip rags for some conscientious up and coming reporter to go look into it. There are many more signs than being thin and working out. Someone would have spilled way before now IMO.

  8. Good morning all. I do not like Kaviva at all. She’s snooty and talks about money too much. Like she thinks it will make her fit in. New money people are HORRIBLE. As for LR, she is way too thin in my eyes. She looks like she has 12 year old boy’s body. It’s not a woman’s body. her daughters look better actually. I don’t know if she’s anorexic or what, but her upper arms are spooky creepy to look at, her neck and collarbone area is freaky and it’s not healthy. She looks skeletal. Tom Wolfe called people like this (in that Bonfire of the Vanities book) “social x-rays”. It’s not attractive. But to the blog: she doesn’t have much room to talk about throwing words around….

    1. When she triedto saunter down the aisle of that Erika bus, she was the only one with no hips at all. From the back she looked just straight, very thin and androgynous.

  9. Lisa has always been thin, I’ve been a minor fan of hers for years and she was always a tiny person. I hope she doesn’t have an eating disorder but i don’t believe she does she’s just from that group of actresses who always eat just a little to stay thin.

  10. Love Lisa R. She is beautiful & has a good heart. Kathryn was out of place talking about Kim; Kathryn wasn’t there & didn’t witness anything that went down. Besides, Kim is not Kathryn’s father. It’s 1 thing to have compassion for people & love them, but it is quite another when they are being abusive to the people around them. Nothing wrong with loving an alcoholic, but do not allow them to demean you in the process.

  11. I love the fact that she got what she deserves. Lisa Rinna is a big mouth trouble maker. She might not be anorexic but she does have a very bad case of mouth diarrhea.

  12. Not quite sure what is going on as we aren’t getting any new stories. Not much yesterday, nothing Monday and nothing as yet today, hope alls well allthings! Xo

      1. Just thought I would mention it as obviously there is a problem! I think we will just need to discuss last nights BH with a thread maybe here? Just a thought! Xoxo

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