Lisa Rinna Shares Her New Attitude This Season On RHOBH

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is doing a press tour in New York City and she stopped by Live with Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos to chat about this season of the show. Of course, they talked about Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK.

Kelly noted that it seems like there is always one husband who wants to be a bigger part of the cast. Lisa joked, “who maybe wants to be A Housewife… I didn’t say that, did I? No.” Kelly asks Lisa if she thinks PK is that person and Lisa says, “I think so. Okay I said it.”

Mark asked Lisa if Harry Hamlin watches the show with her. “He does watch it with me. We watch it together because he’s really interested in it and it’s my job. He’s interested in keeping it in perspective and saying, ‘it’s a job, it is a TV show.’ I mean, it is real, but it’s a job. So he helps me to drop it, but he’s very invested in it, just like all of you are. He’s watching it going ‘oh man, oh wow, oh boy they are not gonna like that.’ Or you know, he’s very vocal about it.”

Kelly is interested how women can talk so badly about one another in their interviews and then go sit next to them at the reunion shows. Lisa says it’s hard because she’s used to being an actor and having a script, “so all of the sudden you take that away and you put yourself out there. Now we all put ourselves out there, nobody can say ‘oh poor me’. We are all putting ourselves out on the line and putting yourself on the line, and that’s the thing. You are you and I am me and things do hurt and do affect you, we’re human. I say things all the time. Things fly out of my mouth and and I’m like ‘ah dammit’, but once it’s out, it’s out. We all get caught in that.” Rinna admits she’s had a lot of big things flying out of her mouth and can’t pinpoint which one of the many she regrets the most. “I learn from it. Luckily it’s something you see and you’re like ‘I didn’t like that.’ My goal this year is to be better, not bitter.”

Rinna also talked about her marriage to Harry and how they just celebrated 25 years together. Lisa shares, “Harry had been married twice before me, so Harry wasn’t very excited to get married again. Like, not at all. Zero. It took five years, which is kind of a long time when you’re waiting for it. I’d never been married. So, long story short, we’re at dinner up in Canada. We’re just sitting at dinner and all of the sudden he just like out of the blue says ‘I think we should get married, what do you think?’ – that’s how romantic it was. Of course I said yes, but I made him, afterwards in the bathroom, I said you have to get down on your knee and propose for real, for real.”

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4 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Shares Her New Attitude This Season On RHOBH”

  1. Love her or hate her, she did a really interesting in depth interview with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast last week. There are a ton of pod sites where these Housewives interviews with Heather are available, but I recommend the easiest listening via Podbean. She delves into the backstory of how she got with Harry and the whole debacle with his then wife Nicollette Sheridan, the trauma of both their family back stories (addiction, kidnapping, attempted murder), working with this cast, etc.

      1. No problem! A lot of wives interviews can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour and you get so much backstory that Production doesn’t have time or interest in putting on the show – many times direct answers to questions about a situation that was on the show, but not addressed onscreen (or edited out) .I listen with my little earbuds in when I’m alone doing desk work, or sometimes out loud as if it were the radio when Im at home cleaning my house. You always get something extra that blogs don’t pick up on, because they tend to stick to the same 3 tabloids for stories and Instagram for photos.

  2. I really only care about the show itself. I am personally not interested, and don’t have time to listen to their life stories. I am pretty sure that as many hours as we see, a person couldn’t hide who they really are after a few episodes. I don’t like her at all, I think she is mean, and if you can’t hide being mean with the world watching, it’s pretty deep. To be honest, I have never seen Harry Hamlin in anything, ever. I am not a movie person, and I don’t care what he thinks or says.
    I do wish Lisa would wear something that wasn’t so low cut in interview. It’s distracting to see her fake boobs ALL THE TIME during talking head. Very few women with her bone structure have boobs like that, so it’s just, fake, fake, fake. She is small boned, although that doesn’t mean she couldn’t have nice boobs, it would just be very unusual to have those boobs, after 2 kids especially.

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