Lisa Rinna “Sensed” Something Wrong with Yolanda Foster & David Foster


On Heather Dubrow’s latest podcast she had Lisa Rinna on as a guest. They talked about the recent news of Yolanda & David Fosters divorce announcement.

“I’m incredibly sad for them. I’m incredibly sad for anyone that has gone through a divorce,” Lisa said. “I have never gone through a divorce, but I have close friends who have gone through divorces recently, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, really, to be honest with you. I think it is a very, very difficult, horrible thing to go through.”

Lisa wasn’t exactly as shocked as some of the other Bravolebs as she brings up that, “You will see me sensing something going on, and it’s not being talked about, and I keep saying there’s something going on that’s not being talked about, basically,” Lisa explained to Heather. “I always believe, and I truly in my heart know that Yolanda Foster is ill and she does have Lyme. That is no question. But what I don’t think that people think about is sometimes you have to connect your head to your heart and figure out what’s going on emotionally in your life that you’re not dealing with.”

Lisa talks about how people always blame reality TV for a couples marriage problems saying;  “I think, for me, it has to do with whether you’re compatible, whether you put the work in, whether you spend enough time together,” Lisa said. “I mean, there’s so many variables. What, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce? I don’t think you can blame it on a career, so to speak, as our career, or a reality show. What a reality show does is whatever’s going on in your life, it polarizes it. Like, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, you cannot hide anything, and it’s gonna come out.”

Heather followed up by saying; “If one person was more famous or one person was the head of the family, and now maybe the wife is famous, you know, something like that, I think when the dynamics change, and it’s very public, that’s very difficult for people,” she said.

In the end both Heather and Lisa were confused about the timing of the announcement, “I think it’s a real interesting choice, to be honest, that you would announce this on the day we premiere,” Lisa said. “I was really thrown for a loop [last Tuesday], as I’m sure everyone was.”

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17 Replies to “Lisa Rinna “Sensed” Something Wrong with Yolanda Foster & David Foster”

  1. It seemed to me that Yolanda pretty much puppy-dogged after David all along, whereas he seemed rather dismissive of her. Especially considering his past, I was not surprised. Most likely any day now we’ll see him with his future wife number five, or ten, or whatever it is now.

    1. I agree , Yolanda certainly pampered to his every whim . I always thought she was far too good for him , I find him quite egotistical and forever name-dropping !!! I’m not sure why people question Yolanda’s illness , Lyme disease is awful . As a fellow chronic illness sufferer , it’s so frustrating when you feel you have to prove you are ill , because outwardly you look ok . She has always been a very strong and positive lady on the show. Personally , I think she is well rid of him !!!!

    2. I agree. Yolanda seemed so dotting and loving towards David. I am sorry they are divorcing but men like David, don’t seem to like any kind of sacrificing on their end. I think he loved her but not enough to get through the tough times. He’s on to the next half a dozen I’m sure and hasn’t looked back once.

  2. Bearing in mind her questioning munchausen’s I don’t believe her. I think Lisa is really funny and she makes me laugh so for the show is great but I would hate to be in her life. I think she is a bit nutty. I’m not saying any more here just google her and Celebrity Apprentice.

  3. My mouth ached watching the scene where Yo is having her teeth worked on. What struck me most is David coming in, holding her hand for awhile, and then quickly exiting once the procedure was done. Was he there to be supportive or just to appear supportive?. Looked like he was in a big hurry to get out of there. JMHO.

    1. Can you imagine how long it took to remove all of her “white gold” fillings? I never heard of anyine standing around while dental work was performed. Usually they are in the waiting room. That was shown to us for the drama of it. The sad part is that Yolanda had no mercury in her mouth. She did not need to do what she did at all. She spoke of elevated mercury. Here is an interesting article that points to some herbs as a source of mercury as well as some seafood:

  4. As we all know, this is this season’s storyline for RHOBH, Yolanda’s Lymme +++++++ & her separation/slash divorce from David. I believe the latter part was precisely planned to air at the same time of the new season. Also, with today’s modern technology, how come it was not detected that there was no mercury in her mouth& the whole long ordeal was completely uncalled for?. Is Yolanda a bit of a hypochondriac—-is what’s going through my mind at the moment, just in re-viewing what lengths she’s gone to in order to get repaired & healthy again. I think she is depressed with her world & just maybe, she’s become a bit self absorbed & a bit self-pitying?! I don’t know, but that’s what’s going through my mind at the moment.

    1. Starr, I know it’s not a popular but I agree, she is sick there is no doubt but with what? I don’t think the menopause is helping, I remember how how I felt with hot flushes and it’s horrible and add that to Lymes and leaky implants and tapeworms…. Oh my!!!!! It’s just all too much!

      1. I, too, agree with your thoughts, Sally. It’s a whole band of things & the menopause part is horrible & definitely adds to the whole. She did mention in the limo after she left Lisa R’s birthday dinner, that she just breaks out with the sweats, but no mention that it was related to the menopause, not in that moment at least. I really feel awful to have even entertained my above thoughts, but so much at the same time with one unfortunate human seems a bit much, so, what exactly is she truly sick with other than Lymmes. Could that be causing all the other problems? I have very little medical knowledge, so I’m definitely confused.

        1. Starr, all women go through Menopause at sometime in their lives, my friends and I made a joke of it! It wasn’t really a joke, ten years of sweats but when you know it’s going to happen you get on with it. I still remember how they start at your feet and work up your body! Big deal!!! Ok add it to other health problems and it’s not nice but there are far worse things that can happen to you in this world!

          1. I 100% agree Sally. We all been through it & it’s not easy, but you do recgonise it for what it is, & suck it up, fanning yourself all the while & dealing with all the other added’s that comes with it. I do feel Yolanda is very depressed & cant think outside of what she’s feeling & just cant get herself out of this very dark hole. Like you, Sally, I’ve been a chronic pain sufferer since age 11, more broken bones than any doctor can count, home bound for the majority of my life. ( Holed up for the last 11 weeks with both legs broken that cant heal yet) but I have never allowed it to get to me or bring me down. I do get frustrated at times, but will not entertain having a pity party for myself as I have so many other blessings & that’s what I focus on, not myself. New things keeps cropping up with this woman & as I mentioned before, are all these sides part of the Lymmes or what? just don’t know what to think anymore.

              1. Gosh, Thanks Aunt Bee, it’s painful business for right now, but I keep assuring myself that this too shall pass. Thanks bunches for your prayers, I really appreciate it.

            1. You are amazing to go through all that you do and still keep such a positive attitude. I hope for your speedy recovery and send lots of hugs your way. Take care starr. 😉

              1. Too bad Yolanda can’t read what Starr and others have been going through for YEARS and then have to worry about how to pay bills, take care of family, go Christmas shopping etc…Yes she has been suffering for 3+ years but I hope she is grateful that others care for her and pray for her too. She is also very lucky to have assistants and a wealthy X to help her out. Somehow I can’t feel as sorry for her as others do. I just hope she gets better soon.

  5. Yolanda recently got her breast implants removed as they were leaking into her system. She didn’t replace them. She has said she feels better now. I wonder if this contributed to her overall symptoms? Also, her pill closet is nuts. She’s Doctor shopping and who know what happens when you mix scripts with herbal remedies. It’s crazy.

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