Lisa Rinna Says RHOBH Is Way More Dramatic Than Melrose Place


Lisa Rinna starred on the television series Melrose Place for years, and in a new interview Rinna is revealing that the drama on RHOBH doesn’t even compare to primetime soap opera.

“It’s Melrose Place without the script!” the television host and actress tells Hollywood Life.

So what can we expect from Lisa this season?

“I am going to be very authentic, be myself and stay grounded. Don’t react to anything, but be the better person and be supportive and empower the women,” she tells the site. “But that might fly out the window because we are women and we are determined. What I will tell you is that you will see that I am fiercely protective of my family!”

“I went into this not disliking anyone on the show,” Lisa says. “It will be interesting for people to see how that my change or evolve.”

As for Lisa’s future with Bravo, she says, “Who knows! They have to ask me back. If it is meant to be then it is meant to be. I had a really good time, I really did. It was a great job. It was nice to be involved with something that I could be around my children, to be here in LA and my husband [Harry Hamlin] who is working all over the place, it affords him to do that and we can balance things, so it worked out!”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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