Lisa Rinna Says Everyone Needs To “Own Their Sh*t”


Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to share her opinions about Brandi Glanville’s second fight with Kyle Richards, reflect on her own behavior and let viewers know that people know that “everyone needs own their sh*t.”

Rinna writes, “There are two different ways I could write this blog: I could choose to utilize my energies by calling out discrepancies, pointing out behaviors I don’t agree with and bringing my dignity down where it doesn’t belong, or I could choose to take this opportunity to be reflective of my own behaviors and the role I choose to play among my fellow Housewives.
I choose the latter.

First and foremost, I always do my best to come from a place of truth and compassion. I try to make sure that my intentions are good and my conscience is clear each and every day. I may not always succeed and sometimes find myself falling down that rabbit hole of drama, but I try to learn from my mistakes. There is always a lesson to be learned. This is how we evolve and we must be forgiving of ourselves and one another in order to do so.

With that said, I do believe everyone’s behavior speaks for itself and that behavior will always have consequences, both positive and negative. Everyone needs to own their sh–, particularly if they’re inclined to dish it out. There has been plenty of weird behavior so far, and you don’t need me to break it down piece by piece. Except for maybe the look on Lisa V.’s face when I went in for that smooch! I mean, I get it! Could you imagine these babies coming at you? But in the words of Katy Perry, “I kissed a girl and I liked it!””

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  • Confused5

    Love you Lisa and Lisa V And Eileen, this is how the Show should go. I guess I could even get to like Kyle if Kim and Brandi went. Have to fast forward their bits!!!

  • Dalimili

    So this blog was dissapointing… I like her, but she could have put more effort into it… also somehow I feel this is an excuse for her future behaviour… might be wrong though

    • DeeDee

      This is her repeating alanon dogma in an effort to “wrk a good program.” Nothing original. No thoughts of her own.

  • Kat

    I’m a huge fan Lisa!!

  • cin

    Love you on this show!!! Eileen too!!!! Hopefully Celebrity Rehab comes back to tv and BrandiTwinkle and Kim will find a new home/show.

  • Tippy

    I respect this post as she’s diplomatically saying there’s fault on both sides and not many folks on these shows admit there’s two sides to every story.

    • Karen

      I agree with you. And seriously she said it all without having to spell it out. We don’t need it rehashed in every single blog blow by blow scene, as long as we get the gist of where each housewife stands of what went down during the episode. And Lisa was very clear on that.

  • Aunt Bee

    I especially liked that we didn’t have Yolanda pontificating about everyone else’s behavior.
    I think Lisa’s blog was classy and funny and that is why I like her so much.

    • Karen

      Aunt Bee- on Bravo there is a preview clip where Yolanda tries to gently confront Brandi about her behavior when she gets drunk and Brandi goes after Bella… Yup Dhe goes THERE. And I don’t feel one bit sorry for Yolanda.

      • Aunt Bee

        Darn – sorry I missed that.

      • imaroyce

        theres a difference in brandi being a raging alcoholic and a teenager making a bad decision – coming from a mother of 4 daughters and 1 son ranging for 13-30 … yolanda has tried to save brandi from making herself the foolish drunk she is she just didnt know what a huge piece of trash brandi is. she is only guilty of trying to be kind to all. brandi is the opposite she is a foolish drunk with no legions to her friends because she has no real friends. you cant have them if you cant be one and we all know she isnt one

    • starr sabga

      Aunt Bee you used the right word to describe Yolanda–a pontificator. So glad she was absent as well. Lisa R is not accoustomed to this trash & her blog was excellent as she is.

  • Bonnie


  • Team Brandi

    All hail to the Mean Girls Club :

    Kyle, Lisa V, Lisa R, and Eileen
    Are BULLIES & Mean Girls

    Team Brandi & Kim all the way! ! !

    • Aunt Bee

      Team Brandi you need to go to the psych hospital with Kimbo and Bimbo. You are demented if you don’t think BrandiBimbo is not a bully.

      • Karen

        Ha ha ha… Your right.

      • imaroyce

        i think team brandi is brandi i do not want to believe there are to people that ignorant on this earth

        • Aunt Bee

          I’m with you on that Imaroyce. It’s hard to believe anyone other than Brandi can be that cruel and manipulating and think it is ok behavior for an adult.

  • patricia

    Love Lisa R., Eileen, & Lisa V. It ‘s nice to see women with a sense of humor & a caring heart.

  • patricia

    Lisa R.: You have a great sense of humor & I like your take on these trying situations. So glad you are on the show. You, Lisa V. & Eileen are such a breath of fresh air!