Lisa Rinna Says She Doesn’t Doubt Anyone’s Chronic Illness


Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to clarify one thing… she says she has always been concerned for Yolanda Hadid. Rinna says she does not doubt anyone’s chronic illness and apologizes for those she has offended. Read what else she has to say below.

“I do wish I could have been at the Global Lyme Alliance in NYC to see Gigi present Yolanda with her award, but I had to remain in LA to work on a new talk show pilot. I wanted to be there, because I always want to support a friend when asked, but even more to just soak up the entire experience. It looked like a lovely, inspiring event and quite informative, too. Up until recent months, Yolanda wasn’t around us very much, nor was she forthcoming with giving us information when questions would come up. I want to make it quite clear and go on the record to say that I in no way doubt anyone’s chronic illness or severity of what they go through on a daily basis. My deepest sympathy and compassion goes out to everyone suffering with their health. What has gone down between Yolanda and me is in no way associated to anyone else suffering from chronic illness, and I apologize to those of you that took any part of my questions meant for only Yolanda and attributed them to your own personal journey to wellness. My intentions were to never insult or slight any community of people that are suffering in any way, shape or form. Chronic Lyme is confusing for most doctors I have spoken to. So for us to be confused is quite normal, I believe. I have always been concerned for Yolanda and what she is going through.

I was happy to see some of the other Housewives there to support Yolanda and found some of their conversations to be rather interesting… Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Off to Dubai we go. Oh boy. Let me tell you that the thought of being hauled off to a Dubai prison for shooting off the double bird was all too real for me. In no way was I going to wear horizontal stripes from head to toe in a 110-degree desert for the rest of eternity. So, I packed my ten fanciest kaftans and off I went promising myself I would do my best not to break any of their laws! HA!

Things are just getting started in fabulous Dubai, and we are halfway around the world…Help me! Pray for me! On that note…”

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87 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Says She Doesn’t Doubt Anyone’s Chronic Illness”

    1. The question is: why? What is the intention behind staying the course of a path so negative, so disingenuous, so destructive? To promote ignorance in order to entertain US?

      Rinna’s conspiracy theories make zero sense, flying in the face of logic, rationale, and fact. To be clear we are talking about facts presented by doctors on national television and an entire Org community of doctors, researchers, scientists, sufferers and survivors fighting to battle this disease, who publicly stand behind Foster and recognize her efforts for awarenesses and search for a cure. LisaR has approached this entire scenario like someone throwing spaghetti to a wall and praying any one noodle strand would stick in order to give herself something to do on this show, and it’s very base. I hope that if she remains on the show she stops with the formulas and self-producing, and gives something real of herself that doesn’t involve scapegoating others to remain relevant on this franchise.

      1. Why?
        1.Because there is no “community of doctors” standing behind Yolanda Foster. Last night was a charity event…a gala to raise money…and though It looked like a very nice party, it is not medical verification that Yolanda has “Chronic Lyme Disease” or ” Lyme Neuroborreliosis ”
        2. And because there is no evidence in legitimate medical science that chronic Lyme disease is an actual medical condition. On this point the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America are all agreed.
        3. And because Yolanda has a long history of bouts of sudden debilitating illness, starting in her childhood, for which no medical cause can be found.

        Rinna speaks for many of the viewers… and although it would be difficult and uncomfortable to say it… out loud…she has ….and I applaud her for it.

        1. You could not be more WRONG! Before making anymore sweeping statements about Lyme disease you may want to educate yourself by watching the documentary shown on PBS titled Under Our Skin. I don’t care who you’ve spoken to nor what your credentials are; chronic Lyme is a serious and debilitating disease. My nephew has suffered for over two years. He’s had no leaky breast implants nor is he going through menopause as many on this site have stated is at the core of Yolanda’s illness.

          1. Jane S. She said she got neurological Lyme from a horsefly, Bull, not buying it, I do believe Lyme disease is 100% real, I’m not buying what Yo is selling, have you read what leaky implants can do and the illnesses that it can cause?? If not read up

            1. I don’t need “to read up” on leaky silicone implants. Neurological Lyme is one of many illnesses that occur if Lyme disease is not diagnosed or treated at its’ onset.

          2. Well, Jane…The Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and the Infectious Diseases Society of America agree with me…and there is a wee bit of controversy regarding your movie. A panel of medical experts from Yale found that the film was misleading, especially for people who have become infected and may be influenced by the film’s overly emotional content…also multiple research studies have found no scientific basis that the bacterium that causes the disease survives in the human body after conventional therapy…. and clinical studies have found no benefit to patients from the extended long term use of antibiotics… and actually found there are serious substantial adverse effects from long-term antibiotic therapy.
            But, even if all the experts are wrong…and Chronic Lyme Disease does exist….I still don’t believe Yolo has it… there ya go.

            But I hope your nephew is better.

            1. They also used to put women in mental hospitals for pms before more research was done. Depression, ADHD, bipolar, MS, Lupus were not recognized by those originations at one time either. Yet doctors and researchers diligently studied and fought to make sure these were recognized. the number of people diagnosed with Lyme had only jumped huge numbers in the last 10 years. Before that the numbers were very small. If there aren’t a lot of people diagnosed than there isn’t reason to give money for research. Now that it is being found in many many more people they can find money for research. Just because government agencies don’t recognize something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It just means there isn’t the money to throw at these agencies for research on these diseases.

              1. Just because Faux-Yo self diagnosed herself after seeing 100 doctors doesn’t mean she has Lyme, then she finally goes and has a body scan to show silicone leaking , puhleeeeze! I live in a State that has the second highest amount of Lyme cases in the country, I am well aware of Lyme we are coming upon tick season here, just a note if you come to Ma. And go to Cape Cod stay away from any of the tall grass its infected with ticks!!!

            2. Apple you are so right about using long term antibiotics. I suffered for years with constant bladder infections due to radiation. It seemed like I was always on antibiotics and then I ended up in the hospital with C-Dif — a very debilitating and highly contagious disease from those antibiotics. The C-Dif has also been responsible for deaths in the elderly and chronically ill. I was very very lucky.

              1. Thank goodness you came through that! What would we do without you Bee xo❤️❤️⭐️

              2. Oh Bee I’m so glad you got better! I remember having to suit up in the intensive care unit every time we went into see my husband’s father when he was there. It’s that contagious, very scary I’m glad you’re well now.

          3. I watched the movie. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. Lyme disease is awful and I doubt anyone here or anywhere doubts it’s existence. What is difficult for me to understand is if she was diagnosed after 2 1/2 years, or whichever time frame she is giving today, why the over 100 doctors? No matter how much empathy I have, that is note worthy. I find her to be condescending and judgmental having nothing at all to do with her illness. She expects others to automatically, without question, accept everything she says as facts. Then she tells them to research it and when the research tells a different story, back to believing her to be correct and have all possible relevant knowledge? It’s simply odd. I hope she finds peace and wellness, but please do it elsewhere.

            1. I liked the movie a lot I found it so eye-opening, but I didn’t know much about Lyme to begin with. And I agree she has an air of entitlement about her. I’m not sure if it has to do with who she is at her core or if her wealthy lifestyle contributes to her snobbery. She does appear to want notoriety that is obvious.

              I want to thank you for naming me when I first came on, but since I’m being potentially confused for other Jane’s I thought I’d fix it. Makes sense to go with my other alias. 😉

              1. Your ☂ gives you away, and I could never mistake you for Jane Smith at all even without it. I changed my name. This is my 4th since others had my exact name more than once. It was confusing. 😉

                1. Well I kept the umbrella honestly to differentiate and b/c only a handful of glyphs I liked worked and I gladly gave over my first pick to a very special scotty here. And she gave me back a name! ❣

        2. APPLE THANKS FOR SAYING IT FOR ME also Yoyo went to over a 100 doctors and found 1 to DX her out of the country he lost his right to be a doc here in USA for a time her doc is a quack

    2. She does look like she wears a wig.. makes sense.. please bravo, get rid of her.. make her “own her own stuff”.. she is nauseating..

    3. Lisa needs to get a life.. along wth Lisa V and Vyle Kyle.. They should be ashamed of themselves.. Lost any and all respect for the three of them

  1. Last season Lisa R. weirdly stalked Kim Richards and this season she’s done the same to Yolanda. It’s become quite obvious that she’s desperate to stay relevant and she has no storyline of her own. It’s a good thing Homewrecker Eileen is there or Lisa R. would be the most boring housewife on the show.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see if she’s black next season and shows the same pattern. At this point she is so far out of line and so desperately grasping onto threads to give substance to what she’s saying to keep Foster in her crosshairs that it’s embarrassing.

  2. I think some of these women are jealous that Yolanda has two extremely successful daughters. They’re all “biz” women, and biz mothers can be gross- & very competitive. i think it’s just that catty & stupid.

    1. I think Yolanda is extremely jealous of her daughter’s success. Not of her daughter’s but the success she so desparately craves. What a hag.

      1. I don’t see that aunt bee. I think Rinna wants her two daughters on screen to be noticed & it hasn’t happened. Yo had her hay day already. I don’t see her trying to recapture her youth.

      2. I think she wanted success for Gigi especially, and now that she has it, she wishes she was young again and doing what Gigi is doing. She is living vicariously through Gigi most of all IMO.
        She craves the attention young beautiful models get, and she still wants it in my opinion. She may be somewhat jealous of how incredibly successful Gigi is right now, perhaps. I guess you are right about that.

        1. Real Sandy thanks again for our chat the other day. For the first time in my life I don’t want to alter my nose! Funny since you’ve never seen me, but i have completely changed my mind. I told my bf I’m going to leave myself alone. He’s thrilled. I don’t want to botch my face. I just need to leave LA more often.

          1. Any time Dee Dee! You are so welcome! I, myself, have a little bump on my nose on one side and it is not the straightest, yet, even though my own mother wanted me to have it “fixed” I wouldn’t. I am still grateful about my decision, since back then, especially, many people got the same exact nose which was upturned and pixie like..not like a nose anyone would be born with either. I did not have to fit some mold, and I always had naturally an unusual color blue eyes. I stood out without trying. Why look like everyone else. Anyway, I am happy about your decision! You won’t regret it. Even your bf is happy!
            Years ago I went to SFO with my husband and met up with old friends. I had only one small “wrinkle” in my forehead, actually a small crease straight up and down and maybe 1/4 inch long right above my nose. I mentioned not having wrinkles at my age and an old boyfriend no less, said yes, you do, the one above your nose. It was barely visible and the only one. I still have no crows feet and at my age, not bad. I am not young anymore and deserve the wrinkles I do have. Well, they seemed obsessed about looks. One of the women was a model too….so, I know what you are saying. Travel a bit more and get away from those superficial types. 😉

            You ate gorgeous just the way you are, I am sure. ❤️

              1. Thank you Sandy great advice all around! And believe me a lot of ppl tried to talk me out of this, but I was set. You are so right about not needing to fit a mold. I’m so glad I didn’t ( & you didn’t) do something we regret & that can’t be undone. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I have no time at all for Yo but not much for Rinna either! But she does make me laugh, there is something weird about her and why she has no story line or you rarely get to see her family. I would like them both to go but I doubt if they will. Yo should go, her sickness storyline and her divorce which she kept hidden is not enough. She needs to get off her high horse and start being realistic.

    1. Yes, Tommy’s daughter had Lyme’s Disease. I am sure Yo hobnobs with all the designers she can, for her daughters and son, most likely. I don’t think she will model. She would rather others work for her, and she doesn’t need the money, though she loves it. She will be on the lookout for a new wealthy guy, most likely, even so. I am sure she wishes she still had Mohamed’s alimony payments, though. If Foster’s alimony…if she gets any…is good, she may never marry again, unless it is Tom Girardi maybe…Just kidding, but she does hobnob with the uber rich for all they can do for her IMO.

      1. She adores the limelight. I just don’t think Yolanda wants to work. Then again, maybe she would if not too exhausting. Yolanda loves the attention. Heidi Klum is a lot younger too.

  4. If you think about it take Rinna out of the picture and what do you have???? Nothing, none of the ladies had anything going on, I think Rinna is batshit crazy but I do like her and I think she is absolutely right about faux-Yo..I still think Yo’s problems were her silicone leaking boobs, you don’t get lymebrain from a horsefly which she claims. I would love to see her and her smelly robe take their journey far far away from my TV. Love the Hotel in Dubai unbelievable never seen anything like it, can’t wait to see more!!

  5. Rinna has been cornered & she should not be. Just because some of the girls were touched by Gigi’s speech & Yo honoring herself is no reason to believe Yo. Yes, Many suffer from lymmes silently & painfully, Yo not being one of them. We all know only too well how she overly promoted herself & because her celebrity daughter stood up & praised her does not make her “Journey” all that. I’m not buying it. That’s what Yo was hoping for & she achieved it. She can fool some of the people some of the time, but she cant fool all of the people all of the time. AS much as Rinna gets herself into hot water with her mouth, I must say, she’s always spot on. Get a back bone Rinna, just because you have to interact with these women, stand up to your truth which is true truth where Yolanda the fake is concerned. I believe Erika would dearly love to say more, but is holding back for her own reasons As for Kyle AGAIN shedding a few tears, this time not because of Kim, is nothing new. She cries if the wind blows her way.

  6. How many times does Lisa R. have to explain her concerns about Yolanda? Geez. She does not doubt Yolanda’s Lyme disease. Lisa R. feels that Yolanda often uses the fact that she is ill to indulge in some not so kosher behaviour. That’s all. And I think tons of us agree that Yolanda has played the ‘I’m chronically ill’ card to death. I know I am sick of seeing her in that old white robe and hearing that whiney ‘I’m soooo sick so feel sorry for me’ voice. Gag. I agree with Lisa 100% and think she is totally on-point. I can’t wait to see her return next season and am soooo hopeful Yolanda will not be invited back. And if Yolanda really felt sooooooo awful, why in the world would she want to be on a reality tv show and not concentrate ONLY on getting well? Not to raise awareness as she was constantly on social media raising awareness. I don’t doubt Yolanda was very ill but I don’t trust her integrity at all. At all. Oh…and I so did not like Eileen’s treatment of Lisa’s ‘opinion’s’…Eileen soooo wants Lisa to have her back yet Eileen clearly wants no part of having Lisa’s back. I hope we don’t see Eileen again next season but I know we will. Ugh.

    1. I believe Yo has been sick (especially with leaking implants), but her behavior is mean spirited. She is a liar, she proved that last night when she was talking to Brandi. Yo told Brandi half truths, just like Erika. I can’t stand Yo, Erika, or Eileen. I feel sorry for LisaR because Eileen is the one trying to manipulate her. Eileen clearly acts like it’s her side & her opinion that counts. I hope Yo, Erika, & Eileen are gone next season.

  7. Why is it any of Rinna’s business anyway? In what way does Yolanda’s illness affect her…none. So, close those plastic lips sit in your row boat and back peddle…away.

      1. I hope they don’t ask Harry Hamlin’s wife back…she is a gossip drama high school girl. Inserts herself where she doesn’t belong – why would she be “enraged” who went to lunch with who.
        She sure doesn’t care what she airs on TV…butt wax…really???
        Hope all is well with you Rain!

        1. I’m doing ok thank you kt ❤️ At first I thought lisa R was ‘acting’ but now I know she is just obnoxious and immature. there is no sincerity in her expression or any genuine emotion coming out of her, regarding ANYTHING ( except her kids of course and Harry Hamlin lol).

          1. Did you see the glorious Erika last night on WWHL?? In that big white for with the stars!! Kinda reminds you of Texas :))

            1. I did – well I saw the start – not the whole show…Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas! Too funny, Rain!!!!

    1. No she doesn’t wear a wig Brandi is just trying to start sh*t because that’s her tacky way of defending Yolanda. Why bravo felt the need to have her on is beyond me. Can’t wait for more of the ladies in Dubai looks beautiful!

  8. Lisa Rinna LIES. She has attacked that poor woman all the way through her terrible disease. I know the pain of that as I have walked through a similar illness. The pain of betrayal when you are sick is unimaginable. I had chronic fatigue syndrome and lost many friends. I loved my work and was devastated to lose my job and my life. I was too sick to dress or go where I wanted to go or had to go. My life as hell yet peopke I thought loved me mocked me. I asked God to take me home or heal me. I couldnt bear it. So watching Yolanda be attacked here and by her cast mates brought a lot of that pain back. Lisa Rinna is appalling. What right does she have to be furious over Yolanda missing Erikas party? Erika wasnt! She is sickening and ought to be ashamed.

    1. Lisa, I understand. I had that as well when my kids were fairly young & I had to consider them, not myself. Many a day, I wished no one should be hungry, everything was so much with a non-stop tired body. Anyway, my point is that your illness was real. No one doubts that Yo has had an ailment, what it is-is still a mystery. But, she has a million discrepancies & has lied so much, pity partied herself even more & expected sympathy. Look, just last night’s show when Kyle dropped a few tears, Yo said all she wanted (in my own words now as I cant recall hers well) is to be acknowledged & supported. If she did not whine non-stop, draw attention to herself all through her so called illness, did not change times of how long she wore her white robe, maybe she would’ve been better understood. She brought no awareness to lymmes, only to her poor, sad, pitiful self. Sorry, no sympathy from me.

        1. Same to you too Lisa. Mine lasted over 2 years. Was so fatigued all the time, but like I said, with 4 little ones to think of, I had to take deep breadths to do what I needed to. Mine occurred after a terrible flu virus. What brought yours on? Best of luck & blessings always Lisa. Are you not celebrating your 50th year of marriage this year? Keep me posted.

          1. Starr, that’s not possible, my lovely Lisa is a baby! She can’t be celebrating 50 years of marriage!!! I always thought you were young as well until I saw a comment congratulating you! You both sound young in your comments! Xoxoxoxoxox

            1. Suze, we are young, young of heart I believe. I still feel like a youngster & hope I always do. Lisa is already a great-gramma, I’m not that yet. Blessings always to you & yours.

          2. I feel so bad for all the posters who have suffered from these illnesses and am glad you let us know about them – I feel for all of you BUT you don’t talk about it constantly and put pictures of your sick self on facebook and call it bringing awareness. After awhile it seemed to me to be just one big pity party for herself. It was also her holier than thou attitude that truly turned me against her. To be honest I never really was a fan of hers from the beginning. There was just something about her.

    2. I think Lisa R. does find someone to pick on each season (first Kim, now Yolanda) and her unwanted over-involvement is weird.

      About Yolanda, I can see how it can easily become the center of someone’s life if they have a chronic illness or illnesses, but it is not very entertaining to hear about.

    3. Lisa I know we will never agree on Yolanda but I do love you and I know you have suffered and for that I am truly sorry! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Thank you HTM. People who hurt me have all come around as God continued to help me get stronger. And I forgive. I am 80-90% better. Not quite where i was before I got sick but I am enjoying my life and I volunteer with the elderly and sick people. God makes god things happen with our tears if we let Him. 🙂 Thank you for your kindness.

    1. So, so true, Lisa. Plus, when the going gets rough, that’s when you know who your true friends really are. When my condition happened, we had just migrated here, all my family was back home, knew no one & was so fatigued all the time & my little ones depended on me. I remember thinking that even a light fork felt too heavy to lift. I pray you’re restored totally Lisa. You are the Lisa who celebrates 50 years of marriage this year–are you not?

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