Lisa Rinna Reveals If She Would Return To Soap Operas


RHOBH star Lisa Rinna got her start from starring in Soap Operas, particularly Days Of Our Lives. This led her to many more TV opportunities; including The Celebrity Apprentice and RHOBH, but would she ever considering returning to Soaps?

“Absolutely!” Rinna tells Soap Opera Digest. “I love the soap world. You know I do. It’s where I come from.”

Lisa actually reveals that filming Housewives was a lot like working on Melrose Place.

“It’s like doing Melrose Place on steroids,” she said. “Now, that says a lot because Melrose is one of the craziest shows ever to have been made, and I’m now doing a show that is testing that. You take that as you will!”

And although working on RHOBH has been challenging, Lisa reveals her experience has been positive.

“Going into a show like this, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna stay grounded. I’m not gonna react. I’m gonna be kind and graceful,'” she says. “My motto has always been, ‘If you’re not having fun, don’t do it,’ and I’m having fun. As challenging as housewives can be in certain moments, for the most part, I have had a blast. We laugh so hard.”

“I think I’ve been really lucky, and I think that you always have to be open, because obviously as you get older, as women and as an actor, these jobs become very few and far between,” she shares. “I think I’ve been so lucky to continue to reinvent myself and do all these different things. And I’ll just keep going. That’s the beauty of this business… you don’t have to retire. You can continue to work until your last breath.”

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2 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Reveals If She Would Return To Soap Operas”

  1. wow is all i can say about this woman ! i just watched the newest episode and all i can say is she should be ashamed of herself – she tries to visit her parents ONCE A YEAR !!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ! Thank goodness they have their other daughter to depend on 🙂 All that she has doesnt compare to what she could have had with her parents

  2. yes… once a year is pretty bad… especially at their age…. But have to say she is fast becoming my favorite housewife. I love her attitude.

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