Lisa Rinna Really Likes Erika Girardi


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills introduced the newest cast member this week and wow does she seem interesting! Erika Girardi made her Housewife debut thanks to friend Yolanda Foster as the two have known each other for nine years. In this episode we got to meet Erika, celebrate Ken Todd’s birthday and see Lisa Rinna make her one-liners and help Lisa Vanderpump buy a pony. In her Bravo Blog, Lisa dishes out on her experience for this episode, and dishes that next week the drama really comes out!

“What a fun episode this was to watch! So many really laughable moments went on this season, and it’s great to see them among some of the drama and speculation we’ve been seeing already. I really enjoyed seeing this episode begin with Lisa V. and Kyle laughing and having fun with one another in Florence, Italy.

Of course, as you know, I love the time I spend with my girls. Oh, the conversations we have! The sassiness coming from Delilah Belle as she tells me her curfew is now 11:10. What is that? Who did that? Why? Was that a Harry Hamlin thing? Was it Delilah Belle? Was it me? I want to know who came up with this 11:10 curfew for her, because it’s just weird. Clearly, the art of negotiation is alive and well in our household.

And then there was Rosebud. Sweet, little tutu’d Rosebud. That little, potbellied, dwarf pony really did steal Lisa V.’s heart. I mean hello! We traveled halfway across the country for this gift for Ken! What a disappointment to discover the health issue with her leg. I do believe that the ultimate decision to have Rosebud stay on her farm where she can receive the best care from her current vet and family was in her best interest. Life in Beverly Hills with Jiggy, Hanky, Panky, and the rest of the Pump pets would have also been a really fabulous life for Rosebud, but for her health, staying in Ohio was probably best. What a ball Lisa V. and I had together traveling, though! It was ridiculous, it was fun, and I had a blast! Private jets, thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and cowboy hats really made for a fun adventure with her.

Speaking of ridiculous, how many times am I going to match my leopard-donning lunch dates? This is twice now. Note to self, no more leopard when going to lunch with my fellow Housewives. I mean, c’mon. Thank God for my leather jacket, because Eileen looked stunning in her dress, and there was no way I was even going to try to keep up! Interesting conversations between Eileen, Kyle, and myself though, right? I had to relive that damn car ride from hell as we discussed Kyle’s sister and her legal issues, so that’s always fun. NOT! Then we have more conversations about Yolanda’s health… It’s to the point now where Yolanda is SO sick and SO desperate to feel better, that it’s become a topic we all feel compelled to talk about in hopes of shedding some light on the situation.

What I find to be really cool was seeing Yolanda smile and laugh as much as she does when we meet Erika. I have to tell you, I really like Erika very much. She speaks her mind, she knows and is proud of who she is and what she’s done, and rightfully so! I had no idea she was so successful in the club scene. Eight #1 singles is quite an accomplishment! You’ve gotta respect a woman that honors exactly who she is and makes no apologies for it. Kudos to you, Erika. Welcome aboard our crazy train!

How fun was Ken’s birthday party? I should have known from the second I came tripping into Villa Rosa with that pony head on a stick that I was in for a crazy fun day. Since Lisa and I didn’t bring Rosebud back with us, there was no way I was walking into Ken’s party empty-handed, so I went to a toy store and lo and behold, there was one pony on a stick left in the whole store. I had one as a child and loved it, so I knew this was the perfect thing to give to Ken! From Lisa V.’s speech offering Ken a 69 to all of us jumping in the pool in our hats and dresses, it couldn’t be any more over the top. There were a few moments of fear when Ken was pushed into the pool, considering he had hip replacement surgery weeks before, and everyone, especially Lisa V., sighed with relief when we knew he was okay. Seeing Kyle go floating by on her back, Lisa’s see-through dress, and Eileen freaking out about Ken’s expensive shoes being ruined in the pool was all too much for me. I was literally crying with laughter, and I hope you were too, because it’s these moments that keep me going. If you can’t laugh at yourself in situations like these, then what’s the point, I say. Laughter and fun times is what makes our fabulous, life-long memories.

I still stand by my statement that Taylor has a bigger mouth than I do. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed all of the fun and laughter tonight because next week takes quite a different turn. Here we go…”

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9 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Really Likes Erika Girardi”

  1. I’m already sick of hearing about Erika Nicole Smith and people setting aside any shred of common sense to call that marriage anything but elderly abuse. Yuck!

    Also, Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery has gone overboard. I am sorry but her face belongs on a monster and that’s exactly what she looks like, especially when she laughs.

    Real Housewives of BH is my favorite but they really need to shave off the creepy over-the-top parts or they’ll lose viewers, in my opinion. We want to see glitz and glamour along with the drama. Over-the-top buffoons just don’t cut it.

    1. I doubt her husband would appreciate the elderly abuse comment. He’s a grown man who is a top lawyer in the country- I’m sure he has his faculties about him to make his own decisions and not be “conned” by this woman who’s been married to him for years (and is the mother of his child(ren)?)

  2. It seems like Lisa Rinna’s blog has a bit of damage control in it concerning next week’s episode & Yolanda. We’ll see I guess. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as it looks in previews. Also, pandora’s face while LVP made her 69 speech was priceless.

  3. I like Lisa Rinna, I see her as a survivor and she can laugh at herself- I think this is a paycheck and nothing more- I think she wants to provide a good life for her daughters and she will even if she has to be the blunt of jokes and nasty rude comments- My guess she laughs her azz off on the way to the Bank JMO She has more money in the bank and I would say owns her home and my guess her and Harry are happy —

  4. Lisa rinna has a serious problem . She always putting her foot in that big mouth of hers now she trying to involve of people .Something is wrong with her as you see in most episodes . She always tries to analyze everyone

  5. If I was anyone of them ladies I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from out of Lisa Rinna mouth it’s not like her lips is real.Its as fake as she is.She talks just to hear herself talking. She talks about how she judge who are you to judge you are pathetic look at you inside and out disgusting

  6. Lisa Rinna should be taken off the show I’m getting exhausted just by watching her on the show. She hate for someone to bring up her eating disorder but she find the need to be in everyone else’s business

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