Lisa Rinna Reacts To Her Confrontation With Eden Sassoon

Lisa Rinna is sharing her thoughts about this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog this week. Rinna believes her intentions were misunderstood and says that she finds it odd that Kyle has continued this long game of telephone with Kim Richards. Lisa also reacts to her conversation with Eden Sassoon.

“Just a few things from this episode I want to touch on.

We seeKyleand Kim meet up to go shopping shortly after getting back from Punta Mita. It’s nice to see how happy Kim is about becoming a grandma any day now, and from my past few encounters with her, I know first hand how truly excited she is. It’s been two months since Game Night, and we’ve had pleasant experiences ever since then.

What I find odd is how Kyle continued this now very long game of telephone with Kim. As I have previously mentioned in my recent blogs, my original intent of explaining the dynamics of the Richards sisters to Eden, who asked me how she could help out in this situation, has now been mangled into dirty, vicious gossip. Admittedly, Kyle’s biggest concern was how this information could hurt somebody as fragile as Kim. So, before having a true understanding of the situation, Kyle went and told Kim what she had been told and this game of telephone continues…

Regardless, you will see how this all FINALLY wraps up next week.

As far as Eden goes, I wanted to go directly to her, the source, to find out why she did what she did, let her know how it made me feel, and to tell her that I now have my guard up. Many red flags have gone up in the short time I have known Eden, and I needed to be honest and upfront with her right away.

I always enjoy seeing Erika and Tom together. It’s quite clear that the two of them share a great respect and admiration for one another.

On to the really great parts of the episode, the parts that truly make a difference… Project Angel Food! Twenty years ago, my best friend Robin Fujimoto introduced my family and me to this fabulous charity, so Delilah and Amelia have literally grown up volunteering their time at Project Angel Food. As you saw, they prepare over 1,400 meals per day and deliver them to people around LA county who are sick and cannot leave their homes. Everyone who is a part of this amazing foundation is indeed an angel, from the volunteers in the kitchen to the delivery people to everyone who has donated any amount of time or money. I know the recipients of these home-cooked meals are so grateful for this amazing service, so I would like to once again thank the girls for volunteering with me in the kitchen, for donating items to the silent auction, and for supporting me at the gala while I accepted the Humanitarian Award. This amazing event you just saw raised $460,000 for an incredibly worthy cause. Forever grateful to both Kyle and Erika for donating $10,000 each to sponsor a delivery van. I’m so glad we could put aside the BS and all come together to support this charity.

But most importantly, I would like to show my sincere gratitude to my dear friends who came out to support me at this event, and of course I’d like to thank my daughters, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray, along with my always supportive husband, Harry Hamlin. I’m nothing without the three of you by my side.”

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12 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Reacts To Her Confrontation With Eden Sassoon”

  1. Aside from all the deflecting LR’s comment about Erika and Tom having respect and admiration for one another that’s the definition of a good business relationship, not a marriage.

  2. Offensive to most people’s sensibilities…………whether real or for drama, Rinna lies so easily it is scary. Trustworthy…..absolutely not….someone hand her a dictionary so she can look it up. Rinna is truly upset about being caught. It was Rinna spewing to Kyle that she has no idea why Eden says what she does….yadda yadda. And then the boomerang came back to hit her smack on the head. Rinna needs serious help especially after saying she ‘needs attention’……………..self-esteem issues here? Not unusual for an unstable person to create total chaos for others while trying to make themselves feel good, relevant, important. Clue: persons with eating disorders have issues, lots of issues, and can be very low in self-esteem and desperate to feel better/relevant/needed/wanted/whatever. CALLING DR PHIL…..THERE’S AN EMERGENCY IN THE MAKING!!!

  3. I’m a big fan of Lisa, but unfortunately she blew it. Lisa you should have said “yes I used those words”, but then go on to explain the context in which they were used. Playing dumb when you are on film is just stupid! Step up girl! I really want to respect you again!!

  4. Let’s just stop at paragraph 3 for a second: unless LiRinna is talking about an off camera or edited out conversation that viewers haven’t been privy to, the day she was shopping with Eden it was SHE who asked Eden what she thinks she should do about her situation with Kim.

  5. No way, LR, that that conversation was taken out of context. You’re feeling bad about it all and having a very hard time owning it.

    1. Sorry Bobbi but are you referring to Lisa R or me??? I hope it’s Lisa and not me! Sorry for the question but it’s 02.23hrs in the U.K. and as I’m tired I think I maybe reading it wrong!

  6. I just wanted to say that I admire the work that Rinna is doing for Project Angel Food. It seems like a great charity to go out and help feed those who just are not well enough to leave their homes. I may not be a fan of Rinna’s but this is a worthwhile cause if it really does help that many people.
    I think that if Rinna really is having memory issues, that she should get herself checked out by a good neurologist and find out what is happening. There is such a thing as early Alzheimer’s. Maybe she is using it as an excuse, but why lie when the cameras are in your face? I think she is Trouble (with a capital T) and is always sh..t stirring and she just has to be the center of attention. She seems like someone who loves herself…and Harry Hamlin. I admire their marriage or at least what it appears to be. They seem so much in love. So I cannot stand her, but I do admire some of what she does…?

    1. I agree Sandy…..I can NOT like someone but still see some actions they make as good and noble etc. LR working with this organization is good and noble. Hats off to her.

  7. I read that she “bought” the award (vase). If one makes a large enough donation, you get the award. Given the fact that Erica and Kyle donated enough for a delivery van, THEY bought Rinna the prize. Lisa is as fake as her lips which, of course, are ridiculous. She pretends to laugh louder, dance stupidly, and generally makes a scene for camera time. Narcissistic, loud, poor white trash, and generally unlikeable.

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