Lisa Rinna Questions Dorit and PK’s Conversation About Erika

Lisa Rinna is upset with what she saw happen between Erika and the other ladies and she talking all about that in her blog this week. Rinna questions why Erika was such a big topic for Dorit and PK so early on in meeting her and how they can talk about someone’s wife and mother that way in front of their son.

“Hi everyone! Episode 3, here we go!
First, I want to address what we’re seeing with Eileen. To hear about all of the loss she and her family have experienced in recent years is staggering. Just beyond heartbreaking, and my heart really goes out to her as she navigates through what must be an overwhelming amount of grief. I cried while I watched her at her mother’s home and again during her counseling session, but I also felt a certain sense of pride and relief as we watched her really come to terms with how the grief was affecting her. She’s such a strong woman with great moral character, and it makes me proud to be her friend. Much love to you and your whole family, Eileen!

NYC with Kyle and our daughters was so much fun! If you follow my Instagram stories, you would have seen that last week I went into her newly opened store, Kyle by Alene Too on the Upper East Side, and boy is it gorgeous! To see what she started with and then to walk through such a fabulously designed store, just a few months later, was really incredible! Kudos to you and Lizzie, Kyle!
The meeting that Delilah went to with her modeling agents for CR Fashion Book was beyond exciting! To be featured in Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book is like being featured in the Bible of fashion. What an absolute pleasure it was to spend the time with booking editor, Evelien Joos, and for Delilah to have that opportunity…despite any embarrassing birth canal, misshapen head stories I may have told. Look, Delilah knows her mother quite well and knows that a little humor and self deprecation go a long way in life. *wink*

Loved spending the evening with Kyle and our girls! We always have such a good time together and now adding our daughters, who are hilarious in my opinion, into the mix adds such a fun, innocent dynamic for us. Talking and laughing about dating apps (I still have no idea how much it costs!), their time alone in NYC and everything else was a blast, and I can safely say that everyone had a fab time and arrived home happy and in one piece.

Here is where things get interesting for me. Since I was still in Pennsylvania for the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC, I wasn’t able to attend the White Party at Pump. So, what this means is I am seeing what went down at their pre-gathering for the first time along with you. As you see in the upcoming previews, Eileen and I are filled in by Dorit next week, but I am literally seeing what actually went down right along with you. What I see is Erika, looking GORGE, sitting like a lady with a napkin over her lap. What I also see is others in the group antagonizing Erika. But, why? Why did a few in this group find it necessary to not only reach under Erika’s napkin but to also start questioning and making assumptions about her character? I have my suspicions….

Watching PK and Dorit in their kitchen the next day, continuing the conversation about Erika and her outfit while having lunch with their two-year-old son, Jagger, was rather shocking to me. Again, I ask WHY? This is someone’s WIFE and MOTHER that they’re talking about. Dare we play devil’s advocate and ask PK how he’d feel if he heard another man speak of his own wife this way? To hear another man say, “he didn’t mind the view” while speaking of her “bits” seems as if it may not be taken too lightly by Mr. Kemsley. To me, this is so not okay, and all I really want to know is why Erika is such a big topic for Dorit and PK so early into meeting her… I guess we’ll wait and see how this one plays out.”

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6 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Questions Dorit and PK’s Conversation About Erika”

  1. Have mercy!!!!!!!! Will Rinna never learn to shut up? She wasnt there, not her buisiness, no one needed her 5 cents. Her blog should’ve been based on her trip, Kyle, her girls & of course, her clothing line–not for “Fat ladies” if we recall her comment on that.
    Direct hit at LVP as I read it. All sympathy for bff Eileen, of course. Hear Dorit’s side 1st before passing judgement. Already it’s not a friendship between Dorit & Erika for it’s own reasons. So Rinna, not your buisiness, you werent there, troublemaker.

  2. As far as I see, it’s none of LR business. She is still trying to back stab LVP. Funny she never mentioned telling LVP she was sorry for being 2 hard on her. And yet, LVP accepted & said let’s move on. That’s how real apologies work. These women need to get a grip! It sounds like you are blaming LVP. Erika has made a couple of snide remarks at Dorit. I think Erika may be jealous of her.

    1. U hit the nail on the proverbial head.
      Rinna “moving on” with LVP is her passive aggressive way of getting little digs in. I honestly believe that Rinna was lying about or totally misunderstanding LVP last year with the Munchauson’s S-B-P.
      Rinna was the one who dared to say it on the air…so we know not what the real truth is except that RINNA realywanted the world to know that others and herself had questioned Yolo’s illness. End of story.
      It matters not what goes on behind closed cameras, now does it? Even if LVP encouraged her to talk about it, it was Rinna’s decision to do so ON camera. So, OWN IT!
      I do feel that LVP is getting a bit nasty, but I feel she has good reason to do so. She was maligned so horribly the past 2 years, it’s time to get really British nasty.So, even if I don’t really like the way she is acting, I believe in my heart that she has every right to get back at Rinna.
      Her apology came a iitle too late and a bit too fake.It was almost though doest apologize too much. She knew she was wrong in the way she scrutinized,& bullied LVP too much and that she was the one who was really guilty.
      I must say, however, she is a great mom and wife and has a lovely sense of humor about herself. But, she has got to keep those balloon lips of hers shut.

  3. There is something mentally wrong with LR. Why would she tell that story about her daughters delivery? WHO CARES? Also, she needs to stop with the “butting in” which pretty much describes every second she’s been on this show. Good Lord she is BEYOND annoying!

  4. I agree with Rinna! It is obvious to me anyway that something fishy is going on. Erica is being set up. I highly doubt any of her “bits” we’re showing. That’s all made-up and planned beforehand starting with the phone call to Kyle about panties… Dorit and PJ are weirdos.

  5. I found Eileen hilarious while mimicking Erica, in good humor, at the table, then the camera pans down to her legs. I cracked up. Eileen has a funny sense of humor, it’s good to see after all the stress she’s been through. Love Erica. Always a Lisa Rinna fan since Melrose Place.

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