Lisa Rinna Posts Sexy Mirror Selfie

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna shocked her Instagram followers this weekend when she posted a nude photo of herself to celebrate Playboy magazine’s recent decision to resurrect nude pictorials.

Rinna originally posted the photo on Sunday night, but deleted it. But she shared the photo again on Monday morning, writing, “It’s back. I got scared then I said I’m 53 — zero fu*ks given! Cheers to @playboy for going back to nudes. The female body is so beautiful, every size and every age. Be proud! #thefemalebodyisbeautiful #allshapesandsizes #loveyourself #loveyourbody”

Rinna first posed for Playboy in 1998 when she was six months pregnant with now 18-year-old model daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin. Nearly ten years later, the reality star returned as the mag’s cover model once again.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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She looks good but need 10 more pounds for sure

Have to say she looks better then I thought she would. I thought we’d see, first bones second thin skin.

cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger……(lol)..

Ample tits….lol love it.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE!!! So totally unnecessary, but she is a sick one. No respect for her daughters. What in the world is she thinking???

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Chickie you know who I am right? I changed my handle from Miss M.? Just wanted you to know who you’re kissin lol

Hahahahaha that freakin fox cracks me up
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When did she transition ?

Lisa forget PLAYBOY remember you are a HUSTLER. Playboy should sue you. Your daughter said that YOU walk around naked when their friends are around, after seeing your disgusting nakenes, I too would look forward to leaving the state maybe even the country. You should eat PK’s food, that could be good for both of you. You would gain, while he will loose. Oh wait. DO YOU HAVE A PILL FOR THAT???

lmao. Typicaly anorexic people do tend to base their self worth on how thin they are, so there you go. Rinna is vile and her poor kids, waking to that must be harsh.

That face though. She tagged playboy in the pic, basically she wants to pose naked for them again. Lady, we’ve seen your crack enough time, now, time to put your clothes on. No one wants to see that. And poor kids. Can you imagine being Lisa Rinna’s kid? The embarassment?

O M G, I think I’m blind now

Hey ASHER, I do agree with you about competing with her modelling daughter. I’m not sure if you’re watching the same episodes we are here in the States, but last week, I think it was last week, LR and daughter were walking the hotel hallway practicing for the runway (Ralph Lauren?) show and I thought at the time, why isn’t the daughter doing the walk solo? Why is LR walking with her like she’s doing the runway with her? My thoughts did run to her trying re-live her glory days………though having said all that, I do think she looks good… Read more »

give me a break….

Hi ASHER….no problem. I saw that you had submitted a message on LVP, I believe, and when I went to reply to it, it was gone. And when you find out what “upvoted” means, please let me know ’cause I dunno nuttin…….(hey maybe stupid question, have you seen Fawlty Towers? Manuel?…….I know nuttin!!)

Haha will do. My son used to watch every episode of Faulty Towers from age of one. He used to make himself sick with laughter. We even had to go and stay in the hotel were it was based from. Nothing like the show though☹️☹️☹️

Hi ladies I believe when people up vote your comments that means that they like them

Cool! I thought that’s what it meant since I’ve used it to mean “Like”…but then I doubted myself.

Never doubt yourself especially when you’re right

Yes mam!

Posting that photo was definitely in bad taste. She should have just kept it down. Yes that “not remembering” is just crap. She was just taken back that Eden said something to LVP because she probably thought it was all confidential……while being filmed of-course! LOL. I agree with you re Harry……poor fella. I hate stating an opinion about people’s looks but when I saw him for the first time after so long I was taken aback. It just goes to show that a little fat would have gone a long way to making him age a little more gracefully. He… Read more »

Best quote I heard in a long time! “Its a great life if you dinna weaken” Wonderful and so very true. As far as Lisa and her husband I think they take can’t be too skinny to another level. It actu

Woo hoo I’m finally right about something

Lol skirts and no undies

Yep I’m right about how special you are

Rain , I promise if I’m ever lucky enough to go over there you have to go with me

And SF. We can be a crazy bunch in Texas . I think that it’s the heat

Lol you and me both babe

Asher please don’t feel silly and don’t worry about upsetting other’s . I’ve never read anything in your post that should upset anyone

Oh please you are a hot mama . Plus our kitties do need to breathe . It’s inhuman to not

ASHER, I did read your post and it wasn’t offensive or anything like that. Not even a little bit! It was just simply a glitch. I tried to find it in my deleted mail but it’s gone from there too…..I think that’s a little weird too but oh well. Re post your thoughts.

Totally babe and so are you

OMGoodness, she’s 53 for crying out loud & with grown daughters to boot. Shameful, act your age Rinna, you’re nothing worth looking at, face it.

A pathetic & desperate & hypocritical message was sent from Freak Fish Lips – GRinna. When RHBH fans ripped her a new one last year, she responded by calling them all “FAT” & “jealous”. She didn’t feel everyone had a beautiful body when they criticized her for HER dubious behavior.

Didn’t she cal them fat, jealous cat hoarders or something. Yup this hypocrite thinks all bodies are beautiful. This woman has been beyond the attacks of most of the HW on the show, KR, LVP, Yo, and I’m sure there was another. FYI, Rinna, Karma does have your number and she is waiting in line.

Yes, she did. GRinna thinks her laughs at her own jokes makes her cute & charming. Boy is she wrong. I agree that Karma will be pay a visit to that BIG mouth.

Lisa, if you are so proud of ‘any size and every age’, why do you go out of your way to avoid eating and spend as much on makeup and procedures, as most families make in an entire year? Cut the crap, Rinna… you are not a nice person and your ego is just as ugly.

Agree with Rain. Let your girls be the tasteless twits now your fame whore days should be over. Gee where is the bush that you so proudly told everyone that Harry loves so much. Yuck

I hurled. She looks like a 90s tranny club kid.