Lisa Rinna Is Not Proud Of “Going There”

Lisa Rinna is opening up about the drama at game night on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her blog. Rinna says she is not proud of her behavior with low-blowing Kim Richards, but explains why she was triggered. She also thanks Eden Sassoon for intervening with the conflict.

“Oh, Game Night, I can’t stand you! I think we all have some sort of PTSD from game nights in the past, and Erika nailed it when she referred to this upcoming Game Night as The Hunger Games.

Before we dive too deep into this week’s episode, I just have to say how cool it is that we get to see all of the behind the scenes of the making of Erika’s XXPENSIVE video. It all just looks so fun and glamorous!

We see Eden and I meet at Casa Vega for dinner. The two of us seem to have a lot in common, so I found her to be someone of comfort and safety. We can speak open and honestly about drug and alcohol abuse, our families, our friendships, and of course, our beloved fathers. We definitely bonded over being daddy’s girls.

After losing my dad last year, it changed me and made me realize life is so fragile and so short. I am trying my best to let go, move forward… but sometimes I get triggered. I am human, and I mean well, but sometimes I fall back into old patterns, when in fact, I truly just want to move on.

So, Kim starting in on Eileen and me after we had what I thought was a very nice conversation about her daughter Brooke and her upcoming grandchild was definitely a trigger for me. We had played well together on a team, and I was happy with us peacefully co-existing for the evening. Or so I thought until she set her sights on us and went off for no reason.

The fact that she said I use my dad’s death as an excuse for my behavior was simply her trying to insert herself into something she knew nothing about. That’s the whole point being made here—that I have not used it as an excuse, and his passing happened well after everything went down. Kim was also not taking responsibility about what she said in Amsterdam regarding my husband.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment after hearing what she had to say, I threw a low blow right back at her. I’m not happy about going there.

I was grateful to Eden in that moment for intervening the way she did because it definitely derailed our crazy train and put us on on a less destructive path. Remember, this was our first interaction in quite some time, and it took place over six months ago. We have more interactions, and you will see Kim and I continue to navigate our complicated relationship in the weeks to come.”

Whose side are you on? Rinna or Kim?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Rinna goes agian for the jugular. But hey, I’ll take ANY apology any day .

I haven’t seen it yet because I can’t get it till tomorrow. But, the trailer shows Kim saying she said nothing about Rinna’s husband, which is untrue. If maybe just once in her life she could be kind, and say she is sorry for what she “implied” even if she didn’t “say” it, maybe she wouldn’t be such an unhappy person. She doesn’t realize how blessed she is with a grandchild coming. Does she want to immediately teach them to be snide, cruel & passive-aggressive? And teach them to put things out into the world without “saying” them?

Totally true, just admit to her part!!

I’m on Rinna’s side. Kim still takes no responsibility for herself, and is still lying. She is not working an honest program.

Tricia, is she really lying or just forgetting what she said. She was pretty wasted during that time. Agree, she’s not working an honest program. Sad.

I’m thinking lying. Because she said I didn’t say anything about Harry. She knows she threatened to though. She was trying to justify that she didn’t say anything, but she knows she did threat to, like that was ok.

Besides, she saw the show. She might be a little IQ challenged from the MANY years of alcohol, but there is no way she missed all of the degrading, cruel implications she made, and all of the truly repulsive things she said to her sister.

I hadn’t thought of that, but I totally agree. She’s so devious. I cannot blame my alcoholism anymore for my past bad behavior. You must take responsibility and no longer act like that.

A lot of alcoholics/users believe if they don’t remember, it didn’t happen, and there aren’t any consequences. Well, in her position, she has the opportunity very few have by seeing and hearing what she has said and done. Well, I’ve been thinking a little about that, and cell phones have a record feature on them too. But, in this case, the picture is nice and big and the audio is perfect. The millions of viewers saw it too. Wouldn’t it seem that it would not only feel so much better to admit it and say you are sorry ( the… Read more »
So true!! In families I can understand the behaviour. Kyle has been hiding Kim’s disease for so long, and they’ve set up a pattern. That certainly doesn’t excuse Kim though. Do you remember when Kim’s dog bit her daughter? Kim was so upset that Kyle posted a picture of her daughter after surgery. Kim was indignant, saying Kyle was making a big deal out of a tiny lil bite. Kyle said, she had to have surgery for to the infection!! She could have lost her finger!! As a nurse, I know this is VERY serious, bites go bad rather quickly,… Read more »
I am definitely on Kim’s side on this one. Time & again, Rinna goes the extra mile of deceit & hypocrisy. She hits to hurt . Her sweet father’s passing has not made one single iota of change–same goes for Eileen. And yes, they are using their parents’ deaths to prove they have changed & forcing that invisible change down everyone’s throats. Hey, Yes, they have changed, but for the absolute worse. For now, I will give the benefit of every doubt & put it down to the five stages of grief & think they are both at the ‘bitterness’… Read more »

ED & LR are using the death of their loved ones. They are both coldhearted “Bs.” They have not changed 1 bit.

I can’t stand either one, though I am sorry for the grief they are feeling, for sure. It is the way of nature that our parents pass through this life first. And, I believe Dirty and P.uK.e have no right to say how they should or shouldn’t handle it. But, I will never be on Kim’s side either. She is always cruel and for once maybe could say she is sorry for implying what she DID IMPLY. She did more than imply it, she made several nasty, hurtful comments about it, on & on, as is her way. They all… Read more »


The only thing with that, Starr, is Rinna’s dad’s passing happened after last year’s episode. The two of them just don’t get along, and that’s okay. My mom passed away 14 yrs ago. It took me 13 yrs. to find peace with it. Maybe they are working through it still, but that really doesn’t impact how you treat others. At least, from my point of view. Good post, thanks for it.

Thanks MaryBoston, really appreciate it.
I understand what you meant with your mom’s passing as my father died all the way back in 1987 & not a day goes by that I dont think of him & miss him. But, as you said, it does not give anyone the passport to be nasty & these two are.

I have just said on another thread what I think of Rinna so won’t bother to say it again!

But you just had to ‘bother’ to type out this insipid sentence.

It is my choice what I type unless I am offensive to others. If you don’t like it don’t read and don’t reply!

You may not be offensive but certainly boring and tired.

LOOK HERE nycbunny, stop this or move on. We dont like your kind here. As for passing acidy comments about Suze, it is unacceptable. Seems to me you’re no sweet bunny. On this site, we are really respectful of each other’s comments, agree or disagree, we are respectful. If you dont like it, then exit.

And you aren’t?

Oh, STFUP. Are you taking lessons from Kimmy Richards on how to be the absolute cruelest, most useless person on Earth? God Almighty, is there anything besides hateful thoughts in your head and heart?

Nope, you take the prize for offensive. You must be the boring one, or you wouldn’t say others are. I learned that in 4th grade.

Let’s all make a decision to ignore thus turd bunny from now on. Don’t respond or take the bait

We are all entitled to our opinions NYC and thankfully allowed to express them as often as we want. You pick on Suze and you will find out from a lot of other posters how well regarded and kind our Suze is.

Yeahhhhh, this is a Real Housewives blog. If you and your Skooze want to sit around singing Kumbaya go somewhere else.

nycnastybunny——go away—no more filth from your disrespectful mouth. So just shut up—please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Who am I supposed to be respecting here??!? This is an effing Real Housewives blog you moron.

EXACTLY nyc nasty bunny. It is a housewives blog, yet you are way off track from discussing housewives, you’re attacking, of all people, Suze & I wont tolerate that in any form or fashion. Shame on you, your mother is totally ashamed of you, I’m sure.

You’ve proven you respect no one, including your hateful self.

Ohhhh burn. Maybe you should spend less time trying to turn this blog into a psychology group for old bats to tell each other how much you just looove one another and go read a book, go to Weight Watchers. Literally anything else. You are a BORE and you are ruining this site.

Yep, that’s why I have made friends with everyone here, minus the absolutely black hearted who**s like you, bunny, bunny, do your funny.

totally agree.. and she thinks that she is funny.. not even remotely.. want her gone

You just dislike it because everyone here loves Suze, and apparently no one loves you, nycbunny, and we all know what bunnies do best

And you had to bother to respond to Suze when you could’ve moved on!!! SFTU already . Why do you always have to be such a turd??

That’s because she is a turd! Who cares anyway xxxxxxx

All of you can eat $hit. So sick of reading all your boring, trite comments. I’m sure you’re all a bunch of old, fat ladies with nothing to do but complain about Bravo shows all day long. You hate EVERYONE blah, blah blah. I’m sure the mod of this blog hates you old cows because NO ONE wants to read your stupid ass posts every single day that never say anything half way intelligent or thought provoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodness, you need help & you sit with your plate & do nothing but eat the nasty word you used. You are not welcome anymore—so out the door you total waste of a life.

Lol, ok Starr. I live and work in the greatest city in the world and read this blog occasionally for amusement. You morons read it probably because your fat, old pigs sitting around all day with nothing better to do than blather on about how niccceee and sweeeet you all are and how AWFUL everyone on Bravo is. YOU’RE not welcome anymore. I’m sure this blog would like to clear all you nasty hags out of here. Eat $hit.

nasty bunny I wont waste another line on you after I say this. Just so you know, if one is happy, wherever one lives is the greatest place to be.
You would say that, to prove what & to whom? You have problems honey, no I take the ‘honey’ back, sour puss. PLEASE get help.

I am in shock at this. I just started to comment on this site, and I’m sitting here( not fat and boring or a moron) with my mouth hanging open. I didn’t think such hateful people ( nycbunny) were common on this site. Wow I had to say something so I replied to you. I’ve been reading comments for a awhile now and don’t really see any of you treating others that way. Where did this person come from?

Why do you keep doing it then? Just eat your own puke from below, and you will understand what it is to read your bullshit.

Go boil yer heid! If you don’t like it here or the people find somewhere else! Then we can all cheer.

Speaking of old cows, how do you like this one? Isn’t she a beauty. Speaking of beauty, which you do not possess in your heart or soul, we are nothing as you describe. Not that it matters as we view all as beautiful. It’s very sad that you have to come onto a fun, light-hearted, blog to spew your venom. What a sad life you must lead. Off you go, we all have nothing more to say to you! Bye bye…

I think it is probably for the best that y’all ignore this angry little rabbit.

I don’t see where Lisa needs to apologize. I don’t like her aggressive behavior towards Kim. As for Kim – my personal opinion – she is the one who should be apologizing.

Team Rinna all the way. Kim is such a sad-sap, it makes me want to throw up. Back to rehab KR!

I am not on either side here although I do think the Queen of Low-Blows is at it again. I don’t think rinna is ever sincere in anything she says and I don’t think Kim should be back on this show.

Lisa Rinna is obnoxious and always says inappropriate things and then later says sorry for it but when Brandi had that kind of behavior it was unacceptable. Her apology was not sincere she just said it to get Kim and everyone else to be quiet cause she knew she looked like an asshole for saying it.

Team Rinna!!!

LR: NO you are not trying to let go & move on. There was no reason for you & ED to start stupid crap again. I wish neither 1 of you were back. You both completely ruined this show.

Oh hell, they’re BOTH wrong. Lisa never should have attacked her for her arrest, even if she was still angry about the stunt Kim pulled at the Amsterdam dinner. But Rinna has made it her Storyline Business to run around dissecting and analyzing other people on this show without sharing anything of herself other than her QVC projects. When she gets bitten back, she wants to threaten to f*** people up. I think the bottom line is that these two are just oil and water and should just forego any attempts at mixing. If they have to film together during… Read more »

I agree they are both as bad as each other at times. Kim is very sad and can be really nasty as we have all seen. Rinna takes it down a level and I still think she was so wrong in this. I have problems listening to her at all and normally ff her segments, I wish I had done that this week! They should never have been seated opposite to each other, I wonder who arranged that Production probably.

Yes they are like oil and water like many of us are in the real world. And because of it there really is no rectifying a relationship honestly when it’s kind of predestined you know? Move on ladies ignore each other. comment image

ROFL…love it

Isn’t that a hoot though Mary? I crack up every time I see those two ladies walloping each other. The one in the blue is def Kim. And speaking of K, I just don’t see the point of her return, other than the obvious, to raise Lisa R.’s shackles. They’re both equals in terms of low blows and innuendo…it’s kind of like watching a clip from Dumb and Dumber to me. But anyways, I see no real relevance to Kim on the show anymore; I’m not interested in holding my breath to see her slip and fail at sobriety either.… Read more »
That is so true. Rinna shares nothing, including her home and her life there. Even when she films with her lovely daughters, it is either at the kitchen or outside. I think that is very odd. She has never once hosted an event anywhere, and never invited anyone, including Eileen, her best friend, to be filmed even having coffee inside her home. Strange and stranger. She is hiding something for sure. The thing is, the Amsterdam thing would not have happened at all had Brandy not told Kim that Rinna was going around talking ill of her, which she really… Read more »

I hope Kim can stay sober for her family’s sake.

Agreed. I don’t think she was completely sober at that party. Just my opinion. Sad.

Hello to all my blogger friends. I just had the chance to watch this episode. Seriously, the best part of this entire episode was Bambi. Can you stand it how that dog would go to each lady with the ball to have them throw it. I wanted to just grab her through the TV and kiss her baby doggie nose. And, is Kyle’s German Shepard such a love. Always with her, the bad ass protector that she is. Kyle’s house is gorgeous. It’s so regular from the outside, the picket fence, lovely flowers. So not over the top like Villa… Read more »
I am just 14 minutes into the episode, and wanted to say before I know my mind will change that Kim, for the first time EVER, I thought she looked and sounded real. When she came to Kyle’s and they talked, and in talking head, she actually looked like what she, herself might be. I don’t “know” her, but I just got a feeling of realness for once. So, now that she seems to be doing good, I ditto your sentiment MaryB. I wish Camille would come back too, I said that the other day too. I love Kyle’s family,… Read more »
This is for Nycbunny – you are right about one thing – I am old and fat and I enjoy interacting with my friends on this blog. Yes sometimes we go overboard with the sweetness but as an old fat broad I need to hear that at times. I live alone, am semi handicapped and this helps pass some painful days. So please be nice and just bypass the comments you don’t like or some of our members will have you blocked because we don’t appreciate nastiness and disrespect. I think you are probably someone who was here in the… Read more »

Hi Aunt Bee, Glad to see you posting. I hope you’re having a great day. Please, don’t bother with that fool. You don’t need to explain anything to anyone. And, you are beautiful inside and out. What did you think of this episode. Much love to you.

Boring until the end. Dorit, Rinna And ED are same old crap. Love the blog more than the show this year. Want you to know Boston is my very favorite city to visit. So much history. Hope you have a wonderful day Mary B

I loved seeing Kyle’s house. And, those dogs. Other than that, yes, boring. Oh, thanks, I’m glad Boston is your favorite. Yes, tons of history here and I forget about that until someone mentions it. Have a great day too. Love.

Bee, I know how you look and you are neither old or fat! And please don’t argue! Just don’t worry about the silly woman I’m not! Xxxxxxxx

In the meantime, I was wondering if you and some of the others here have seen the latest episodes of Ladies of London? The castles they are visiting this year are GORGEOUS!

Rinna went out of her way to be cruel and to humiliate Kim when she is clearly getting healthier. And in doing so, that frankly shows exactly who Rinna is. We didn’t accept it when Trashbox Barbie Glanville would constantly do atrocious things, apologize (or “own it”), and think all was well. Why should we treat Rinna any differently?

Lisa, you suck.. you are the worst of them.. and when you rolled your eyes.. please leave the show.. I hope that you really feel bad for your continually bad, behavior.. hate your hair and you are boring.. get a new story line

Rinna sucks.. can’t stand her.. and what was with the eye rolling? You are shady and no one is interested in your boring, old hairstyle, story line anymore.. leave the show.. please

Yay, I see Nasty Bunny is off doing what bunnies do best! I really do pity those who see only hate and derision in conversation and endearing commentary. What awful days and lives they must have, to come somewhere that is full of fun and friendships attempting to sit in judgment of strangers, to see, I suppose, if they can fill the hate inside their souls with something different. It really is sad. But, I am still so pleased we don’t see the handle again.