Lisa Rinna Has No Idea If She’s Returning to RHOBH

Lisa Rinna had a rough season this year on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in a new interview she’s revealing that her fate with the show is up in the air.

“I’m on hiatus,” Lisa laughed. “I’m done. I am not working right now and it’s heaven. HEAVEN. That’s all I have to say.”

As for next season, Rinna says she has “no idea” if she’ll be returning, and she’s actually not concerned. “No one ever knows if they’ll be back or not until, like, five minutes before, to be honest with you,” she explained. “Who knows? I don’t know what the plan is for me. I never do.”

But whether or not she’ll return to RHOBH, Lisa did tell ET there’s no spin-off show for her in the works. “Hanging With The Hamlins?” she teased. “I think we’ve done that. We kinda did that with Harry Loves Lisa back in the day.”

Rinna also commented on the highly controversial RHOA reunion that she aired. “Oh my lord!” she said. “I just send Phaedra love. I really do like Phaedra Parks. I think it’s a really tough show to do, and I wish her well.”

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20 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Has No Idea If She’s Returning to RHOBH”

  1. I saw her interview about this yesterday or the day before….funny how she feels for Phaedra whn she herself did some slandering..

  2. Lisa isn’t going anywhere. She’ll be back . I thought RHBH got rid of her with this spin off show. Sorry to hear that.

  3. Lisa is going NOWHERE . She just borrowed a page from LVPs playbook of ‘I’m not sure I am coming back ‘ … Ù‹We all know he drill

    1. i think Lisa is in cahoots with the producers . She had too many talking points. Andy never asked her or Eileen tough questions that goes for Ericka too. I will not miss her . I’m hoping she does go to the E network .

    1. I hope she stays he heck away. Give her time to actually eat something! Maybe her and crazy Ramona can get a spin off on how to be a shit stirrer then lie about it,

  4. Lisa R did have a rough season, no doubt. Of course most of it she did to herself, but I’d be surprised if she left the show. The only way I see her leaving is if she gets another show. Now to change the subject, she has the best haircut of any housewife. I wish I could have that cut.

    1. Not to sound like a know it all, but it would be a lot more than a cut. It would be weave and all that, a hair stylist………it does look cute right there, though.

    2. Rinna does have a great haircut. In this pic it ages her because it’s too long and bulky. She looks as though she’s wearing a wig.

  5. Well, how many more people does she have to come for in order to create a storyline for her dull life? I guess Kyle, Erika, and Eileen, so she will be back.

  6. Yes, I too love her hair. Wish mine would do that – or should I say – I wish I had a hair and make up crew too. Also -If she would stop making so much shi+ up and focus on her own family – I think she would be more interesting.

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