Lisa Rinna: I Meant What I Said

Lisa Rinna is sharing her thought about her confrontation and resolve with Kim Richards in her blog. Rinna believes two people were crucial in the process and insists that she meant what she said.

“Well this has been a long time coming! Kim and I have finally made amends, owned up to what we’ve said and done to one another, and have made a mutual commitment to move away from the negativity once and for all.

I meant what I said when I spoke of coming from a good place and wanting to move on with every ounce of my being. I will continue to honor the promise I made that night, and I wish Kim well. I have truly enjoyed seeing her so happy with her grandson for the past five months.

Thank God for Carnie Wilson and Kim’s sponsor, Clare, for helping us get to a place where we could heal. They were a crucial part of this process, and I admire the wisdom and peace they were able to bring to the situation. I do believe those Love Bites cheesecakes of Carnie’s were also a crucial component in our healing that evening. They were beyond delish! You should try them for yourself!

Both Eileen and Erika were also a great support system, and I am very grateful to both of them for that. They both stayed back and let the conversation roll out as it was meant to, but I’m thankful they were there and had my back.

I’m glad it’s over and that we could both agree to move on. Life is too short to sit in any of this negativity. My life is just too good, and I am so blessed, as we all are…”

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Lisa is trouble looking for a place to happen. She’s a very troubled woman. Leave Kim alone.

Nasty human being! Selfish and by the way…his first name is Harry, his last name in Hamlin no need to remind us every two minutes his full name is Harry Hamlin. Saying his full name is as fake and over done as she is…

Lisa Rinna, you meant what you said in the past too. Then you realized you lied?! Really?
I think Rinna and ED should leave the show. Bring on Carnie Wilson and someone else who is not a soap star please. I have nothing against soap stars, but these two are the worst, and I think we need new blood. JMO


I don’t understand what Eileen did wrong here??

It is not just what she does when she is with Rinna. It is her past behavior. They are like sisters…and I am not saying ED is the same as Rinna, but she does become quick to judge and take a side without having the facts. She and Rinna should have their own show. They seem to alienate themselves from the rest IMHO.

Hmm. I guess we just see things differently, and that’s okay! I do wish Eileen would dump Rinna but I think I’ve just accepted that it won’t happen.

I can’t seem to get out of my head the picture of Lisa V. saying “”own it”….


LV, couldn’t have been happier when all the crap was coming down on LR. And didn’t she look disappointed when Kim and LR seem to make up.

I’d be a little tickled too after what LR and ED put LVP through with their lies (not proven they told the truth about LVP). Didn’t see camera catch LVP’s “disappointment”. Was it gas?

See I don’t think they were lies. LV got called on her BS and didn’t like it at all.

Rinna is a bad actress trying to make the show happen. I’m sorry but she’s the worse addition ever. Andy was right first season to not allow her on. I can see Rinna having like one more season and then be booted cause of her antics, plus she’s an addict and she’s probably close to death so they should let her go 🙂

There have been a whole lot worse than LR on the show. Does Brandy come to mind?

Nah Brandi had great first seasons. Viewers, including LVP, turned on Kyle for brandi, so you know that’s not true lol.

You know, I thought LR had a great 1st season. But I think her down fall was calling out the “Queen”. Holding LV accountable for her BS was great. At least for me. 🙂

Brandi’s first couple of seasons were CLASSIC she was the first (and I think only??) recurring cast member to be promoted to a main housewife. Stirred up the MOST shocking drama and shifted alliances like nobody’s business. All hail queen Brandi!!!

BrandyTwinkle had me close to not watching … total turnoff

Brandi was totally tired by the end, but come on you have to be able to admit she was GOLD during seasons 2-3.

Cin? Why is she called Brandi Twinkle?

OH Jay…haven’t you forgotten about the Witch/Wicken chic? Wasn’t SHE the worst? Or what about the drunken sex/botox addict who’s claim to fame is LeAnn Rimes?

OH SHUT UP ALREADY RINNA, ‘NOUGH SAID from your hypocritical fat lips.
Say any more & an even bigger hole will be dug. How many times has she said she’s in a better place, she’s put all negativity away & just wants to be peaceful. Yet, she creates maligning others names. Apologising is one thing, she’s got to show it by word & deed. What a HYPOCRITE.

And funny how you are going to get a whole season’s storyline out of your little lie that you owned up to! How convenient!

You know I feel like this. Lisa Rinna is easy to rank on besides the facts – she just lied big time, she went after LVP, she won’t leave an addict alone, she needs her other soap friend to shield her by sticking real close to her, etc etc. I think Lisa Rinna’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t have her own personal power, no truly major merits of her own so she borrows from others energy and tries to puff herself up by association, hence the whole Harry Hamlin admiration for instance. Now it’s going to be latching onto… Read more »
Not a Housewife & Neither RU

Giiirl….come reunion time, Lisa Rinna is going to get dragged….

You have nothing to offer so you constantly inject yourself into everyone else’s life to get airtime. Just because you are fluent in AlAnon language does not mean you have any wisdom.