Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards Finally Make Amends

Lisa Rinna finally owned it during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That’s right she finally admitted to spreading gossip about Kim Richards, including that she might have relapsed, that she was “close to dying” and that her sister, Kyle Richards, was her enabler.

This was a change from Rinna, who had spent the last two episodes saying she didn’t remember saying these things to Eden Sassoon after her spat with Kim at game night.

“I’m realizing that I’ve said it, I did say those things. I now have to own it,” Rinna said. “It’s not always an easy thing to admit, but I tell the truth. And I will always tell my truth and stick to my truth. So I have to go in there and say, ‘You know what, I said it.’”

Lisa decided she would apologize to Kim at a dessert tasting at Kyle Richards’ house in front of all of the ladies including; Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Dorit Kemsley, Camille Grammer, Kim’s sponsor Clare, and Wilson Phillips star Carnie Wilson.

Things at the party were going smoothly until Rinna decided to address Kim. “It’s my time of reckoning,” Rinna told viewers. “I see that you’re in a good place right now — I do,” Rinna told Kim. “This was in the heat of the moment after game night. It was coming from a place where I felt very safe with Eden. We are two people who have lost sisters. We lost our sisters to overdoses.”

“I wasn’t maligning. You were provoking me and I didn’t understand that,” she continued. “I have only wanted to move on with you … It wasn’t necessarily a fair judgement call.”

“Lisa, you’re always saying things,” Kim fired back. “You don’t think of the consequences for other people. My children were affected. My sisters are affected. My friends are affected. My grandchild will be affected … This is so traitorous.”

Rinna tried to defend her actions by Kim’s behavior at game night. “Normally in the moment of that, a sober person doesn’t act like that,” she said.

At that point, Kyle jumped in. “Anyone who saw my sister at game night could see that my sister was sober,” she said. “You lied and now you’re trying to cover your ass.”

Kim then involved Eden Sassoon in the conversation. “You, being in recovery, try to go around and repeat it? … There’s something about people in recovery — we don’t beat each other down, we build each other up and we support each other,” Kim said. “You sat out here and you jumped into business that you had nothing to know.”

“And by the way, you’re not Kim and Kyle Richards,” she continued. “Okay? Don’t get confused here. I get the Catya and Eden story …”

“Kim knew her— it has nothing to do with not being compassionate,” Kyle injected, addressing Sassoon. “I can’t imagine what you must have gone through losing your sister. That is horrific. And I met your sister and she was a beautiful girl. That must have been a nightmare to you. But you can’t compare your sister to ours.”

Then, Rinna brought up her fight with Kim in Amsterdam where Kim brought up her husband Harry Hamlin. “How do you think I felt when you said something about my husband?” Rinna asked Kim. “It even hurt Harry, even though he would never say it did. But do you know how many people have come up to him and said ‘What did you do?’ Imagine that in your life. So it did hurt our family.”

“I said I’m sorry for that,” Kim said. “I have said that to you so many times Lisa. I don’t have anything — I don’t know anything.”

This changed everything.

“I get it now,” Rinna said. “I accept your apology. I accept it, thank you. I am sorry that I hurt you, that I am truly sorry for Kim. I was really trying not to talk about you and I was really trying to come from that place. I did have that moment after game night. I don’t want to go there.”

“You and I have never had the chance to heal,” she told Kim. “I am so trying. I want to be able to forgive and come from a place of true love for you. I do.”

“I just can’t have my world out there again,” Kim said. “As hard as I worked last year, I won’t stand back. I am going to stand up for myself. Because sometimes when I have been put in that situation, I have felt like I was going to die. And I get very defensive. I almost felt like it was a death for me — going through some of the things I went through.”

“Don’t we all want to move on?” Rinna asked. “Don’t we all want to heal the situation? Can we end it? Truly. From this moment on, every ounce of my being wants to move on.”

“I’m over it,” Kim said. “It just has to stop. I just feel like it’s always — there comes a time where it has to end.”

Watch the clip below.

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23 Replies to “Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards Finally Make Amends”

  1. Rinna apologizes until “the next time”..she’s not motivated by right and wrong but by “consequences and how it makes her look”..bipolar babe

    1. I agree. LR is a POS. LR & ED can spin this any way they want. We all know LR lied. She did the same thing last season to LVP. What I don’t get is why they seem to blame Eden. Eden went about it the wrong way, but they would never have known about LR is not for Eden.

  2. BS TO RINNA………..HOW CAN SHE CONTINUE TO LIE & BE SO DAMN ARROGANT!?! After watching the episode and then re-watching, Rinna had a ‘come to’ moment only due to the fact that Eden let her have it and Rinna knew since Eden told LVP that Kyle/Kim were aware. Rinna has got to STOP the crap about losing her sister. She was six years old and it is quite doubtful at that age she experienced the full brunt of the horror of losing a loved one as has Eden….and many others in this world. Rinna absolutely no scruples or credibility. Her ‘I’m sorry’ speeches are old, tired and worthless. Bravo needs to fire Rinna and bring some semblance of class back to RHOBH. Rinna is hiding stuff and deflecting……did Harry have a few affairs here and there, is Xanax used beyond ‘once in awhile’, is there an eating disorder she thinks she’s hiding, or is Rinna so emotionally bankrupt she can’t see passed her narcissist arrogance? PLEASE BRAVO, TAKE OUT THE TRASH AND LEAVE IT BY THE CURB FOR PICK-UP.

    1. What’s interesting is how Rinna admits she did it and apologizes without ever really admitting she was wrong. Instead she excuses what she did cause, basically, Kim pissed her off. So it’s Kim’s fault she said those things. And Eden’s fault for taking what she said and trying to help, which she had no business doing, but for Lipsa, she wouldn’t have done so again, it’s not Rinna but it gets put on Eden. And kim saying Eden shouldn’t have repeated the rumors…But she only took it to LVP to figure it out. It’s not like she was mouthing it to the rooftops…I still maintain she has a bad history with Kim though…Even if it was just Kim and her sister partying together. And Kyle jumping LVP…pick a lane…Seriously? Pot, meet kettle.

      1. I just watched it again and all Rinna did was admit she said it, (which she had such a hard time remembering that but remembers everything Kim has ever said to her) and then she justified why she said it and deflected it on Kim. And really…Again Kyle tells LVP to pick a lane cause she was defending Eden and then jumps on the Rinna bandwagon cause Kim insinuated something about Harry Hamlin…Years ago…God forbid!!!! As if that’s justification. Everyone know the rumors back then about Harry Hamlin, same rumors as today and those aren’t going to go away by spreading rumors about others. I don’t care for Eden, but she did the right thing going to LVP. JMO

      2. I agree. Eden took this to LVP because LVP is Kyle’s friend. She could see LR running around & trying to act like she didn’t start this up. Eden did the right thing telling LVP. Kyle makes me sick. Her telling LVP to pick a lane is sickening. LVP has stood up for Kim more than Kyle. Will Kyle admit it was LR who started all of this.

  3. Yeah right, rinna is mentally ill, she has no logical thinking. She’ll hate Kim till the end of time, the same way LVP holds a grudge to the grave.

  4. I agree…I vote for Carnie as a HW!!!! She’s hilarious!!!
    I have never been a fan of Kyle…but this season I actually like her! She was hot on LVP – made me laugh!! I believe Kim and Kyle are very close and when Kim’s not ok neither is Kyle.
    BUT…again…I agree this season is BLAH! It is going on way too long!!!!!
    Our girl, Erika is as adorable as ever.

  5. Hey Rain. How are you today. I see you were up early again.
    I loved Carnie Wilson. I saw her with Kyle on Celebrity Apprentice too. She is very real. She would be a great addition to this show, though I don’t think many of them wanted to eat desserts…at least not more than a piece…of one. I wanted to taste them…wish we could do that!
    I thought Kim was unfeeling with her comment as well as Kyle when they brought up her sister and said we are not you and your sister or something like that. I think it was a cold comment, especially from Kim. She seems like an evil witch. I can never look at Kim as a nice person. She is a troubled soul who has a lot of hate in her from all that I have seen, and yes she did say something to imply that Harry had something he was hiding that she knew. I don’t blame Rinna for being upset with Kim, but what she did about selectively forgetting what she said and putting the new girl, Eden, on the spot like that was so, so wrong. Rinna makes no sense at all.
    Eden, I feel sorry for, though I think she is probably not cut out for this sort of show. She seems to be harboring a lot of resentment toward Kim…JMO, and she seems to be reminded of the loss of her sister every time Kim is mentioned which stirs up her emotions. Eden needs a good friend who cares. I am not sure if she has one. It would be nice if Kyle could befriend her for real and not just snippets for the show, and mean it. It seems Eden’s mother was not very close with her and her dad was said to be difficult and demanding as a father. She really does not seem the right fit for this…too fragile, maybe. I do wish Eden well. She should stay the h… away from Rinna too. She is trouble.

  6. Pick a lane. I liked that comment…a bit. Kyle did not like LVP supporting her enemies in the least. Kyle is getting more and more strength with each season. She is not afraid to tell LVP what she thinks and is not kissing up to her like she did, though clearly they are still friends, I think?
    There will always be enemies and those little cliques where the popular girls take on the new girls, etc. It can be hard to watch at times. I want Eden to leave the show and just get more therapy. I want Kim to do the same. She should just stop opening her mouth. I think I like Kyle more when Kim’s name is not mentioned and she is nowhere near her. I don’t like what she becomes when she throws daggers for Kim either, whether she feels justified or not. It is not a good look on her, but I understand she is protective, and that is not necessarily a bad trait, even for your constantly irritating sister.
    Love ya Rain.
    XOXOXO ❤️

  7. I forgot to thank you for your Great post comment.
    Thanks, Rain!
    Yours are always great posts! (That should cover past and future posts!).

  8. Lisa was lying again when she said she was sorry and didn’t mean to hurt Kim, all those flashbacks at her word choices when sparring with Kim were just as Kim said, “TREACHEROUS”with pobvious intention. Carnie Wilson was absolutely hilarious as a guest for this episode, & I hope we see her again as the resident celebrity dessert caterer to the rich b**ches of Beverly Hills. She was GREAT, lol.

  9. I think what Rinna finally ‘remembered’ is that she said it on camera. I also think that stupid phrase “my truth” comes out of her mouth because she thinks truth is malleable according to what serves her in the moment. Kyle’s “pick a lane” is also a childish understanding of friendship, basically saying if you’re my friend you still need to agree with me on every subject. I agree with LVP. Rinna meant the vicious gossip because she was pissed at Kim. Eden was just trying to be helpful, not gossiping. And she did the right think by letting LVP know why she thought Kim may need help.

  10. I haven’t watched the episode yet…..I will….but Rain…..sweetie…..”a vibrator trapped inside”….oh God! I have to pay close attention to Eden because I cannot imagine what a vibrator trapped inside would look like on the outside. Beautiful babe. Beautiful! LOL

  11. Eileen was definitely shocked that LR confirmed she said all that crap about Kim. She also recognized the gravity and what it took to fess up to it. LR knew all along she said it. She just couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it. It was probably keeping her up at night.

    Kim has and is too fragile. I’m going to say this and hope I don’t get my ass handed to me…..but I’m not nor have I ever been a fan of Kim’s. I wish she had not come back. She needs to go away and get her life in order. She’s very selfish and mean, drunk or sober but I do wish her success finding her way and maybe this grand baby is the answer.

    LVP was enjoying it a little. She couldn’t hide it.

    What I think bothered me most was Kim’s attack of Eden. As much as I’m not keen on Eden, she didn’t deserve it. I didn’t see it as gossip at all. I felt Kim wanted to scream and punch someone and Eden was her choice. As misguided as Eden was, she was coming from a good place.

    Kyle is really a good sister because she just keeps taking truckloads of crap from Kim and keeps coming back. Kim has been and said some really awful things to Kyle yet she still defends her and wants to protect her.

    Like I said when I found out that Kim was guest appearing…….it was a terrible idea!

  12. Hi Bloggers Friends. I watched the episode last night and here’s my opinion. Kim is cruel, Kyle is a good sister but is much better when she doesn’t have to hand-hold her cruel sister, LVP didn’t need to pick a lane, she saw both sides and good for her for once, Eden is damaged and needs to go and I wish her well, Erika rocks, Eileen is sweet, Rinna is a nut job and needs help, Dorito was great because she was hardly in it, and Carnie Wilson needs to be a HW…loved her. And, the best part of this episode, Bambi in the pool looking at her beloved ball as it floated away and then she’s laid out on the chaise, poolside, with the ball. Friggin love that dog!! The end.

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