Is Lisa Rinna Jealous Of Eileen Davidson’s Popularity On RHOBH?


According to a new report, RHOBH star Lisa Rinna may be rethinking her decision to join the cast. An insider claims that Rinna is jealous because she is being overshadowed by Eileen Davidson.

“Lisa had hoped joining the show would help revive her acting career and offer exciting new opportunities,” the insider revealed.

But Davidson has become “the instant fan hit on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the source said. “Viewers have responded to Eileen’s cool and calm demeanor, and the fact that she is so down to earth.”

“Eileen also has true class, whereas with Lisa, it just feels like she is trying way too hard,” the source told RadarOnline. “The feedback Lisa has received from joining the show hasn’t been good. In fact, this could hurt her career. She’s jealous of Eileen’s success so far on the show.”

UPDATE: Lisa Vanderpump responded to us on Twitter and confirmed that this report is false

“It’s not true we all had dinner last night..” she tweeted.

Do you believe Lisa Rinna is jealous of Eileen? I happen to think they are both great additions to the cast. Do you agree? Share your opinions in our comments section.

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  • drunkinlove92

    got to be a false story as I’m from the UK and never heard of Lisa Rinna (although seen her on MTV hosting time to time) and I love her and think she has become a excellent asset to housewives

    • Sunny

      I agree! This statement is ludicrous! It’s obvious both are well liked and they treat eachother with respect and kindness….no jealousy there that I can see.

  • Jody

    They are both lovely. Can’t imagine this is true They add a touch of lightness to the show.

  • Tam

    No I don’t believe this either they both have bought great individual flavours to the show .. I am impressed by them both and love watching them.

  • ChristopherM

    I don’t buy this for a second. I think Lisa Rinna is the most fun addition to the franchise in years. Moreover, she is fun without being a mean girl, melodramatic, or psycho. She is proof that you don’t have to cast a bunch of Kenya Moores or Brandis to amp up the drama.

  • Aunt Bee

    I agree – both are great assets and I see no jealousy. Whoever starts these nasty rumors are just plain sick.

  • Mikey B

    i love them both. lisa’s a hustler. she’s said it herself, she’ll do anything for the right amount of money.. but she doesn’t seem to be a jealous type.

    i think one problem is that lisa has obviously watched the housewives shows before. because of that, she’s probably gonna take a while to open up and be her true self. eileen on the other hand.. although she’s nice, she seems a bit out of her depth, that she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. because of that, she seems more natural – more natural = more likeable?

  • cin

    don’t believe this for a minute….. both Lisa and Eileen are wonderful additions to the cast. I don’t see where either one outshines the other. They are both unique in their own right. Just wish BrandiTwinkle would get the boot… seriously Bravo.. get rid of her.

  • Dalimili

    I do not see her as a jelous type… this could only come from the mouth of BrandiTwinkle… she needs money and she hates both of the girls… hence RadarOnline…

  • Sounds like yet another questionable Radar Online story. For one, the camaraderie between Lisa R and Eileen seems genuine, two Lisa R has had a lot of positive feed back on this blog and on any others that I have seen. Next…..

  • deonn

    this is completely false i mean cmon its radar online we are the viewers we watch the show if annything EILEEN would be jealous of lisa rinna because lisa rinna is connecting with the viewers

  • Anonymous

    i love how you bring up brandi when this has NOTHING to do with her…you love to hate her and she always gives you something to talk about thats why bravo isn’t getting rid of her

    • When people relive horror, it is the horror we remember and speak about. It doesn’t mean it’s what we want. But most kids and young boys do like the whore, except her sons who will come home with many black eyes defending her. She cares more about proving she can still get a hunk to f— her than she does about anything her sons might be embarrassed about. No wonder Eddie won’t allow them on the show. Soon they will be treating girls the way she is showing them to and it will be STD’s and pregnant girls for them instead of the great life all real mom’s give their kids.

  • jennyd

    Totally false!! I follow Lisa R on twitter and her and Eileen are very good friends. They constantly tweet bk and forth along with Lisa Vanderpump. Actually a day or so ago Lisa R tweeted something like “I love Eileen Davidson” lol could’ve been because of this story. But no, Lisa is just as popular as Eileen. And they’re both receiving wonderful reviews from fans. The two new ladies are way more popular than Kim and she’s been there from the begining. Radar Online is crazy.

  • Golfcar48

    I thought the opposite. Eileen Davidson is trying to figure out where she can fit in with this group so she is playing it low key. Lisa Rinna is bubbly and vivacious and fits in just right. I think these two ladies are a wonderful addition to this franchise of housewives. Relax and have fun ladies!

    • Annoymous

      Golfcard48, you and I think alike!

  • Queenie

    If anyone is jealous of anything, it’s that nutcase Brandi. I barely even watch/pay attention to the show any more, now that she’s on it.

  • Bon Vivant

    Such a bullocks story, why even print it? Rinna has had overwhelmingly positive viewer response, and it is pretty clear she and Davidson have an authentic friendship. If anything, they make a great pair together, and have breathed new life into all these tired old scenarios that currently make up the bulk of the show.

  • Reddingg

    Love Eileen I agree that Lisa maybe doesn’t have as intresting a storyline as Eileen but I dont get the feeling she’s jealous! Joyce was always jealous of Carlton. She looked so pissed when she was the furthest away housewife from Andy at the reunion and Carlton was second from Andy!

    • Aunt Bee

      Carlton was a witch Andy kept her close cuz he didn’t want to piss HER off. I liked Joyce as much as I like Lisa and Eileen.

  • sumack

    I don’t believe it! They do come out with some cr..!

  • Lisa Rinna is hilarious! Glad she is on the show.

  • judyk

    I love them both. Two totally different women. Unfair to compare them. Both are great additions!

  • Kat

    I think they’re great on the show!
    They could lose Kim tho 🙂

    • Sunny

      Please take kim…somebody!!!

  • Tom

    Nope not jealous

  • Tom

    They have both become favorites of the fans. WHY? Because they are no flaming a$%#%&^ like the rest of them

  • Carla

    Lisa Renner is a pure witch and very underhanded!

  • Carla

    Poor Kim and Brandy to have to work with her!

    • Yeah, it will be tiring again for them to try to kick their way out of the gutter to touch the bottom of the shoes of Kyle, Lisa, Lisa, Eileen and Yolanda. They are so outclassed that they don’t even know what it means.