Lisa Rinna: I’m No Doctor


RHOBH star Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to explain why she brought up to Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump that she thought Yolanda Foster could have Munchausen Syndrome. Rinna also shares her thoughts on the rest of the episode. See what she had to say below.




“I can certainly understand the dynamics of juggling work, family, husband, home, etc., so I could relate to the conversation Eileen had with Vince at lunch. It’s all definitely a challenge! That’s why in our house we just let Harry Hamlin be God and it seems to do the trick. I leave him alone, Lorena and I handle almost everything, and if we really need him, we ask, but other than that, I am fortunate enough to have Lorena helping me, so I don’t have to ask God for much.

I love watching Erika, don’t you? She’s so confident and passionate about being and performing as Erika Jayne. Seeing her speak so confidently with David Foster about her music was impressive. I mean, he’s one of the most respected music producers of our time and she just owns it while speaking about her own music. It’s also a lot of fun watching her and her costume designer together. Those costumes are so Bob Mackie on steroids!! Hilarious to think of Erika Jayne performing in one of her costumes for the Pope. Good for her for knowing that probably wouldn’t be the best move! Like I said, I love watching Erika. She’s so fun and such a great addition to the group and she helped keep everything pretty light, warm and fuzzy up until that point.

Oh, and then there was Munchausen! Yep, I brought it up. So here’s what happened:

Kyle, Eileen and I were invited over to Lisa V’s to meet her new horses. The conversation of Yolanda and her health challenges came up as we have seen happen quite often these days and I took this opportunity to really open up to the girls. As we know, Lisa V. and Kyle have had numerous conversations questioning Yolanda’s health and her decisions and I felt safe among this group of friends to confide about how these same conversations were not only happening among our inner circle but in my outer circle of friends as well as with strangers. I am no doctor and I don’t claim to be a doctor, nor do I want to give anyone a diagnosis. The word Munchausen was brought to me by my friend that these girls do not personally know, and I felt this was a safe place to bring it up. There I said it. I did. I own it. I don’t feel good about it and I was very upset that I engaged in these conversations with others that are as naive as I am about Lyme Disease, but I did and I shared it with these women. I now know I need to tell Yolanda, as Eileen said, you need to talk to Yolanda about it, and I believe that to be true. So there you have it!”

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  1. From what I’ve seen of Erika Jayne so far, I thought she was extremely braggy, a legend in her own mind only. Most likely the rich grandpa she married for obvious, not very nice reasons pays for her to get to prance around as if she is a star big in dance clubs. Can you say “table dancer?” By the way, David Foster did not seem impressed with her. He blew her off.

    If Eileen doesn’t like the deal she gets from Vince, she should consider the deal she and he gave to his ex-wife and children when breaking up their home behind their backs. Brandy did call that one right.

    And I am quite sure Lisa knows that bringing up a mental illness as a possibility when someone says they have a chronic physical illness, is not really anything you can say innocently at all. She says she “owns it” while trying to weasel out of it or blame it on “what people have come up to her and said.” Who cares if someone comes up to you and involved you in something that doesn’t concern you? That’s no excuse. You just say, “I don’t know anything about that.”

    I wonder why Lisa wants to frenemy-bash Yolanda, while singing the praises of Erika and Eileen. Yolanda has much more class than either of them.

    1. I agree JJ. she didn’t own anything. In fact beyond blaming strangers, & her inability to determine what she should & shouldn’t discuss she also threw LVP & Kyle under the bus. I still believe Rinna is the one in need of mental help. But I could care less if she gets it.

    2. David Foster’s opinion of anyone is hardly anything I would be concerned with. I don’t care why Erika married him, he married her too. David is a musical genius, and I actually do not think he knows how to love a person. He lives in a different head space than anyone who is not a prodigy. Not that it excuses what he does, but all of his exes seem pleased with him as a husband and an ex. And Eileen’s marriage, the ex in that case has forgiven and moved on also, so I will. I haven’t ever looked up the story though, so I am not aware of any hard feelings that they have. I don’t really care that much. If she wasn’t good to the boys, now that I would continue to care about and be resentful about. Apparently the ex wife and Eileen are friends. I do have this time expiration in me though. So many other things are currently a struggle and I tend to forget the old stuff and concentrate on important things, well, what is important to me of course. Yolanda is much better now, yay. I am not a fan of hers and personally don’t think she has more class than anyone else on the show. She has seemed very judgmental toward all the housewives and remains so now. In wellness and in health she expects a lot of others. Where has her tolerance and acceptance of others been ever? Not where I can see it.

  2. Lisa Rinna was my favourite until she clearly instigated some hideous rumours before talking to Yolanda in private about the accusations around psychosomatic manifestations of false illnesses. Not a true friend in my mind and the ‘oops did I say that out loud, I feel bad now’ doesn’t cut it. Too late…. it sows seeds of doubt for millions of viewers. Poor Yolanda having to defend herself against this kind of behaviour.

  3. Right, Rinna… you aren’t a doctor. So why even bring it up? Camera time? You were just at Yolanda’s house days before that being so sugary sweet to her face and then to go around Kyle and Lisa and make an accusation like Munchausen? I think you’re going to get caught playing messy in this game with these women and you won’t like what you find…

    1. I personally don’t think Rinna done anything wrong. She is asking intelligent questions. If Yo was suffering from this mental illness then Yo is not going to admit it. Rinna felt guilty afterwards as any friend would. Sometimes when you have a thought its better to say it to others to let them discredit what you are saying or state they think the same. Ultimately we are all human and we ask questions about things we don’t understand. All the women have put their hands up and said they don’t full understand it and therefore are not sure what to think.

      Judge Judy… in the words of Eileen ” You weren’t there, you don’t know what happened”. That was 20 years ago and no one knows what exactly happened in either marriage. To hold that against Eileen is a very judgement and also a very black/white way of looking at things. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. Eileen has the right to question how her marriage should be. Brandi (being the judge of people having affairs) found some ammunition on Eileen and tried to use it against her. To target someone over an event that you don’t know the facts about is a very childish and none intelligent way of thinking.

      Brandi loved to throw things out there and see if they would stick. Knowing the drama it would cause without any evidence to support her claims. Yet when it was done to her about being an “alcoholic” she went crazy. If you can’t take it then don’t do it.

      1. Calling me childish and unintelligent is childish and unintelligent. Keep your personal insults to yourself, this is a celeb gossip site and you certainly don’t hold any position of authority on what is the correct opinion on anything at all. Also? I don’t need to be there to understand that cheating is wrong. Just look at the word, genius. “C.h.e.a.t.i.n.g.” When there is no fault divorce and marriage counselors widely available, no, there is no excuse. And there is also really no time limit either. A broken family is broken forever. Your little clichés are stupid.

        1. I was not intending to offend and I have no desire to get into a disagreement. I didn’t call you personally childish or unintelligent. I stated that in my opinion that way of thinking is, the way that Brandi thinks of things. I am sure you have figured out how life works for yourself.

          If you wish to judge someone on an affair that you have no facts about then that is your choice. I personally do not like to make snap judgements.

          In the words of Tamra what i typed is “MY OPINION”, I don’t think mine or your opinion is right or wrong.

          1. Here’s the thing unless he was divorced it was an illicit affair and is wrong. I don’t care if she was the worst wife on the planet or ignored his needs. There is no grey in that area, it is black and white CHEATING IS WRONG. If you want to be with someone else than get a divorce, leave your current partner or whatever and then enter into a new relationship. Only a cheater or someone who condones cheating states cheating isn’t black or white. The hurt and baggage it creates for years and life times is irreversible. So even if they have been married 20 years they were in the wrong for having an affair.

            1. Ultimately, Its not a crime and is therefore is based on peoples opinions if it’s right or wrong. If every party is now happier following it then who are we to say it wasn’t the right thing to do in the long run. We will never know what exactly happened.

  4. Call me old-fashioned but I really don’t like people who break up a home with children. I think it strongly speaks of the character of the people involved and is close to sociopathic in its selfishness. The parents need to first try to work it out, in marriage counseling. If they can’t, an orderly separation among adults might be necessary, with everyone leaving on two feet rather than sneaking about on four. Acting honorably and taking care of their partner the best they can on their way out and most of all, the children. The ones who do the deep damage to the rest of the family are the only ones saying the stupid, trite little clichés to try to minimize the damage they’ve done.

    1. JJ, I gotta agree with you 100% on the cheating issue. I have a problem (and judgy eyes) with people sneaking around having affairs with married partners, especially when children are involved and then busting up two marriages and splitting families apart. Unfortunately, this crazy society and it’s “if it feels good you just HAVE TO DO IT” motto, doesn’t help matters any. God forbid people control their behavior and not let it control them. But, I don’t hold that against Eileen and her griping about Vinnie. Actually? He comes across as an ass.

  5. Why shouldn’t Lisa or Kyle or the man on the corner talk about Y? Comment away. That attention-seeking little girl in a woman’s body loves ANY kind of attention but preferably ONLY when it’s adoring or lauding her.

  6. Thank you, Gigi. It does surprise me how so many people think all that is just fine and everyone is required to “not judge.” Yes, when you act like a total bottom-feeder and stab your nearest and dearest in the back, I am sorry but people WILL judge you! It’s so childish to act like there is always some hidden excuse that would excuse it all that we JUST DON’T KNOW. BS!

    Yes, Vince is an azz. I can’t believe he called her an idiot right in front of the TV cameras.

    I also agree that when these ladies make tons of money by putting their entire lives up for the public to view, they can’t really expect to not be discussed. It is a two-sided coin.

  7. Lisa R read to the women exactly what we all have been thinking & for the most part, I think it’s true that Yolanda has Munchausen_______AND Lymmes, in a nutshell. Get over yourself Yolanda, the world does not rotate around you. As for Lisa R being told an apology is necessary, absolutely not!!!!! She shared what was given to her & I would’ve done the same amongst my very close friends. Yolanda can give it, but she cant take it. Oh well, too bad, no more spoon feeding Yo.

  8. I applaud Lisa Rinna’s courage. She was absolutely correct about Kim Richards’ and I believe she is right about Yolanda, too. All of the cautiousness about mentioning Yolanda’s condition by the others does not make saying out loud what they too think is wrong. Yolanda goes straight for Lisa’s juglar vein but secretly everyone else sides with Lisa. What better doubt Of Yolanda’s exaggerated health condition than her husband leaving her. After spending millions traveling the world of quack doctors and cures, I would say that David has had enough of Yolanda’s self-centered drama.

  9. I like that Rinna says it out loud and on camera. It may be awkward and uncomfortable, but it is also honest and straightforward.
    I’ll take that over the double dealing, dishonest and deceptive BS we get from some of these women.

    1. I agree. I hate walking on egg shells!!# just spit it out and get some honest feed back. It’s hard not to wonder when numerous people are coming to you with concerns.

  10. She´s not a doctor, that´s why she should STFU…..those Daisy Duck lips were made for talking BS, so stay away from talking stuff you don´t know about, Lisa

  11. First of all I don’t take anything on any of the Housewives seriously. It is enhanced reality. I would bet any money the producers wanted some controversy and wanted someone to make a comment. And so now we have a scene that people are taking about. A lot goes on behind the scenes and I think we all know that.

  12. I’ve seen Lisa Rinna on other shows and always thought she was so cute and likable but getting to know her on this show has brought out how truly dumb she is. She said once she won’t say no to any job but this one has not done much for her image.

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