Lisa Rinna Finally Changes Her Hair

Lisa Rinna appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night with a brand new look. The Bravo star changed up her iconic ‘do with some longer locks, which surprised a lot of people.

She took to Instagram to show off her new hair with a coy caption of, “Hey.”


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Lisa also explained her jabs towards her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump and revealed which co-star doesn’t “own it.”


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      1. It pisses me off that he thinks he’s like an Adonis or something ! Walking around like a peacock when he’s nothing but an unattractive flabby man

  1. YES!!
    I watched it last night. I felt so bad for Lord M. It seems, however, that Victoria has more feelings for animals than people. Her own child…is not as appealing as a puppy?!

    1. I did not mean to say that she should not have been upset about Dash. That was heartwrenching. I meant that she did not seem to bond with either child, especially the youngest one, and the puppy made her very happy. She was always closer to the animals than her own children…so far, anyway.

      1. Viciotria was known for suffering from we now know as postpartum depression and it seems that it hit her really hard that she couldn’t even spent time with her children . I know they had 8 or more kids so I wonder if that depressed subsided with the later kids .
        The costumes and jewelry were exquisite!! I still think she’s not a great actress especially in the scenes with Albert who is just magnificent

        1. Yes, I agree about the post partum depression. They just did not show her taking any interest in her children. I would hope that would change in time.
          Yes, I just love the costumes and jewelry! I always loved Downton Abbey for that too.
          I agree that she is not a great actress. The actor who plays Albert really shows his feelings in his eyes and his expressions, so much better than she is, for sure. He is great.

  2. We can only hope. They just don’t make too many episodes of these kinds of shows, sadly. I did not check to see. Fingers crossed.

  3. It makes her look like she is trying too hard to look young. Kind of unnatural and a little desperate. Like her natural short hair better.

  4. Wait for LVP to say she’s copying her hairstyle. Quite frankly, Rinna can rock whatever look she tries. I think she looks amazing. I wish she had never done her lips so big, but that’s her schtick.

  5. Well said!
    Now we need a Victoria page!!
    Maybe a Masterpiece page?
    I watched Poldark and The Durrells in Corfu too…both too short!
    I wish we could have Downton Abbey back!
    (I never made it to the NY Downton…though it is until April. They recently had a black tie affair with all the Downton foods and sets…wished I could have made it. I told my son to go who lives in NYC…and loves to dress in period costume, and he said, he was to be in Las Vegas for that electronics expo to show off a new invention of his…)
    Oh, and he won his first robot match. I watched in on YouTube…in Chinese, though they interviewed him, and he was amazing and looked great on TV too…the photogenic son…and not just because he is mine either. I just wish I saw more of him!

  6. I think Rinna looks fine in her normal look, but she also looks fine in long hair, though I think maybe she could go just a bit shorter than this to look best. I think it would look great if the bottom was angled a bit with it a little longer in front and shorter in back and just a little edgier vibe to it.
    Maybe something like this with a bit more of a side bang than this:

    1. Yeah I don’t think I like it either. The first picture I thought………oh no! then the 2nd one I was like, well maybe…..then the video I was…..I dunno. It looks like she’s trying too hard and it doesn’t come off natural, not that she could with those lips. I think LR is an attractive woman and dresses beautifully. I like her style and I love her house but I’m on the fence with this hair.

  7. I made an error in that in my haste. My son won the first battle of his robot in the competition. I don’t know the final results, since he is not allowed to talk about it. I know that was one of more than one battle, but I know nothing more. The fact that he was asked to go back in March may be because he did very well…but since they did not air the rest, he is mum about it. Sorry about the way that came out!

    He is photogenic. I am not! I tried to take a selfie the other day and the hubby said it did not look like me! I said, who was it then? I did not think it looked like the me in the mirror either…but maybe it is the camera on the phone? So, according to most, I look better in person….not photgenic!
    My eldest is quite thin from all of that walking in NYC, and he says he resembles Tom Cruise. He sorta does, but as his mom, I only see him! He is bearded now..usually is, and has a light beard with some blonde and red in it, but his hair is now darker brown. He was a blonde when he was young.

    Okay, enough of that here. Thanks for your kind words. I will keep you up to date as to the competition when I find out more myself! Mom is the last one to know!
    Love you.

  8. Happy Friday to you Rain!
    He has liked beards most of the year for year, basically because he says he is lazy about shaving. He hates it. He used to have just chin hair when he first started in college. He said he had to have hair on his face because people thought he was still in high school without it. He started college at 17, a year early and he is not tall, and looked younger, for sure. He was upset when he turned 21 and they did not want to let him into an R movie without ID.
    Now he is in the next decade and not complaining about looking any younger!
    Love you!!!

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