Lisa Rinna: I Feel Myself Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Lisa Rinna is known to be an open book in the public eye and proves herself so on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In this week’s episode things continued to unravel as the drama between Kathryn Edwards and Erika Girardi sparked as well as speculation of Lisa Vanderpump’s motives. On a more personal side, we got to see Lisa Rinna’s youngest daughter get her tonsils taken out as well. In Rinna’s Bravo Blog this week she gets candid about the surgery and the dynamic changes between the women.

“Hello all! I hope you’ve had a great week.

We start out with Amelia having her tonsils removed, and it’s been a long time coming. She has had bouts of tonsillitis for three years now. Amelia was getting sick every week and it was obvious that the tonsils were in dire need of extrication. She had missed three weeks of school this past year, and that is now the prerequisite for having your tonsils out. As you could see, I was nervous. Amelia has never had surgery. I felt like we were in such good hands at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and Dr. Koempel came very highly recommended, but I was still a nervous wreck. Longest 20 minutes of my life! Thank goodness Morgan was there with me. Harry was filming a movie, and Amelia said, “No worries, Dad. You stay, we got this!”

And yes, I did look at the tonsils when they were removed, and they were huge and infected!

Next we are off to Yolanda and David’s dinner at Wally’s. It was nice of Yolanda to reach out and invite us. Quite a lot has gone on in this group, so people are feeling awkward and unsettled for sure. Eileen is not happy with me, because I don’t want to engage in this LVP web conversation, and I know Eileen is upset with me for not backing her up, but at this moment it doesn’t feel right. I wasn’t at Frida’s or LVP’s for dinner, and I am now here with my husband, and frankly I don’t want to go there or get into it. But just wait, we will soon…

Thank goodness for the amazing performance from the magnificent Andrea Bocelli. What an amazing profound experience to hear him sing Ave Maria. It was so moving, and his voice is a gift from God. Thank you to David and Yolanda for sharing this very special moment with us.

I love that Portia. What can I say? She’s my spirit animal. I also crack up every time I see Kyle, her girls and Mauricio, and their family dynamic, because I can so relate to it! And Bambi the dog stealing the potato off the plate. Comic relief that we all needed!

Loved seeing Kathryn and her sisters. Wow they are so beautiful and seem like such amazing women. Growing up as an only child, I so appreciate seeing the love and bond of sisters, and it’s very clear that Kathryn has a deep special relationship with her own sisters. I love that.

I think we are beginning to see some definitive lines being drawn in the sand now, don’t you? Sides are being taken, and oh boy, am I feeling caught between a rock and a hard place…”

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21 Replies to “Lisa Rinna: I Feel Myself Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

  1. Lisa V. is worth more than Eileen, Erika, and Yolanda put together. She’s not “manipulative,” she just has better things to do than bother with their self-centered nonsense.

  2. I love that Rinna speaks her mind. I hope she doesn’t join Yolanda’s little mob and stays true to herself.

    1. I too love Lisa R. and thankful she stuck up for LVP. Eileen is acting nutty about her exchange with LVP who has apologized at least 3 times on air. Looks like the nutty blond brigade of Kim, Brandy, Erika and Eileen are trying to bring down the OG of BH led by the great manipulater of all time, Yolanda the HYPOCHONDRIAC.

  3. Other than Lisa being overly expressive and effusive most of the time, I really don’t mind her. She does seem to open her mouth alot but I guess those lips make it hard to close naturally. Like those women who get those face lifts and have to sleep with their eyes open cuz the skin was pulled too tightly.

  4. Just because Lisa R feels that Eileen wants her to “side” with her doesn’t mean she has to, the whole people pleasing thing is confusing to me.

  5. I like LisaR & she makes me laugh. I admired her for understanding that Yo was trying to get back at her about the bipolar comment. I just hope she doesn’t throw LVP & Kyle under the bus. I don’t think she should have talked about Kyle & LVP making fun of Yo & pictures. There was no purpose for that; it will only hurt someone. It’s 1 thing to see and/or hear things, but it’s quite another to use it against someone. Says a lot about who they actually are. No one forces a grown woman to participate and/or bring up conversations. They all need to take responsibility for their own actions. Quit acting like school kids.

  6. Lisa Rinna has a talent for stirring up tirds and then acting like she doesn’t know waht’s going on. I hope Bravo drops her soon, and she piles all of that makeup on her face to cover up some really NASTY skin, maybe she could better spend her time getting professional skin treatment! She should butt out and stay out of everyone eless business.

    1. I know. This isn’t even an insult. Her mouth looks deformed and will only get worse as she ages. I really hope she goes to a specialist plastics guy to have them fixed. The funny thing is when she was young, in her old soap days she has full lips. I don’t get why at the young age she was she had them done like that, it seriously ruined her looks.

        1. OMG, well, you kinda warned me at least. I saw this true story about a woman who was thrown through her windshield during a car accident. One of the things they did to repair her mouth comes to mind. The doctor was the first to complete this ground breaking surgical transplant. Anyway, I hope if she does find a way, she doesn’t do the surgery on the show. I know they air whatever they think they should, but honestly, I do not watch to see surgical procedures, waxing, dental procedures and other medical treatments of any kind. Yes, HW provides them with a platform. I just wish they would use it outside of the actual show, these medical and personal views into their lives. Glamour, vacations to far away destinations, parties, homes, clothes, you know all of the stuff lots of money buys. Add a little drama between the cast, and wallah.
          And I have to add, Bethenny looks awful in that photo on the link. I hope whatever female problems and surgery she is facing she does well and recovers quickly. I bet money Bethenny won’t drag it out for 2 years.

          1. I just saw the Bethenny article. I never scrolled all the way down in that People page. Bethenny always looks too thin to me. Maybe she stopped fillers or whatever. Now we know her story will be about her health journey too.
            I don’t want to watch the surgical procedures either, and I am glad that Rinna did not show us her daughter’s tonsils post surgery either. She did say she saw them. Maybe Bravo even filmed it…and if so, thankfully left it out.

  7. Eileen is being very immature about the whole questionnaire thing. It’s gone to it’s own level of absurdity now. Wanting Rinna to side with her shows a middle school mind set. Be my friend alone or—— So glad Rinna stood up for LVP. She’s good friends with both & should not have been put into the position of having to choose.
    As I said before, Eileen has gone over to the dark side. Meeting Yo & Erika for lunch & their topic of conversation showed that. She seems desperate to be liked by Erika Jane as she admires what EJ does for some sick reason. I really like Rinna, but Eileen has been a big disappointment to say the least.

  8. It’s not about PICK ME OR HER! Its clearly about the fact that Rinna has told things about LV to Eileen in confidence & then looked like an ass saying “WHAAAT? WHY WOULD ERIKA SAY THAT?!” when shes expressed the same sentiment when cameras arent around. Who wouldnt be annoyed if they heard someone (a person I might add who constantly yells how real & honest they are) complain about someone & then say the opposite when they have an audience around…

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