Lisa Rinna and Family Getting Their Own Spin-Off On E!?

Lisa Rinna sure had her moments of question on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now a new report claims that Rinna could potentially be the next Kris Jenner.

According to a report, the network E! has drastically noticed how the ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s have dropped and think that Lisa and her family might be the next great family for the show.

“Lisa Rinna’s family comes with all the excitement and drama and laughter of The Kardashians but without all the darkness,” a source close to the family told RadarOnline.

“She is married to a sexy movie star, Harry Hamlin, and together they have two beautiful daughters, Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Gray Hamlin. You will notice that Lisa has been promoting her kids a lot on social media as they get ready to replace Kim.”

A Rinna-helmed show could be in the works, the source exclusively told the site.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I don’t think Harry is interested in being full time reality star. But we shall see . This just reaffirms what I’ve been saying that ‘hating’ Rinna doesn’t mean she’s not ratings gold. E! apparently know it

I hope she gets it and please God she will leave the RH and since I wont watch it I won’t see those pouty lips again. As far as Harry is concerned you can see who wears the pants in that family.

nor sexy anymore…

Hes ok, I never got the hoopla about him

Hopefully it will show a different side of her. RHW shows always seem to bring out the worst in a person.

What is there to watch if she isn’t cast with a bunch of people with whom she can fight? Her not making dinner for her children? That sounds fascinating…said no one ever.

I’m in…worth a shot.

Well there is that. At least that would be more entertaining than the Kartrashians.

My prediction is Bravo will edit next season to be a Rinna ‘redemption ‘ season , you’ll see !! Kim just made that a lot more easier for them with her ridiculous bunny stunt

YES Let her leave RHOBH and crash & burn on her own little crappy show 😀

Absolutely Jay! I can’t even believe they are giving her and her Family their own show. Just goes to show how desperate they are at this point. I mean for God’s sake their giving Shepp from Southern Charm a spin off to travel around the Country to find a girlfriend “PATHETIC” if you ask me. All I can picture is her over forced FAKE laughing and trying to be a good Mom and Wife. I think this will be the end all be all for her and her dead career along with her Husband. She is always riding on someone’… Read more »

Not worth my watching if this moves forward. She’s been too nasty through the seasons to be even remotely different in her real life.

What will they call it? The Pied Piper (is that a spotted dick) of Harry Hamlin? (spotted dick is a pudding really) I know I am not funny! I am trying here! The Damn Hamlins?
I won’t be watching no matter what the name, really.

Sandy, I hate to see any of these families in shows. The Kardashians make me sad.

Me either. I don’t watch them.