Lisa Rinna Is Embarrassed and Frustrated After This Week’s RHOBH

Lisa Rinna is explaining herself after watching back this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In her blog, Rinna says she’s embarrassed and frustrated to see what happened play back. She claims she doesn’t mean that Kim Richards was close to death and that Eden Sassoon took what she said out of context and that they have two very different realities.

“Do you have any idea what I would give to go back to the night before this to watch Delilah walk in the Tommy Hilfiger show? What a range of emotions I experienced in those 24+ hours with very little sleep. Wow. All I can say is thank God for Harry Hamlin. He knows how to put me at ease, and I wanted nothing more than to be home with him and my girls, the people I love and trust more than anything.

Let’s just get right to the point, shall we? When Erika gave me the heads up that I needed to talk to Kyle because Eden had said something that was now circulating around our group, I knew I needed to speak with Kyle at that moment. Kyle has been a good friend of mine for many years, and it was important to clear the air. If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t have been the one to initiate the conversation. I’m grateful to Erika for giving me the heads up and not repeating to me what happened the night before. She refuses to play this game of telephone, and I so respect that about her.

There are a couple of points I want to remind you of. First is the fact that I had no idea that any of this had gone on and that these girls were lying in wait for me. This is now two months after Game Night, and since then I have had a handful of conversations with Eden regarding her issues with Kyle and Kim. With the exception of the conversation we had while shopping, they have all consisted of me warning Eden that she needs to let the issue go. At the end of our conversation in the store, I told her that third time’s a charm, and I am done. Moving on. Which is precisely what I did from that moment forward. I compartmentalized the conversation and put it to bed.

The second point is my exact words to Eden in that conversation were “They’re this close to Kim dying.” Meaning, I was referencing what Kyle shared with all of us in the Hamptons about Kyle’s fear of losing her sister. In no way was I saying Kim was on a path to destruction, nor was I implying that Kim was on the brink of death. But unfortunately, this is how my message was relayed to Eden’s attentive audience shortly before we all left for Mexico.

Clearly, I need to add more Ginko Biloba to my pill bag, because I could benefit from it’s memory-helping benefits. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to watch all of this play back, because I truly did not remember the conversation I was accused of having. Instead, the intention of what I said regarding Kim was all twisted after going through so many people, and I simply wasn’t going to own up to something that I couldn’t remember.

The bottom line is this, I wish I had never said what I did to Eden, regardless of my intent, because it’s obvious that we have two very different realities of the situation. For that, I hold myself responsible and like we see Erika say about me in her interview, “I betcha she’ll get around to owning it.” And I betcha Erika is right.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to shake off this incredibly frustrating night, pull myself together, honor my inner Erika Jayne, hop up on the table and dance to “Painkillr.” I mean, isn’t that what everyone does?”

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  1. Editing…. sometimes I wonder if it’s Bravo setting up the scene or some of these girls are just trying to hard to have a story line. Obviously they have to have drama. Looks like this season is going after Lisa R. Last season it was Lisa V. A few season back it was Kim.

  2. Rinna you are full of it!! PK was absolutely right, you and Boreleen are like the 2 muppets! You’re a nasty, spiteful piece of work and are finally getting your comeuppance for last year! Now everyone can see way you really are. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of Kim, you’ve proved yourself to be a big fat LIAR!!! You gloat as much as you like LVP, you’ve been vindicated in my eyes.

    1. ITA 100%! Love LVP. LR deserves this. LR & ED are vile & nasty. They think they are the authority on intent & maliciousness. Saying the ladies were lying in wait is ridiculous. Does she mean the way her & ED did to LVP last season? There was no game of telephone. Eden said exactly what LR told her. LR & ED try to spin this, but we all saw it for ourselves. They are so boring.

  3. Hypocrite, her issues with Yolanda and LVP went on forever; but, she wants her ‘misinterpreted’ conversation with Eden dropped.
    ED’s unconditional support of ER is nauseating. They tried deflecting by putting LVP down. Some of their grievances with LVP were not on film and could not be proven. But Rinna’s conversation was on film even. She’s doing her hustling best to try to convince us her intentions were not what they appear to be.

  4. Rinna is disgusting, she lied about not remembering the conversation, or she took too many xanax and needs rehab. Anyway she’s a piece of sh*t.
    I liked the fact that LVP reminded the viewers that Rinna didn’t “own it” was funny, yet ironic cause LVP didn’t own her part last year either. And the fact that LVP pushed ‘oh I think the one that is lying is the same one that was lying last year’ while dancing with Kyle was funny too, the way she wants to remind everyone every episode that Rinna lied last year, but Rinna didn’t lie about LVP last year. Everyone knows it it was proven. Even Kyle knows it and her eyeroll was the perfect reponse 🙂

    1. I must have missed any proof of what Lyrinna said LVP said last year. I think the fact she can’t remember what she said, but the cameras remember kind of questions why the cameras didn’t pick up what LVP supposedly said…Till that proof surfaces it’ll always be she said she said. I gotta say, it seems LVP has backed Kim more than Kyle has. Rinna she’d a few years and Kyle is all huggy it’s OK. I’m also unsure how Rinna can claim what she said we taken out of context. Kyle is an enabler and Kim is mostly sober…How can those mean anything else? Most of all, the wife swap silliness on the bus was funny, but Rinna on all fours on the table was very uncomfortable to watch for me. Anyone else?

      1. Uncomfortable would have been my reaction had I been Dorit, with Rinna’s bony ass in my face. Nothing was proven about anything Lisa said last season, what was proven this season is that Lisa is a liar, making it even more believable that she lied last year, ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING, and that she definitely takes too many Xanax. Her dance was disgusting, nobody does Erika Jayne but Erika Jayne.

      2. Nasty enough Rinna was spreading her legs on the table they eat off (with her hairy bush that Harry Hamlin likes so much), but her but was right under PK’s nose–what would have happened if she farted?

  5. The video speaks for it’s self besides I watched the episode in mention and she was pushing Eden into getting into the Kim and Kyle situation. She just hates Kim plain and simple.

    1. I agree. LR & ED are both vicious, vile, & mean. They are both liars. Kyle needs to get a grip because LR has been backstabbing her & Kim all along.

    2. ITA! She thought she planted a seed and it backfired. Her manipulation techniques need some work. Maybe she should ask LVP for lessons lol

  6. Just because game night was 2 months ago and the fact that you SAID “Kim is not completely sober, and Kyle is her enabler, I’ll tell you that,” was more than a few days ago has nothing to do with the FACT THAT YOU SAID IT.
    I always thought, and had heard a number of times, that the cast are sent the episodes a few days prior to airing. Shannon from the OC said that, as did a few guests on WWHL. So, why doesn’t Kyle know the truth. She will know, that’s for sure, and there will be none of this “it was said with love” bul***it. I’ve known for a long time now that Rinna was taking some kind of pills, her behavior is just too telling. Now we know for sure, just how many a day and how many kinds of pills is the question. She’s a liar too. She just didn’t want to have the result of what she SAID to Eden to happen right then, with everyone minus Eden there. Saying she loves Kyle is also BS. When you love a person, you protect them from gossip, not start gossip that will damage that person and many other people that they love, like her SISTER! Maybe now Kyle will see that any friendship with Rinna, at all, is wrong. I know Kyle likes to give people the freedom to feel how they feel, but when they are saying hurtful lies, ON CAMERA, it’s more than enough to end the relationship forever.
    Eden saying to anyone who will listen that Kim is mean, cares for no one’s feelings but her own, after knowing her for 5 minutes, & that she “got nothing” from Kyle on game night as if she is owed something from anyone is plain old weird. Why would anyone expect to have an immediate loving feeling from someone they just this moment met? She is strange, like Timothy Leary from the 60’s. Hit of acid anyone? Geeze.

    1. you’re right, but you’ll see that Kyle won’t stop the friendship. She just won’t, talking sh*t bout Kim is just not a deal breaker for Kyle.

      1. Let’s not forget the shit talking Kim has done for 30 years about Kyle, on camera, at reunions, lying about her as a Mother, never once in all the years of episodes said a kind word about Kyle in interview, when Kyle has always gone out of her way to find something nice to say about Kim. Like at the white party, how pretty Kim looked. At one of Portia’s BD party’s, how much she knew Kim wouldn’t let Portia down, so many times she has said such endearing things about Kim. Never one time have I heard Kim say a kind or flattering thing about Kyle. Making the person who hates Kyle the most into her best friend, Kimmy’s BEST friend calling Kyle a Cu next Tuesday, and that she ( Brandy ) hated her and wanted to punch her teeth down her throat. Not to mention that BG pushed Kyle down some steps and did nothing but talk shit about Kyle for years. Maybe Kyle feels like the day Kim decides she, her sister who has bailed her out, backed her up, speaks up for her becomes more important than that whore Brandy, is the day she decides to choose her friends for Kimmy’s benefit.

        1. nah don’t mix everything up, Kyle has called out her sister’s addiction on camera season 1, that couldn’t be all happiness from there on out. All the problems Kyle had with Brandi came from the both of them (and rewatch the episode Kyle is the one grabbing violently brandi first, again , nothing good comes from that), nothing to do with Kim. In that logic Kim should be pissed Rinna has been talking crap about her for 3 years now, with kyle doing nothing…. it’s the same old thing about Kyle not sticking up for kim .

    2. Kyle is very stupid if she doesn’t see the viciousness of LR. Something is wrong with LR. She seems mentally unstable. I agree with LVP: LR has rage & regret syndrome, but I also think there is more going on with her mental state.

      1. Her recognizing and calling Kim’s sobriety into question when Kim was still in denial…I always wondered if that was a case of takes one to know one….Keep Kim’s issues in the forefront and no one notices yours?

    3. ITA…But wasn’t it intimated that Eden knew Kim from sometime in the past, on set or with her sister…When she was talking to her mom. Maybe there’s some bad blood there?

      1. Kim and Eden’s sister worked together when they were child actresses once, if what I read is true. Either way, they did know one another briefly a long time ago. Not exactly a long term connection. Rinna is the one speaking ill of Kim, and Kim didn’t apologize either. Did Kim forget her own part in that catastrophe? Rinna proves over & over what a total lying witch she is. It becomes easier to forget Kim’s years and years of lies and innuendo as her life becomes more normal. Not that any of it is her own doing. Having a Grandchild is not the work of the Grandmother. Having a sister who does her absolute best to direct the conversation away from Kim is also good for Kim. Just once I’d like to hear Kim say something kind about Kyle. I’ll be waiting forever, because she would rather be a mystery with “friends” like Brandy Glanville, than ever give Kyle the credit she deserves for making things more than fair for her sister. Kim being a hateful person is a different thing than Rinna keeping her mouth SHUT for someone she calls a “friend.”

  7. Goodness, is there no end to Rinna’s lying & deception? how far will she go to clean her slate? Last season LVP . This season Kyle & Kim, not excluding Eden either. She’ll knock anyone down in her path as she creates a tangled web & if she gets caught amidst the tangled mess, she passes the buck whilst saying, she’s done with negativity. She needs serious help.

  8. I agree with everything Rinna has said since joining the show.
    Kim was and is just one more bender away from death and is not a nice person. Her family, including Kyle, has been covering for her for decades. I wish Bravo would stop exploiting her. I like Kyle so much better when Kim is not in the picture. And LVP is definitely manipulative, I love her, but she is always trying to control the narrative, and get people to agree with and support her, and if they cross her…yikes!. And Yolanda is nuts, and uses her imaginary health issues to suck the energy and focus away from everyone and everything else.
    The only fault I find with Rinna is she doesn’t just immediately “own it’ and say…”Yup. I said that and I still think that.”
    She will, eventually, though.

  9. so LR claims not remembering making the statement but now suddenly she remembers what she actually meant to say when she said it? omg really?

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