Lisa Rinna Denies Having Drug Problem in Hong Kong, Erika Girardi Confronts Dorit Kemsley

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna confronted Dorit Kemsley over comments Kemsley made to Erika Girardi, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump in Punta Mita about her “bag of pills” and the allegation that she had a drug problem.

“I’ve heard some things that maybe you took it as a problem,” Rinna told Kemsley, recalling the pills — which first appeared while the two visited Eden Sassoon‘s home earlier in the season. “I want to make sure you’re very clear that that was a joke.”

Dorit was quick to tell Rinna she was only joking. “I will always be honest, and if you remember, we bonded over that moment and it really stayed with me,” Kemsley said. “And I’m sure I had the conversation and when I did, I would’ve said, ‘It was the funniest moment.’ I never insinuated that you’re a drug addict. I wouldn’t have said there might be a problem. I would have said it was the funniest moment.”

But when Dorit pressed Rinna to tell her who told her the information, Rinna played coy, saying, “Nobody told me — it’s a sense that I’m getting.”

“It’s something that I got an idea of really myself,” Rinna explained. “It’s a sixth sense that I have. I’m the one who brought it up — nobody negated it, let’s put it that way.”

But Rinna admitted to the cameras, “Of course I don’t have a sixth sense — are you kidding? It doesn’t matter how I found out — what’s important here is that Dorit is talking behind my back. And for the record, I don’t have a problem with Xanax.”

And Dorit was mad. “I really do feel like you need to tell me who told you that. I would like, at the very least, to confront the person,” she said. “You don’t say you’ve heard something very specific and then suddenly when asked who said that to you, said it was a sense. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

However, Rinna remained silent and used her sixth sense tactic later with Eden Sassoon. “I have sixth sense about me,” Rinna told her. “And I tend to spin on them — I think about them, they’re not always right. But there’s something that’s poking at me. So my sixth sense is someone taking what went down at your house and turning it into me being a drug addict or whatever. I have a problem, I have an issue — I know this group well enough.”

“I was asked,” Sassoon admitted. “Dorit came to me and asked if Lisa Rinna had a pill problem, and I said no.” Actually, what Kemsley had said to Sassoon was about Rinna’s behavior, asking, “Do you think that it’s like, induced in some way?” And while that wasn’t outright asking if Rinna had a pill problem, it was enough to imply that she did — something Girardi explained to Kemsley later on in the episode.

“I do remember you saying that … and that maybe perhaps that’s why she reacts the way she does,” Girardi told Kemsley. “It implies that [it’s because she’s doing pills]. You could say something like, ‘Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why that is the way she is.’ I don’t remember you saying that, but you kind of alluded to that.”

But Dorit didn’t agree. “You can’t put words in someone’s mouth,” she told Girardi, who quickly shot back, “I didn’t put words in anybody’s mouth. If you didn’t think that [the pills] were part of the behavior, why bring it up?”

Dorit was never able to fully explain why she had brought up Rinna’s pills in the first place. “I did not say you had a drug problem,” she said. “I don’t remember saying, ‘Do you think Lisa has a problem with Xanax?’ Maybe I said, ‘Why, do you think she has a problem?’ [But] Lisa, for crying out loud, I really don’t think I said that to Eden because I wasn’t really ever thinking in my mind that Lisa Rinna did have a pill problem.”

“I have nothing to hide, to gain — none of those things,” she continued. “I’m being 100 percent forthright. Nothing in Mexico was said that you have a problem. I never thought you did. And it’s just unfair. I just think it’s really unfair.”

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38 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Denies Having Drug Problem in Hong Kong, Erika Girardi Confronts Dorit Kemsley”

    1. Lisa R is ridiculous every night. And I thought Brandi had shown up at that first dinner in Hong Kong but it was just Eden acting like Brandi.

  1. Dorit is a liar through and through. She seems to have developed Rinna selective amnesia! So she either doesn’t remember or it’s a ‘joke’ or its ‘British humor’ ..What a dumb dumb bimbo !
    I’m glad Erika blasted her fake pretentious ass!

  2. Lisa Rinna is a snake in the grass & an instigator of creating confusion. Hasnt she caused enough trouble from the start to present?! Seems she thrives on it. Her 6th sense comment was soooo silly. Actually, she has no sense at all as she’s brainless.
    As for Erika Jayne, she is a news carrier & yet had the nerve to be upset with Kathryn for taking back her negative comments about LVP to LVP last season. One minute I like her, the next I think she’s a rotten apple.

  3. So, here we are on another trip, expensive and lavish, in an exciting place and for an excellent cause….And LR sits in her room and stirs up BS! Dorit is a snobbish bore and Eden is what? The fashion police trying to put down Erika’s outfit (didn’t she have something to say about the shirt dress too)? Dorit insisting on digging at Erika cause she’s a huggy person and Erika isnt and if anyone is different than Dorit something is wrong and she has to fix them. Ugh!!! If they fought as much for the dogs as they do for the drama I might be interested. Eileen went up a couple notches in my book tonight but I’m only half through the episode, so…

    1. So… I’m giving Eileen credit for choosing to support LVP instead of vacationing until I realized…LVP is making documentary so if there is a possibility of getting on camera that would take precedence for Eileen. How jaded am I?

  4. I can’t help but think there is so much fake plot lines this season . Last night I was thinking, WHY ON EARTH would Eden and Rinna ever go on a hike together and have girl time???? After what happened , why would any one of them trust the other ? #fakenews

    1. Hey Rain…. I think Eden & Rinna are desperate to be relevant. There are too many controlled situations going on this season.

      1. I know I’m in the minority, but I actually don’t think this at all. Dorit strikes me as the person trying hardest to be relevant. LisaR, for whatever her faults has this reality show game down to a science, and is doing the majority of the heavy lifting to keep everything moving and afloat for two seasons now. She made some major mess-ups in strategy this season, but if Queen LVPs Royal Brigade couldn’t kill her off last year, nothing will…for now, and that’s clearly by her own design. That heifer really IS a hustler, in all its good, bad, and ugly glory.

        In the off-show interviews I’ve seen with Eden, she just strikes me as a girl who simply doesn’t have a clue how to function in the waters of reality tv, she is too raw, too emotional, too absorbent of feelings and energy, an emotional vampire, and basically too hippy drippy for this scene. She would fare better on a reality show on OWN, focusing on her journey to wholeness, ect., etc.,..but not before she has a Fix My Life mentoring episode with Iyanla to teach her how to lose her Savior Complex and respect other people’s boundaries.

    2. Maybe Eden and Rinna had to go together because no one else can stand being with them…the others ran for safety.
      I agree too many fake boring plot lines.
      Something has me curious though…could Dorit be doing LVP ‘dirty work’? It wouldn’t be the first time she’s accused of such a thing?! And Dorit seems simple minded enough to partake.
      I just read Erika’s response of ‘you don’t know what I go through every night’ is towards Eileen??? I didn’t see that coming – although it could be like everything has been this year a build up to nothing.
      Eileen and LVP building bridges…nice to see. Not a popular opinion, but I like Eileen.
      Kyle and Erika are too cute on their sight seeing trip! And leave to Erika to be the voice of reasoning on traveling in a sweatsuit! OH and Kyle sleeping with her mouth open – LOL – I can hear her response when she saw the footage!

      Rain, I hope you are well this morning…I’m waking up and thinking a beach trip for the hubs and I might be in order. XOXOX

      1. Really? Erikas connebt is toward ms Eileen? In what context ?? Curios now

        I adore Erika and Eileen together xoxo
        I’ve always liked Eileen .

        Love everything u say as usual ❤❤❤❤ and yes out on that bikini and hit the beach with the hubs girl xoxo

      1. I think production has been inferring with way too many fake storylines !!
        It’s ruined the integrity of these shows ..

  5. Good gravy, Rinna loves to confront & when she is confronted, she has amnesia.
    As for Eileen, she joined LVP only to clean up her last season’s horrid comment on animals. She forced a few tears, but was not as affected as a normal human would be. My opinion.

    1. But Starr why not give Eileen kudos for at least trying! She’s dammed if she does and damned if she doesn’t ❤❤❤❤

      1. Quite right you are Rain. By association with her bff Rinna & her recurring decimal actions last season leaves me as cold as she was then. I do see a slight change this season, but not enough to warm my heart —yet. But, because I love you, I will give her 1 kudo for trying. How’s that? good-yes?!

        1. ❤❤❤❤❤ you’re the cutest ever!
          And you know as much as I love Eileen I’ve come to realize that she’s not really bringing much to this show , so I think she won’t be back next season and I’m ok with that. Xoxox

          1. Why do you feel Eileen wont be back next season? is there something I dont Know? She really falls short on bringing anything much to the show, you are right about that, but that does not mean we want her to go.

            1. It’s just a hunch but I could be wrong. But she hasn’t brought much the last year or this year. Being a supporting staff doesn’t usually work for long. She needs her own storylines. I really really like her but she doesn’t have what it takes to be on this show . She should have acted last year on become close to Erika because then maybe that friendship would’ve developed by now

              I’ll be very surprised if she returns. Rinna is one million percent coming back. Sigh!!
              Dorit was supposed to appeal to a younger women demo and attract them but in my eyes she’s a dud!! She’s on shaky ground but I think she’ll make it back …My prediction is that Andy will cast a new younger woman to cater to that demographic

            2. This is actually the first season I haven’t totally disliked Eileen. She has been sincere in resolving things, IMO, with everyone that she had any conflict with during the previous seasons, and I believe that it is possible that the many losses she has suffered in her life have made her see how much more important joy and togetherness is. My only true confusion is her remaining in Rinna’s corner. I get not turning on friends because of mistakes. I don’t get staying solidly behind even a good friend when they are liars and sensationalize small nuances of conversation for the benefit of turning the good attention toward themselves, or change the moment just enough to make herself look sincere and clean, while doing her best to come out on top. I see that as a horrible characteristic, and would not have a friend with whom I saw that in, or remain friends with a person who changed into someone who constantly tried to control things in that way. It hurts others, those she calls friends, and does it at the MOST inappropriate times.

  6. Dorit, Babe, you’re busted. You planted a seed in the form of a question alluding to Lisa perhaps having a situation-ship with Dolls. You opened it up and left the gate wide open for all manner of insinuations and gossip fodder to take root, and now that said gate has swung back to smack you in the bum, you can’t suddenly cry foul. Either you were leading Eden to say something accusatory about Lie-Rinna, or you were directly implying that her behavior may be the result of being under the influence of pharmaceuticals. Either way, the intention behind it is questionable at best. I’m surprised that as a rookie Dorit hasn’t learned from the first time she tried to put someone else (Erika) in her crosshairs that it could blow up in her face. She’s been hell bent this freshmen year to come in and take on upperclassmen to get the party started…but when she becomes the focus of the action she fails miserably under the weight of it and looks a plum fool.

  7. I 100% agree with Dorit. She never said that to anyone. Erika has no business jumping on Dorit. Can’t stand Erika or LR. Eden lied about what Dorit actually said.

  8. rinna can’t stand ppl talking about her yet she has no issue saying horrible things about others? your bag of pills IS bizarre lady and naturally it will make others wonder if u r an addict. as for Eden, I can’t believe how irresponsible she is for a grown woman. flying in a complete stranger and sharing a room w him and his first introduction to u in person will be by surprising him in bed…naked? why not get separate rooms and THEN if things go well be intimate w him??. she is one strange bird.

  9. I think Rinna is turning the tables on her peers because of her debacle about Kim still being a drunk & dying, that’s what I think. She’s humiliated about getting caught on camera so now she’s making a huge thing of this ridiculous harmless bantering about her bag of pills and trying to create major deflection and get restitution. Sorry Rinna, you’re just not clever enough to play wag the dog you silly little Barney Fifer.

    1. Rinna is an actress and her words seem like lines she rehearsed and not genuine in the least. She seems to have no conscience really. She is all about herself and is no one’s friend.
      I feel sorry for her daughters who must be so embarrassed by her behavior. As for Harry Hamlin, it seems he and Rinna may be a perfect match, both loving the cameras and attention.

  10. Rain, she said she topped up her medication, so that means she is on them?..

    I feel sorry for Dorit a bit too, though I am not in love with her. It just seems that the group picks someone to pick on every season, and the new girls are usually the targets. We have Dorit and we have Eden who we see less. I would not say either of them is not being treated like a new pledge at the sorority. Granted Eden has issues in a big way, but I do feel sorry for her too.
    Yes, maybe PK makes you dislike Dorit even more. I think Dorit grew up privileged and is a princess. I think the same of Eden, though Eden grew up in a very dysfunctional family. I don’t know anything about Dorit except that she is Jewish, speaks Hebrew, is from Connecticut originally and owns her own fashion line that is international. She lived in Europe and traveled lots. The rest about PK I wrote in another comment today! 😉
    Hi Asher. I hope you are not in too much pain. It is nice when you join us here across the pond. I enjoy your comments.
    I also miss Suze, but she wrote me today, so I feel happy that she did. She is across the pond too, as you all know, and she is not commenting here any more. I think she reads the comments some days, though, so Suze LOVE YOU.

  11. Well, I don’t know if I feel sorry for Rinna. She seems to be a bit calculated in the way she acts. She is used to acting a lot and it has become part of her reality. She just cannot lie her way out of things she said when the cameras have it all recorded.
    She does love all of the attention, negative or positive.

  12. No, not judging. I thought you misunderstood her. That was all. I was translating? LOL
    Dorit owns her own international clothing design company, or at least I read that somewhere.

  13. Thanks Rain, way too much loss this year, practically every day there’s a new set of news from back home as to another sad passing or who’s hospitalized. I feel bad for the family living there & happy I’m not. A bit much. On a good note, I do make happy & I love my interaction with you guys, my friends.

  14. Yes she is. The way really , really, good reality shows are set up, it’s almost like watching a ritzy version of Survivor: they’re all switching up alliances, digging at the weaknesses of this one or that one, trying to make it to the next round while they bump a wife off every couple of seasons. Seeing it in that way makes it easy for me to to be pretty detached from these shows, even if I have favorites where I like their personal style, or their snazzy banter, etc. the only time I internalize what I see on these shows is if I feel a moral value or principle that I stand for in real life is framed negatively somehow onscreen. I tend to get irked by things like hazing, slanderous accusations or spilling confidential information that adversely affects people’s children, going after people’s businesses or professional relationships..things like that. But the general trifles of their day to day interactions with each other and watching them play relational musical chairs…I watch that the way I would a sports match, lol

    The Beverly Hills girls are GOOD at this reality game though: they literally play chess moves against each other, it’s completely fascinating! The RHoNY girls make moves like Monopoly Premium Edition with a few poker tricks thrown in for good measure. RHoA used to be straight ahead checkers until Porsha Williams’ started usurping all the air & conflict time – so now she’s reduced the cast’s interaction skills to the level of UNO….and the Jersey Girls, I watched the last season for the 1st time in years, and they seem to be struggling to find a clear way and rhythm with one another…

  15. I’m no longer a fan of LR’s but I can understand her wanting to confront Dorit about the “pill talk”. Dorit definitely made it sound that she thought LR had a problem but wanted someone else to say it first so she could say in her fake accent, “…… yes! Right?” And no-one could point the finger at her. I hope she doesn’t come back next season. I don’t like her. Not under any circumstances. She and PK suit each other.

  16. Hey, Doll! I have been busy gardening while the weather is teasing us into thinking Spring is here, which of course it isn’t. Anyway, I see how Lisa can be seen as petty, but I really believe she gets tired of the cast always waiting to say anything about what they consider her faults, like being manipulative, until it can be timed to make her look as bad as possible. I think she is so, so busy, and that she tries as hard as she can to hide her emotions, that these other things aren’t even in the realm of her mind. But that’s just my opinion, as I have always been a fan and accept her faults as I do anyone’s. I believe at times, like a lot of women, me being one of them, the tears are right below the surface, and with her stiff upper lip way of wanting to be seen, she has to try a little harder this year. I think BG really broke her heart with the lies and back stabbing, and it changed her a little. Disqus is making me sign in again for some reason, it was normal with my handle below until I was 1/2 way though the post! I have trouble if I accidentally hit FB or one of the other symbols, before I try to post, an old movie fills the screen. Does that happen to you, or anyone who sees this? I’m looking forward to seeing what it is Erika has been shown crying about, being she cries very little. Take care sweetie.

  17. Wow, wow, wow. Anyone see tonight’s episode? Lisa Rinna sunk to a new low that even shocked me. Her vendetta against Dorit is worse than the he she had with Kim. Then again, she’s such a hateful person she needs someone to tear into. And Erika too emotional unreasonable to whole new level. Erika Jayne loves the spotlight but Erika girardia isnt dealing so well. Still love her, but if you upset her…You can’t win.

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