Lisa Rinna On Why She Decided To Move Forward With Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Rinna came face to face with Lisa Vanderpump at Erika Girardi’s birthday party in the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last week. Although Vanderpump joked about pulling Rinna’s wig off, the two seemed to get along okay and in a new interview, Rinna is revealing why she decided to move forward with Lisa.

Rinna reveals she wanted to turn over a new leaf this season. “I can tell you honestly, six months had passed at this point. My father had passed away, and I was in a total different mindset, to be honest with you. And I think that when you lose a parent, it really changes you. It really puts everything into perspective,” she told Access Hollywood Live. “And so, I was actually happy to see her because I have a long history with Lisa. We didn’t have a good year last year, obviously, but I have much more of a long history. And I’m not the kind of person that holds grudges. I really just don’t. And especially after losing my dad, life is too short. It really is. I just want to move on and move through and let go.”

Rinna teased that we will have to wait and see what happens with her relationship with Vanderpump this season, which is also the case for her and Eden Sassoon. Rinna even hinted that she may not be close with Eden right now. “I think everybody has their own perspective and their own reality,” Lisa R. said. “And her reality, Eden’s reality, is different than my reality, and I think you’re gonna see that play out.”

But Lisa says she welcomed Eden and Dorit with open arms. “We have two great new girls on the show. It’s always great to have new blood. I mean, I was new blood. When Eileen [Davidson] and I came on together, we were new blood,” she explained. “It brings about great, new energy to play with, and the girls are strong.”

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75 Replies to “Lisa Rinna On Why She Decided To Move Forward With Lisa Vanderpump”

    1. Same here..actually I liked Eileen better than Rinna on the first season, but the two just seem like actresses anymore…a little bit of over-acting that my own opinion of course 😀

      1. Good Morning Cin and Freedomgirl, I did splutter a bit about holding grudges, if anyone should have held a grudge it’s LVP not Rinna! After last season she is lucky Lisa is talking to her at all! I agree they both overact! They think it’s their personal soap! Xoxoxoxxo

        1. 100% in agreement with you Suze. She was beyond awful to LVP last season & it’s very easy for her to put the past behind her. LVP is a lady & will act accordingly, but she wont ever feel toward Rinna & Eileen the way she used to. Let’s see how the season plays out all the same.
          How are you Suze? Still praying. Making a Christmas novena, for you & my nephews. Abe is faring a bit better than John at this point. Praying for Christmas miracles for all 3. Love u.

        2. Hey Suze..sputtering is quite ok if it’s in the privacy of your own home 😀 Yes to overacting and private soap opera. the big sigh from Eileen, followed by…”how DARE you”, is getting so old. lol.

      2. I agree, Freedom, I liked Eileen more than Rinna at first, too. I at least thought there was hope. The first season must be a really difficult thing, even for actresses. People that aren’t used to camera’s must have some real issues getting used to that, I would think. I try to give them two seasons, unless they are Kelly from the OC. She’s just troubled and a mean drunk. Mean drunks remain mean drunks unless they quit drinking. I know that for a personal fact.
        I will now, never think past how anyone can make one sentence ruin a season ad a trip, and thy also made decisions on what Kyle’s and Lisa’s relationship must be. And that is a soap opera. Real life friends get into tiffs. There are misunderstandings. Same goes for children and us, their parents. Small kids to grown kids. Normal people don’t turn it into some kind of horror show. If I was Lisa, when Rinna said that in Dubai about what was said on the bridge, I would have said “OMG, did I really say that? Who knows what I was thinking that day. Kyle and I did about it and we figured it out.”

        1. That’s funny 3D about the first season syndrome. I honestly think that Brandy’s stupid wine throwing in Eileen’s face, made Eileen more likable and relatable that season. She came across lady like and humble, so Brandi calling her a home wrecker, making fun of her home, the wine toss and that ugly poker night, all made Eileen the underdog and relatable. In later seasons, she just became boring and the overkill of her issue with Lisa seemed contrived and silly.

    2. I agree! I believe LVP was saying, (about Lisa Rhinna doubting Yolanda’s illness) “I thought you were going to bring Kyle in to it.” Like “Oh no. I thought you were going to give Kyle away.” regarding talking about it behind Yolonda’s back. Meaning throwing Kyle under the bus with Rhinna. Isn’t it on film? Show us! Lisa Rhinna is a big sh*t starter who gets on her high horse and then sticks both feet in her mouth. The other ladies are so involved in playing psychatrist and analyzing everyone like they’re so superior. Rhinna is a nut bag! I liked her too at first and was thrilled Eileen joined the show being that I’m a Y&R fan from day one. Not so much! I think they all wish they had the unconditional love that Kyle and Lisa share. Maybe they have a little green monster whispering in their ear?

  1. Some of the canned responses from the HW are getting annoying (i.e. “I’m moving forward.”) Now I’m noticing a new theme of “my reality” or “my truth.” If it’s only yours, by definition it isn’t reality or truth. These women can be so childish.

    1. haha…true story. They must play the game “catchphrase” before their talking head interviews to keep up with each other. I’m just glad we lost “mean girl”, at least for a minute

        1. Yep that one too…Heather’s catchphrase of “by the way” is really pretentious and annoying as well. Stassi and her crew completely wore out the word “literally” on VP rules also 😀

          1. omg…. I can’t stand hearing Heather say ” by the way”…. Between Heather and Tamra – I have a hard time watching.. which bums me cuz I do like the show….

        2. OMG, Rain! I am so sick of at the end of the day phrase, glad it’s not just me. It is overused and a waste of breath. I broke my son’s habit of saying it by responding with…or in the morning…before he could finish his thought. He quit saying it cause he got tired of being interrupted.

  2. Gooooooood morning lovely ladies of the HW blog⭐️☄️❤️✌!

    I think I’ve finally figured out why the soap girls seem so soapy, *to me*. Their personalities in real life seem to match their tv characters…they’re one dimensional in this vain. Maybe their acting skills are so natural ? there’s no diff ? I don’t know it makes sense to this left of center mind lol : – P

    1. Hello Gorgoeous Miss M ❤️❤️❤️

      I think it’s annoying that she constantly refers to her husband by his full name ‘Harry Hamlin’ !!!!! Is she married to several Harrys?? Or does she think the audience may think she is referring to Prince Harry ? So absurd 🙂

      1. Hahahaha Rain❤️❤️❤️ I know but you know what I think it’s actually a stitch when she says that, Harry Hamlin, I think it rolls right off the tongue. And can I say this? I just don’t find HH attractive : / I never did, isn’t that awful?

        1. He’s not my type of guy either so don’t feel bad ❤️❤️❤️ I’m a Daniel Craig, Michael Fassbender kinda woman 🙂
          I think she just thinks she’s so cute doesn’t she lol

          1. Yeah I’m a manly man kinda girl too I like em roguish and sweet. You know who I salivated over? Did you ever watch Sons Of Anarchy on FXX channel? If you did I loved Jaxx Taylor, Charlie Hunnam’s character. Hubba hubba ooowie babyyyyy

              1. Naughty ladies 🙂 yes I know Charlie even though in never watched that show. He was cast as the original Mr Grey before he dropped out .
                Daisy and MissM you are lovely ❤️❤️❤️

                  1. Daisy I never read the books but my husband and I caught a snippet of the movie one time on TV and it was ridiculous . I’m sorry but I don’t buy into this concept that some women need to be beaten to achieve sexual release ! Seems that men mananged yet again to brain wash insecure/pleaser women to have them believe that’s what the woman wants. In reality , it’s a way to humiliate and degrade women that has nothing to do with sex. I’m not a prude , and I did crazy stuff in my younger years but it didn’t involve me being tied up and whipped! Come on!!!!!!! And selling this to women as a way of being ‘sexually evolved’ is quite manipulative

                    1. I read a few chapters of the first book and gave up! Like you I’m not a prude but that was ridiculous!

                    2. Rain , I never read the books . I agree with all you said above . I will admit though if Charlie had been in it I would have

                    3. Oh daisy it was just my old fart opinion 🙂 and yes I watch crap all the time of it has someone I like lol xoxo I love you. ❤️

                    4. Love you too Rain , not an old fart opinion at all . I really do honestly agree with you on it . But , obviously my opinion can be swayed by a pretty face

                    5. Daisy yes! I’m always swayed by a pretty face and hot bod! I tell my husband he’s keeping me from being on the prowl lol 🙂 Cougar on the run!! As much as you can run with a cane hahaha

                    1. Lol, you ladies are funny . Go cougar mama’s . For me personally , I don’t have enough energy to even fantasize about that

            1. LOVED CH as Jax Taylor on SOA. I also agree that had he played CG in Fifty Shades I definitely would have seen the movie despite the storyline and book being ridiculous.

              1. Oh crap now everyone’s gonna throw tomatoes at me here but I watched the movie ON CABLE I didn’t go to the theater and I read the trilogy. *ducking missed me*

                1. Of course not Miss M ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I guess I should’ve kept my trap shut LOL XOXOX I’m sorry I said anything , especially a book with so many fans

                  1. Oh sweet sweet Rain I’d never be offended by anything you said regardless & ‘sides, I’m such a ducky I let it all roll off my back anyways ; ) xoxoxo So Daisy Doo I had a feeling you watched SOA too, you and Big Daddy. Definitely a Jaxx fan ❤️

                2. I have to add the only reason why I bought the kindle books was honestly I wanted to see what all the fuss was about when every corner you turned everyone was asking did you read it ? I often just read material to be able to converse about something. The movie was ok it could have been better as just a love story minus the s&m esp. if it had Charlie in it, I think the sparks would’ve been there. They got the right actress Dakota J. to play the role but the wrong guy, imho.

                  1. You’re so lovely ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I guess I’m usually the sexually aggressive one (TMI I Know lol) so maybe that’s why it just didn’t appeal to me 🙂
                    I will always love you Miss M xoxoxo

                1. Oh Rain! Lol! I don’t particularly like Mauricio, he is good looking just not my type. Give me Sean Connery or Ewan and I’m happy! Xoxoxxo

                    1. You are a good few years younger than me and Sean would make me feel young! Plus that sexy voice of his, oh my, I’m all in a dither! Xoxoxxo

          1. Lol, Thanks Rain & Suze, while I’m no saint, it takes a great deal for me to reach the stage of upset, but when I do, may God have mercy. Now I’m really bad.

      2. ughh…that is annoying as hell. What’s worse is that I think since it was brought to her attention on her first season, she does it even more now…because Andy thought it was cute and funny…me? not so much. lol.

      3. I think Harry Hamlin was quite popular in his younger years. He was once married to Ursula Andress. He was on LA Law and in movies. I did not follow him, but Lisa R is his 4th wife. I think that she feels she got lucky and won a prize when she got the guy all the girls wanted when he was at the height of his fame. She still has to brag about it…though no one cares now really except for her.

            1. Hi Daisy. How are you? I hope all is well.
              I am doing okay. The hubby has not been so well of late and saw his doctor today and had some blood drawn, etc. He has another doc to see too. Hopefully they will get him feeling better soon. They put him on another medication too. We shall see.
              Thanks for asking, Daisy dear. It has been trying, and I hope he is feeling better soon. He is going to work, but dragging by afternoon. I am doing all that I can. My son moved back home now and helps out a bit too.

              1. Real Sandy, I’m new to this blog but I care about people. You and all the ladies are close. I read your comment and I will pray for you and your hubby. So happy your son is there.

              2. Sandy dear , I’m so sorry to hear that . I will continue my prayers . That’s wonderful that you have such a caring son . Good job mama . We are doing great , thanks for asking . This may give you a chuckle , I went to the car wash place today and asked . .. how much for a hand job ? I was completely embarrassed . Oh well they had a good laugh .

                1. Daisy! You naughty girl. What were you thinking? LOL. 😉
                  That did make me giggle.
                  Thanks so much for your concern, my friend. You are sweet. ❤️

                2. Daisy only you could do this or maybe Rain! How funny I would have loved to have been there!
                  Years ago when my daughter gave me her Christmas list, she was at sixth form so around 17, one of the presents was a CD, I went into town near where I worked in Dorking which was quite a sleepy place, I thought I would have to order the CD as she had quite weird taste in music. There was a young lad about the same age as my daughter serving and I had to ask him if he had the PussyWhipped CD. Poor little lad had such a red face, (i knew him from my daughters school). They did have it luckily!

  3. She should say, “I am moving forward with LVP because I have no storyline without tension with her whereas all the fans actually are interested in her life.”

  4. Lisa R. She really needs to retired those bones, her husband the only movie I ever enjoyed with him in it is “The clash of the titans” back in the 70’s. Eileen reality TV is NOT soap opera move on dear you are out of your league. Erica you are not ALL that. I hear Kim is coming back and that is good she ALWAYS brings the heat for Lisa R. ASS. KYLE / LVP ( who is still apologizing to superiordumass Eileen) actually make the show. I don’t know about this knew housewife yet, but “Boy George” ???

    1. Hi. I agree with you.
      1. Rinna – go away and take your husband with you.
      2. Both Rinna and Eileen think they are on a soap opera with the over-acting and dramatic facial expressions. Cringe-inducing.
      3. Erica is NOT all that. She is nothing without the fake hair, bleach and the old guy’s money.
      4. Kim shouldn’t be coming back unless she wants to go balls against the wall against Rinna.
      5. LVP should not apologize anymore to that Eileen.
      6. Kyle needs a storyline.

      1. I agree with just about everything you wrote, Gigicat. I just think Kyle’s story for me is her existing in her nice homes and having parties. She will always have Kim involved too, so that is a story. We will see them on vacations too, hopefully, so it is all fine. I am not in love with Kyle and never was, but she is fine when she is with Lisa V, and not so fine when she is with Kim in my opinion, but Kim makes anyone nuts.

  5. Has anyone noticed LR is really putting the…I do eat…out there? Last episode saying she was hungry at Erika’s party…this week eating a Doritos and cooking/eating with her daughter. As someone who went from being too skinny all my life to being too fat in a year, I’m not one to comment on someone’s weight, but there were things said last season about her never eating and she said it didn’t bother her but…methinks thou dost protest too much!

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