Lisa Rinna Confronts Eden Sassoon About Their Talk About Kim Richards

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna came face-to-face with Eden Sassoon after she accused Eden of “stabbing [her] in the back” and having “thrown [her] under the bus” by spreading lies about her to Lisa Vanderpump.

In a previous episode, Eden revealed to Lisa Vanderpump that she had taken interest in Kim and Kyle Richards’ situation because it Was Rinna who suggested Kim Richards — a recovering addict — might be in the middle of a relapse and was “this close to dying.” Sassoon also detailed how Rinna had called Kyle “an enabler” for continuing to support Kim’s substance abuse problems.

Vanderpump told Kyle what Rinna had said, and when confronted, Rinna denied remembering saying any of those things about Kim. “I do not ever remember saying that,” Rinna told Kyle. “If I did it, I will cop to it. I just don’t know if I said those words. I don’t know if I said those words!”

However, Rinna did say those words and Eden had no problem reminding her when they met up to discuss what had gone down. “I told Vanderpump the truth!” Sassoon said. “I went and talked to her — I didn’t say anything that wasn’t said [by you]. I don’t make sh*t up out of the blue! … I said what you said to me and I told it obviously to someone who threw it all back on you. And instead of saying, ‘You know what, I did say this to Eden — this is how I feel,’ you went [and threw yourself] under the bus.”

“Lisa said it,” Sassoon later told the cameras. “I never put words in that woman’s mouth. She said what she said.”

But Rinna still claimed she couldn’t remember what she had said. “Did I say she was close to death? I do not remember saying that,” she said. “I don’t remember saying it so I said if I said it, I would own up to it.”

“Eden’s quite adamant about the fact that I said those things, but it’s hard for me to remember and to even believe that I would say those things in present tense,” Rinna told viewers. “I don’t remember that.”

However, Rinna was not about to let Eden off the hook for going to her rival Vanderpump with this information. “I cannot remember having a conversation with Kim saying things about Eden. And now Eden has created this chaos and gone to Vanderpump,” Rinna said. “I’m not happy.”

“I was in Mexico and I thought it was going to be really fun and then it wasn’t so fun,” Rinna recounted. “I don’t understand Eden — it was a really strange moment. Those girls had me up against a wall, literally. I’d love to know why instead of coming to me and talking to me directly, you went to Lisa Vanderpump and talked to her.”

Rinna felt betrayed. “I feel like you and I have a relationship, at least I thought, where you could come to me,” she said. “We’ve been very open and honest with each other. Like super open and honest. Maybe too soon.”

“Why would you go to Vanderpump?” she added. “I mean, Vanderpump was like having an orgasm she was so excited this was happening. That’s not okay!”

Eden explained she needed an impartial party to speak to. “I needed to explain myself to somebody who could just sit from an outside perspective,” she said. “I’m not a troublemaker!”

“Do not go behind my back and talk about me with these other women and then expect me to be there for you,” Rinna said to Eden. “Because I do not like that — that is not okay with me. You know well enough to come to me. I want to like you, I like you a lot. And this felt — it hurt me.”

Meanwhile, Kyle filled her sister Kim in on all the drama that was happening. “I think it is impossible for Lisa Rinna to not talk about me,” said Kim. “She’s been able to push me and push my buttons and watch me flair up and react and I think Lisa realizes she can’t do that anymore. She spends a lot of time running around talking about [Kyle] and I, but she’s not putting any focus on herself.”

Kyle replied, “Well that’s what people like to do. They like to set little fires so no one focuses on them. It’s bad Karma. They’re going to get bad karma.”

“I really want to get to the bottom of who said what between Lisa Rinna and Eden,” Kyle said. “I know that whenever I find out I’m going to be really pissed off. I just don’t know who I’m pissed off at yet.”

Eden was also looking forward to that conversation. “I’m excited to tell Kyle what has happened,” she said. “I don’t make sh*t up. I just don’t. … The truth is the truth and the truth will set us all free.”

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13 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Confronts Eden Sassoon About Their Talk About Kim Richards”

  1. Liar, Liar, your pants on fire Rinna, you’re definitely in the hot seat on this one & I’m gleeful. How many more lies to uncover.?? What she did to LVP last year is unforgivable, and all in the name of her own gospel truth.
    What a low classed person to throw blame on Eden the way she did. I’m so glad Eden spoke the truth to her. Rinna finally dug her own grave & as fast as the dirt is being shoveled in, Eileen is shoveling it out. A pair of wasteful humans. I wonder how she’ll worm her way out of this one. Saying she cant remember is not going to cut it.

    1. Rinna has not now, or ever had any character or honor. She gags me, for real. Of course Eden told Lisa, so Lisa could let Kyle know what was being said. She knew Kyle would take issue with her repeating it herself, so she went to the most worthy source. Kyle and Kim needed to know what Rinna was blabbing all over town, as is Rinna’s usual way. Then her reaction, crying “I want to go home” as if she had been bullied with lies, instead of what really happened was that she likely ingested 8 -10 MG. of Xanax or more that day, & naturally all of her day and what she said just all blend in together. I can’t WAIT for the scene to be shown the reunion!

  2. Yes Rinna did say those things and she should own it. I am totally annoyed with Eden. She talks about being sober but she is doing her best to butt in and make a story line for herself at Kim’s expense.

  3. Rinna is so hard to watch. It just gets worse and worse. Now she posts a nude selfie…great for her daughter’s as a role model. Right. Oh, yes, a well placed chair in front of her lady parts, but still. She is sickening.
    Back to the subject matter. Rinna conveniently forgot. Does she have memory loss? Did her parents have Alzheimer’s? Well, then if she has issues with her memory because of illness, I will give her a break. I just cannot believe she forgot this. She has to know it was recorded. She had a camera in her face?!
    I felt sorry for Eden, since she is the new girl and has had issues with addiction, and to be put on the spot and pointed to as a liar about her conversation with Rinna had to be beyond frustrating and annoying for her.
    Okay, Eden is not an angel, but it must be hard to fit in with this crew. I think Brandi is hinting (I have read) that Eden looks like her and is her replacement. Eden is not drinking like Brandi, thankfully. She is not as nasty, but she seems to dislike Kim, and I think there is more to this story. She is still grieving for her sister IMO, and that sister was connected to Kim before she died. We shall see how this all plays out. Eden definitely has issues to resolve, and I am not sure if she even knows this herself.
    That is all for now. Rinna…just stop it already. All that dancing on the table was too much too. I wonder what your daughters think of you? Let’s hope Harry Hamlin is a better role model.

    1. ICTA…That’s my new I completely totally agree! You are so right on about it all. Eden didn’t go to LVP maliciously. lipsa told her those things and intimated everyone knew it. When she called Kyle an enabler didn’t she say something like everyone knows it? In any case, she took LR statements as facts and only went to LVP cause she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting backup. And LVP told her she would tell Kyle…Again, not malicious but to protect her friend. Not that she didn’t enjoy proving the kind of two faced liar Rinna is. Gets me Rinna saying she didn’t say it…Well, doesn’t remember saying it…Well now if I said it this was what I meant. And the woman can’t dance…And being bony isn’t sexy…Stay upright and clothed, please!

        1. Hee Hee Hee Bobby Burton and Victoria R…..even though I thought she was hot and good on her to girate like that (good flexibility and all that) it was soooooo wrong. You CANNOT dance like that at other people’s husband’s eye level unless you’re being paid at a strip club!! Lordie! Poor thing. She is trying very hard to prove she’s still got it.

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