Lisa Rinna: This Was The Calm Before The Storm


Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to dish on the transitions that are happening on RHOBH. Lisa warns viewers that this is the calm before the storm and the drama will continue to erupt as the season progresses.

Rinna writes, “Tonight’s episode definitely had a strong underlying theme of family, didn’t it? Lots of transition happening within many of our households. If there’s even just one single takeaway from this episode, it’s that we all love our children very, very much and care deeply about their well being.

Watching Kyle and Mauricio take Alexia out to U of A so got me! I absolutely love their beautiful family, and I was sobbing the entire time. I’m talking mascara-down-to-my-knees type of sobbing. Can we please just stop time, so we can keep our little girls with us always? Speaking of, watching Yolanda get Bella set up in her apartment in NYC was also taking a serious tug at my heartstrings. It’s so hard to watch these beautiful little girls we raise grow up and leave our nests. Both Kyle and Yolanda are such wonderful mothers and have raised equally wonderful women, so I have faith that all will be well. Just so hard to let go in the meantime.

Being a mom to only girls myself, I always find myself so intrigued when I watch Lisa V. with Max or Eileen with her brood of guys. There’s definitely a different vibe with their relationships and it just seems so fun, yet authentic that mother-son/stepmother-stepson bond. What an accomplishment for Eileen and Vinny to watch Duke enter his final year of college. Their other boys have good footsteps to follow in. And I love the support Lisa and Ken show Max. It’s the perfect mix of love and expectation. Just like Kyle and Yolanda, I think Lisa and Eileen are also great mothers.

Always such a delight to see my good friend, Penn Jillette! Penn and I worked very closely on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars, and he instantly became one of my favorite people on the planet. So when he crowd funded a movie called Director’s Cut that he wrote, hired HH to be the lead and wrote me in to play the role of HH’s wife, I didn’t even think twice about joining the fun.

And yes, I really actually do warm up my voice and lips in order to be camera-ready. Seriously, if you ever see me driving somewhere and it appears that I look like a crazy person talking to myself, you will now know that:

1. I am a crazy person sometimes, so you know, I might be talking to myself.

2. Hopefully I’m just headed to an audition or job and getting these lips ready.

Try it before you have to speak in public next time. It works! #RedLeatherYellowLeather

Ok, gorgeous jewelry for my jewelry party, right? I went to one just like it at Holly Robinson Peete’s house in support of the HollyRod Foundation and was inspired to have my own to raise money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation, which supports research for women’s cancers. I love a big fat f—ing diamond just like the next girl, but for my everyday look, I love my friend’s Stella and Dot line so much. And who doesn’t love getting together with good friends while buying jewelry, knowing the proceeds are going to charity? It’s a total win win, if you ask me!

I have to say, I guess it’s really not that odd that Brandi invited her friends over to watch her ex-husband’s reality show, because she’s Cuckoo LaRue. I don’t know, maybe she hasn’t moved on completely, and to me, it seems as if she’s pouring salt into a wound. But hey, to each their own.

As you can probably guess, based off the previews for next week, this was the calm before the storm. Things are about to get really crazy, so enjoy the peace for now and prepare yourself for what’s to come!”

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6 Replies to “Lisa Rinna: This Was The Calm Before The Storm”

    1. You said it right. This is the first time i liked the newbies, and i like these 2 rookies more so then a whole lot of the veterans, and I’m not just talking about rhbh, but rhnj, rhoc, rhoa as well. In fact rhnj needs to to get rid of all the veterans, and start finding new HONEST, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN

  1. #RedLeatherYellowLeather is very hard for me to repeat over & over, it’s a tongue twister. Lisa is a joy to watch. Andy sure made a great choice on her and Eileen, I enjoy them both. I usually don’t like new housewives but these two are perfect.

  2. I may be the only person who fast forwards thru her segments :/ I cannot stand her she is so fake and definitely an actress. She tries so hard to come across as this is her in her natural element but it isnt she is acting. blech do not like her or her icky husband :/ Eileen Davidson however is as real as it gets lol i love how she is not afraid to make fun of herself or her situations . i could live without the 2 lisas for sure ! eww and brandi

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