Lisa Rinna Calls Out Eden Sassoon and Dorit Kemsley

Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to react to what went down during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna talks candidly about her feelings regarding her falling out with Eden Sassoon. Lisa says she takes accountability for what she told Eden about Kim Richards, but will not take responsibility for Eden’s insecurities. Rinna also responds to Dorit Kemsley gossiping about her “bag of pills.” Read what all she had to say below.

“I want to start with the positive, amazing moment we are having with Delilah Belle walking in her very first fashion show for Tommy Hilfiger for New York Fashion Week. What a thrill it is to watch your child work hard and make her dreams come true. We had so much fun getting ready walking the halls, or shall I say strutting the halls getting her ready. She had never walked in a show, and this was one of the biggest shows ever. I am so beyond proud.

It was great to sit and have lunch with Camille in New York. I got the chance to share how I was feeling, and she has been there and done that, so it’s was nice to be open and honest with someone who can relate.

Now, let’s revisit Game Night.

All of the unnecessary drama that unfolded could have 100% been avoided if Kim had not inserted herself into our conversation. Everything was going great that night until Kim got involved. Our conversation had nothing to do with her. When I watch the episode back, I could see Kim’s wheels were turning. She was dying to get a word in, to find the perfect time to start trouble with me yet again, push my buttons, and to try to make me look like a crazy person for reacting to her. Kim’s intentions were to provoke and bait me. I took the bait, and we all saw what went down after that. Unfortunately, she succeeded, and I played right into her hands. She was aggressive, and yes, she was derogatory toward me and Eileen. If Kim had not done that, we would not be here right now.

Cut to the day after Game Night when I met up with Eden, who, by the way, is the only sober woman to ever call Kim out on her sh–. That was cool.

Did I know Eden? Well no, I had just met her for the first time on the show. We were not friends before. I had met her parents, of course, but I had only known her for a little while. I truly felt like we connected. I liked her, I felt like I could trust her. Boy, was I stupid.

Let us be very clear here that Eden asked me how she could help out in this situation as a sober woman. I told her I really wanted to move on and heal what had gone down between Kim and me.

For the first time in a long time, I felt genuine hope that perhaps Eden Sassoon could be some sort of beacon of peace and wisdom for both Kim and me to help heal our relationship. But as we know, hindsight is 20/20. I put way too much trust and confidence into this brand new friendship. I do recall saying prior to this that I felt I could go deep rather quickly with her. I cringe thinking how I did just that.

I honestly don’t know how it went from me opening up to Eden and trusting her to me being the bad guy so quickly. I confided in Eden about my upset, unresolved feelings from Game Night, and I felt very safe with Eden, a sober woman of four years, and I let my guard down.

If Eden had a problem with me not backing her up, dissing her, or feeling like I dumped all of this Kim stuff on her, why didn’t she just come to me and tell me that? We would have been done with it.

She never once approached me about it. Instead, Eden started this game of “telephone.” She decided to talk behind my back and didn’t bother to even tell the whole real story.

So I ask you Eden, why not tell the entire story? You only told a very small part, and a salacious part of the story at that. Why didn’t you say that you asked me how you could help and that in response I opened up to you?

The truth… I told Eden that I thought Kim was mostly sober. At the time we were in that store, eight months ago, this was my impression, based on the negative interactions we had just had the night before. Do I feel this way today? No. But I did at that time, and that was my authentic feeling based on her behavior.

I told Eden that Kyle is Kim’s enabler. This is not new information for Kyle. I don’t understand the shock of me talking about this since I have said this to Kyle more than once. She already knows this is my opinion, and I continue to support her because she is a good person and a good sister with a big heart. There had been several times in the past that I felt Kyle should have spoken up, and she didn’t. If Kyle had said to her sister at Game Night, “Kim, it’s not OK for you to talk to my friends like that in my home” we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Kyle told us last year in the Hamptons that what keeps her up at night is the thought of getting the dreaded phone call about her sister. I did not say “Kim was on the path to destruction” or “near death” the way Eden relayed it to her eager listener. What I said was, “They’re this close to Kim dying.” And again, the reason I even mentioned that to Eden in the first place is because I felt Eden could empathize with Kyle’s fear of receiving that phone call letting her know that something has happened to her sister. Those six words, “They’re this close to Kim dying,” have now been twisted into a dirty piece of gossip that implies that I think Kim is on the brink of death when what I was talking about was what Kyle shared with us all in the Hamptons last year.

So is it my bad in sharing my feelings with Eden? Yes. Could we have been done with it that very moment in the store that day, and it did not have to take on this “alternative facts” life of its own? Yes.

Eden took it and ran… Why? Maybe because Eden wasn’t getting the attention she desired from me, Kyle, or Kim. She took her “compassion,” “positivity” and “light” and told half- truths that she knew would then be promptly spread throughout the group. At the end of the day, no matter what someone says to you, you as an adult woman have the ability to either say something about it or not. Eden is responsible for the words that come out of her mouth as we all are.

I take responsibility for the part I have played in all of this.

I will not take responsibility for Eden and her insecurities.

Eden’s reality is her own. My reality is my own.

I did not force her to do or say anything.

Now it’s a f—ing mess. No bueno.

Let’s talk about Dorit.

When I took out my bag of pills, vitamins, whatever you want to call it, no one was happier than Dorit Kemsley. She was like a kid in a candy store. She fell madly in love with me in that moment and wanted whatever I may have had in there. It was fun, and it was funny. We were having a blast! We were ALL laughing and joking about it.

Doritos then took that and made it into something gossipy and so wrong. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this is coming from the same person who was ready to swan dive into my now infamous baggie of pills. How quickly we go from roller skating and laughing at my Xanax joke together to jumping on the bandwagon of let’s make Rinna the villain with a drug problem.

So, again, Dorit take a listen:

My advice to you…. don’t hustle the hustler.

I’m so grateful to Erika for wanting to have the facts instead of excitedly saying, “I definitely think Lisa Rinna could have said these things to Eden, mostly because I can picture her sort of saying those things.” Thank you, Erika!

It’s been two long months since that conversation with Eden in the store and into the lion’s den I go… I sure hope there are some Xanax smoothies on hand.”

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35 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Calls Out Eden Sassoon and Dorit Kemsley”

    1. Rain, please don’t insult hefers. 3 balls in a wrinkly scrorum, that’s okay. Hefers are off limits.
      (said tongue in cheek to my blogger buddy)

      1. Hi Jay, so true. Both are really bugging me this season and it’s not a good look. Dorito is just strange and not in an interesting way. Lips is a gossip hound and shit stirrer. I’m looking forward to more glamour, thank you very much. I also love Eileen. I think she’s super sweet and a smart cookie. Enjoy the day!!

    2. I love the word “hefers” , it reminds me of the old church grannies from my childhood right when they’re ready to set some wayward woman straight, lol.

  1. Lisa, come on now. We all saw that scene in the store and you did make it sound like Kim was on the brink of death. Why do you even still to this day have anything to do with her? She is not your friend and visa versa. You’re not even friends with Kyle. You set Eden up to do your dirty work, OWN IT.
    I have to wonder if you really are a kind person, because you have caused way too many problems. Kind people don’t act this way.
    Yeah, Rinna, let’s talk about your bag of pills, how about that.
    Kim can go away and keep working on herself. You should too.

  2. Have to agree with Lisa R. Eden took this and ran with it. Eden is trying to create a story line to make her self relevant to the show and I understand that. Eden should own it… she was the one instigating trouble. Dorit – jury still out on her. As for PK – jury is in and I wish we would see less of him.

    1. You think so, Cin. I took it as Lisa Lips (no insult to the wonderful former DJ of that name who was a main stay here in Boston) getting an “ally” to gang up on or otherwise demean Kim. Eden didn’t pick on that, as why would she. I really feel like Eden was trying to help. Over reaching, yes!
      I tried giving Dorito a chance. The only good thing I come up with is she has two adorable kids.
      PK is disgusting, he’s such a sexist. Jealous of Erika’s success too.

      1. I see your point. Lisa was gushing over Eden when they first met. I think Kim & Lisa like to push each other’s buttons. Still wondering why Kim is owed an apology – I must of missed that cuz I feel Kim owes some of the ladies an apology for her nasty behavior. Also insinuating that Harry Hamlin cheated on Lisa – bad move on her part.

        1. I don’t think Kim insinuated HH cheated on Lisa, I believe it was in regards to his past drinking problem. I recently saw the scene again and it seemed to fall into the same subject….just a thought – I could be way off base, but he, himself, admits to his issues.

  3. RINNA HAS SELECTIVE MEMORY. Rinna needs to be off this show. She is lowlife trash that loves to lie. OWN IT RINNA! Rinna states she say what is ‘reality’ to her. Well, there ya go! Rinna’s reality is delusional. Go Away! Rinna is one thing for sure, cringeworthy.

  4. The only thing Kim did was stick up for Dorit. Kim said that LR & ED do gang up. It is 100% true. LR is the 1 that went off the rails. LR did involve Eden with lies & then tried to run away. She did the same thing last year with LVP. Can’t stand LR or ED.

  5. I like her better this year than last, at least so far. She really hung onto LVP needing to apologize and simply would. not. let. it. go. Then she started the season out with it again! She does seem to be over it at this point so we can all carry on.

  6. Lisa R….you’re not a victim you’re the person that starts all these rumors. How can you attempt to play the victim when you have been down this road so many times before? You are not interesting on the show, you are just there to start things and stir things up.

  7. I don’t think Rinna is a bad person. I think she speaks before she thinks (or maybe instead of thinking), and just can’t shut her mouth. When caught she tries to tap dance her way out of it instead of owning up to it until she’s forced into a corner, and then she points her finger at somebody else (first LVP, now Eden) as the problem.

  8. Seeing PK the Pervo call Erika cold in the promo tells you what a bitch of a man he is !! Ick ick ick ! Gentlemen don’t do that

  9. Oh my “hefers” and “balls”???? What if Lisa R puts a DEPEND over her head to catch the s**t that comes out of her mouth??? Than the Hefers can laugh at the wrinkly balls in the pastures of PK while having a Dorito.

  10. Congrats to Delilah Belle for booking Tommy Hilfiger for Gigi’s debut as co-designer for that collection. Lisa and her loose lips should be happy that bridge wasn’t burned as a result of last year’s shenanigans on the show, because I’ve seen personally how things can go left for some people when you cross the wrong people in the fashion industry. Thankfully it looks like all’s well that ends well, and as Delilah matures, she might just be the next reincarnation of Edie Sedgewick with those big doe eyes! Beyond that, enough with the fixation on Kim Richards. Both Rinna and Eden are projecting at this point. I do recognize Lisa also tries to be outrageous for the cameras, but for all the heavy lifting Rinna is doing to keep s*** stirred for a storyline, at this point the Kim chatter is such overkill, she really owes a percentage of her salary to Kim for keeping her relevant in the show’s central storyline- otherwise she’d have little to offer outside of Harry’s meat, pies, and her QVC duster coats.

  11. This statement from LR is really interesting.. “no matter what someone says to you, you as an adult woman have the ability to either say something about it or not”. It reminds me of last season when she kept going on about Yolanda’s health and then when it came back on her she accused LVP of manipulating her to say it.

    Whether that happened or not last season it appears that LR is now trying to wiggle out of it the same way she accused LVP of wigging out of it. Last season she wanted the “gossiper” (LVP) to take accountability for what she made the mouth piece (LR) say….. Now she wants the mouth piece (Eden) to take accountability for what the “gossiper” (LR) told her…you cant have it both ways.

    If you look at her past 3 seasons LR has this trend. In season 5 she went after Kim’s health. Her only saving grace in that was that the audience had seen Kim’s actions and it became apparent she was off the wagon. However, In season 6 and now this season her accusations have minimal base in fact (though the doubts about Yo were out there) and we as the audience have only seen her talking about it.

    I do like LR. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she suits the Real housewives world. However Its very apparent that this was coming and would come back to bite her. it happened to Brandi and her patterns of targeting someone each season 2-Kim, 3-Adrienne, 4-Lisa, 5-Kyle. eventually the audience and the cast catch on with what you are doing.

    1. Exactly, it’s pretty formulaic at this point, which is why it’s so difficult for her to garner sympathy when her actions come back to bite her in the rear end. Notice how LVP has switched up tactical maneuvers this year and it’s working wonders for her. She sticks to doing the most damage via her blogs..although inserting a HOUSEHUSBAND in to do your dirt (via PK) isn’t very nice either, but it definitely throws the hounds (or in her words, b*tches) off of her scent…for a while at least. Lisa’s antics too patterned and obvious.

      1. I am a fan of LVP, however, I don’t think she is a ‘saint’. Someone who has done over 200+ episodes of reality TV knows how to work the system. Yes this year she has changed her actions… I do believe she told PK and Dorit about last season, whether that was as friends over dinner before Dorit signed up or after but they were definitely aware of the history. As someone else said they may have even watched it.

        LVP is also being very strong in standing up for Kyle, which i think works well for her. In the long run that could work against Kyle as she was questioned about her comments on WWHL about LVP.

        I find the Erika and LVP dynamic interesting, so far they have not had a scene together just the two of them (gone for dinner or round each others house). I do think LVP has not raised any issues with Erika (regarding sniper comments last season) due to her fan base.

        It will be interesting to see how far ED goes to stand up for LR. Especially at the reunion.

  12. Rinna, shift those lips into Park, Puleeze!!! Every time you open them, something comes out and most of the time it is pure sh..t!

    Your daughters are lovely. I wish the best to Delilah Belle. Now just play nice and stop throwing shade all the time. You know not what you speak.

  13. I gave her the benefit of the doubt so many times now I’m just over Rinna. I’m convinced she’s willing to compromise any integrity she maybe had for a $toryline. Nobodies that dumbwitted to repeat the same mistake in front of a camera. And she’s not smart she’s just so desperate to be a popular teamster. That ships already sailed unfortunately. BUT she still has her daughter’s T.H. debut on a catwalk and her piemaking ‘HarryHamlin’

  14. Are any of Kyle’s 3 gorgious daughters into modeling? Is that the only profession available for young women with RH mothers? Aren’t there some worthwhile occupations these gals could aspire too? I am sick of watching these mothers gush about their beautiful daughters. Every mother I know with a daughter rightly thinks that daughter is beautiful but listening to Rinna and Yolanda go on and on gags me. JMHO.

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