Lisa Rinna: Brandi Glanville Is The Queen Of Deflection


Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts about her confrontation with Kim Richards. Lisa explains that she was shocked by Kim’s reaction to her on the plane and says that Brandi Glanville was the catalyst in the argument. Rinna says Glanville is the Queen of Deflection and made their lunch all about Kim so she wouldn’t have to discuss her own issues.

Rinna writes, “The Fantastic Race was fun. Sort of. The idea of a scavenger hunt with teams was great and intentions were in the right place, but you let some Housewives run loose on a hot day in the streets of Beverly Hills with specific rules to follow, and sh– is bound to hit the fan. Complaints ran amok, rules were broken, a lot of dairy was consumed, and tour buses were hijacked. But what can I say other than I was more than happy and willing to support Yolanda. Oh, and congratulations to Eileen for holding her team together and pulling off the win.

Next we head off to Calgary to be a part of the David Foster Foundation Gala, which raises money to support families with children in need of an organ transplant. Before we arrive there however, I had quite an intense conversation with Kim Richards about her sobriety on the plane. She had been unusually quiet and uneasy around me, and me being one to crack an egg wide open to get to the heart of the problem asked her flat out if she was upset with me.

She was told that I had been talking to numerous people about her sobriety. Or rather, lack of sobriety. She wanted me to back off and stop talking behind her back, but here’s the thing you guys: I had just had a conversation to her face in Eileen’s kitchen. I looked into her eyes and flat out said, “You can get help. You can talk to people. You can go to a meeting and find a group, so you aren’t alone.” Lisa V. was also right there during this conversation offering her own support, to which Kim literally responded with, “Blah, blah, blah…”

As we have seen before, Kim tends to conveniently forget key events and things that are said in her presence, so maybe I should have seen her response of “Blah, blah, blah” as “I am literally and physically not listening to any of this.” Who knows. But what I do know is that particular conversation cannot be twisted into me talking behind her back. When I speak with someone about someone else, I absolutely HAVE TO then speak to the person I have just spoken about. That is what a friend does. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I happen to really like firemen, so I will go straight to that source every time. Haha!

The tense conversation between Kim and I on the plane, though, was just too much. She chose to speak to me as if I were a child and yelled at me each time I apologized to her. I don’t know how many times I apologized, and she decided to snub and fire back an icy, “Just drop it!” or “Leave it alone!” instead of carrying on a normal conversation where both people can speak like mature grown ups.

Of course, the bug in Kim’s ear is Brandi, Queen of Deflection. The reason I sat down for lunch with her was for me to ask why SHE is so aggressive and why SHE says the hurtful things she does and why SHE thinks it’s ok to act like a 3-year-old. I wanted to have a face-to-face, open and honest conversation with her about what makes her tick the way she does, so I could form my own opinions outside of what the other women have told me. As I can now see in hindsight, Brandi steered our lunch conversation to be about Kim, so we didn’t have to talk about why Brandi is the way she is. I would have liked to see Brandi be honest with Kim about her concerns she shared with me that day, but from what I can tell, Brandi seems scared of Kim and basically just tossed the whole messy situation on me. If anything, I would say we’re actually witnessing Brandi talk behind Kim’s back, since she didn’t share any of her parts of the conversation. Very irresponsible and definitely not what I would call a good friend.

We get to Calgary, and I can honestly say that the David Foster Foundation Gala was one of the best and most impressive events I have ever attended. Babyface, Jennifer Hudson, Jackie Evancho…and the list of amazing performances goes on and on! Raising $8.2 million dollars is unbelievable, and knowing that money goes towards children needing organ transplants and taking care of the family’s needs during that time is incredibly heartwarming. The amazing people of Calgary are so generous, and I have to say, I’ve never seen more money raised at a charity event ever! Dancing on the table with my mascara smeared down to my knees was a fun added bonus and then to see Steven Tyler plant those gorgeous lips on Kyle Richards–OMG I die. Thanks to Yolanda for having us all there with her and David and all of the other wonderful attendees.

We make it to Amsterdam, and as you can see, we clearly packed the crazy train in our carry-on luggage. I was kinda hoping it would be left at home, but we just wouldn’t be us without it, now would we? Kim continues to constantly bitch at her sister in the airport and create a scene, which is only the beginning for lots more craziness to come!”

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  1. Yeah we all know that already. Just do not speak to them. You have the right to only talk to those you choose to talk to. Problem solved.

  2. Like I said in an earlier comment on another topic, Yolanda is awesome! And I never gave her a chance because she was friends with Brandi. I dislike Brandi and Kim so much that I don’t like to watch ppl that even like them lol. I didn’t even know what the foundation was about because I never cared. That’s why Brandi needs to go and she can absolutely take Kim with her. I refuse to watch Brandi be a trash bag and Kim be the poor victim that everyone picks on. Please….I can’t wait to see next week when Lisa R throws a glass at Kim!!! Oh I can’t wait to see Kim’s face.

  3. Agree with all Lisa said in her blog. Brandi did talk behind Kim’s back and insinuated that there is a lot more to Kim’s lack of sobriety than what we see. Brandi is nobody’s friend. Not going to be watching the show next year if Brandi is still around.

  4. Lisa R, you expressed it so well. You’re too much of a nice, kind person to get involved with ‘sickos’ like Kim & Brandi. If I were Kyle & my sister behaved like that, I would slap her back to sobriety. Kim’s behavior to her sister is unforgivable, so how can she be otherwise with you?! She has been allowed to get away with so much advantageous stuff by her family who walks on eggshells around her all in the name of her so called “fragility”. She is not fragile by any means, she is a very spoilt, sick excuse of a human. Being around Brandi, the big, bad, bullying wolf gives her the excuse to display in full who she really is. Poor, sweet Kim, so much on her shoulders after all, so everyone must bow down to her deplorable behavior.

    1. I agree with Starr and Jenny regarding Kim & Brandi but am so confused by Yolanda and her long ongoing struggle with her illness. I saw absolutely no evidence of it on last nights show. She looked perfectly healthy as she ran the streets of BH and again in Calgary. Where was the confusion and the inability to speak or read. Is she on some Miracle drug that allows her to function normally when she needs too? If so, please share this with all the others suffering from the same disease.

  5. As I stated on another thread- Kim assaults others with her way over the top non sober behavior – like she CLEARLY did to Lisa R in the car ride over to Eileen’s on Poker Night, and how she behaved so rudely and aggressively on Poker Night, and then she wants to just as aggressively BULLY everyone into silence about her atrocious behavior. Moreover, Kim feels that SHE owes no one an apology for scaring them, making them extremely uncomfortable, ruining a party and insulting others. Nope poor little KIMMY (who illegally took her dying ex husbands narcotic prescription drugs) is the victim, and SHE is owed the apology!

    1. And Brandi just jumps on this train wreck because she is a mirror-twin of Kim. She goes around assaulting others- literally usually with vulgarities and innuendos, and then whines and bries when it comes back at her. Remember when she snarked/tweeted Andy few weeks ago? She uses her time on WWHL, her Podcast, her Twitter, her Instagram and her multiple interviews with media outlets to slam anyone and everyone ALL the time, but she had a hissy fit when it started coming back AT her.

  6. Kim is a dichotomy because she’s so socially inept, and I blame her family. She was a modern day Cinderella without the coping skills or the prince. Her mom that pushed her for frame and fortune, and the sisters lived off of her work while demeaning her out of jealousy. Kim has two speeds for behavior: off and full throttle, and has no ability for temperance (no pun intended). Remember her in the first couple of seasons? She was meek and terrified! And Kyle treated her like the tagalong little sister she was ashamed of and made her an outcast. The rest of the women sadly followed Kyle’s lead and dismissed Kim to one extent or another. Taylor was the worst mean girl of the bunch. I think Lisa V tried to be nice to Kim, but Kim was suspicious of any positive attention by then. Brandi has recognized the deeply flawed soul, and is manipulating her for her own benefit. Kim needs to leave for her own sake, and Brandi needs to leave for the benefit of everyone, including the viewers.

      1. I don’t blame Kyle for living off of her sister as a child. I do blame her for not acknowledging it as an adult and showing some gratitude for it. Kyle worked a few days here and there as a kid, and even then she’d get a small role on a show Kim would star in (no doubt because her sister was on the shows).

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