Lisa Rinna: Better Not Bitter

Lisa Rinna is taking to her blog to discuss the season premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rinna talks about the passing of her father, how that has changed her and moving forward with her co-stars. Lisa’s new phrase this year is: “Better Not Bitter.”

“Hi! It’s been a while, but here we go again! It’s crazy to me to think that I’m back in the thick of it for a third year now. I guess we can call it The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 3.

It’s always amazing to me how a major life event can completely change your outlook and perspective on life, relationships and happiness. Of course, the January 21st passing of my father, Frank, did just that. Like I mentioned on the show, I really have a new outlook on priorities and what’s important for not just me, but for my family. Seeing the flashback of my Dad took me by surprise—the pain is still there. Watching that clip reminded me yet again that life is too short and what I really want is love, happiness, laughter, and family to be the priority. I just don’t want to focus on anything that’s not positive anymore. It’s time to move on from anything petty and unimportant in the grand scheme of life. Time to move on and move through.

I am always so impressed and amazed by my dear friend Eileen. The strength that she encompasses and shares with the rest of us is nothing short of admirable. Erika was right when she said it speaks volumes about Eileen to not share the passing of her mother right before the reunion last year, yet make a decision to push through and be so solid and clear and concise that day. Yet another character trait that I admire in Eileen. More to come on this subject…

How sweet to watch the dynamic between Erika and Tom. It’s very clear to me how much they adore one another and how strong their bond is. Not to mention how fabulous that Chagall artwork and ring were! Beyond fabulous, really.

And of course you know I love a good disco, so Erika’s Studio 54 party was just too much fun for me. Since I have been to Studio 54, I knew I wanted to go all out for her party and of course, as you know, my 20-year old hairstyle isn’t really Studio 54-esque, so I pulled out that long, glam wig. I absolutely loved being there when Eileen gave Erika her birthday gift. The sheer joy on Erika’s face when she was offered a part on Y&R was priceless! I’m so excited to see what kind of role she plays. It was also so sweet when Erika’s mom showed up to the party. What a fun and fabulous surprise this was for her. Thank God that glorious cake showed up shortly after, because let me tell you, it was definitely edible and as we all know, I NEVER pass up a piece of cake. Relish!

Anyway, it was a blast dancing with all of the girls at Erika’s party, and I feel really good about how things are starting around here… You know things are headed in the right direction when we reunite at a disco and discuss big balls.

New chapter. End of story. Time to move on.”


15 Replies to “Lisa Rinna: Better Not Bitter”

  1. Go Back and watch the Hunger Games Rinna…except for Katniss trying to save her sister, NO ONE signed up for or volunteers for the Hunger Games. lol. You however have the option 😀

    1. Well, Cin, she couldn’t go the other way could she? I hope! She was foul last season, not much better the season before so maybe it’s third time lucky! Xox

  2. Rinna needs to stop thinking she is acting on a soap opera. She’s at the end of her career and desperately clinging onto whatever scraps are thrown her direction. She reminds me of the older women who refuse to dress their age that end up on a Lifetime movie. “Better not Bitter” means she should stay home and make us feel better by not having to look at those deformed lips and getting bitter by listening to her nonsensical, passive aggressive comments.

    1. I wish I had watched it on YouTube then I wouldn’t have seen the close up of her lips at that party! They were huge, ridiculous!

  3. If she spent less time on catch phrases and more time on finding something interesting to do, maybe she wouldn’t have to manufacture drama with the other ladies because she’d have a storyline.

  4. Lippy McGiilicuddy ready to move on because she knows she is the one who lied about Lisa V, She turned things around and blamed LVP… Lippy was the one who tried to rewrite how things went…
    Fortunately many people saw what she was doing..
    She’s the one who is a bitter woman with those lips that looks like its about to give birth…

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