Lisa Rinna Believes Eden Sassoon Is Pursing Kim Richards For Her Own Reasons

Lisa Rinna believes that Eden Sassoon is pursing the matter of Kim Richards’ sobriety for her own personal reasons, not because of anything that she’s told her. In her blog this week, Rinna says that she’s moving on from her past with Kim and that her big mouth can speak for itself.

“Harry Hamlin is a stud, need I say more?

This episode was so much fun to watch! I loved having the girls over for a BBQ. The weather was glorious, everyone looked so fabulous in that natural sunlight, and of course Harry’s meat was perfection as usual, as was the blueberry pie. Sublime! There were so many hilarious parts, and I mean, come on… Lola stole the show and basically summed up how a lot of us were feeling when she took a big poop in front of everyone. Hey Bravo, give that bitch a diamond already!

I have to say, I was nervous for Erika while watching her audition. Auditioning for a part can be incredibly nerve-wracking, so I could understand her stress—but she nailed it! We already know she is a natural on stage in front of a crowd, but she’s also a natural in front of the camera, too! I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything Erika isn’t a natural at? It’s no wonder Delilah and Amelia were “star-striking” when they met her. *wink*

I love a good costume party where I can go all out and wear a fabulous outfit and wig, and Kyle’s The Great Gatsby party was no exception, because the property and its view are to die for! Eileen and I had a fabulous time and not even a port-a-potty or PK calling us grumpy, old men Muppets was going to stop us from dancing, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

For the record, Harry and I would like to retract our comment about Mauricio becoming a billionaire in 10 years. We believe he will be a billionaire in five years!

As much as I’d love to focus only on the positive and funny parts of this episode, there are a couple of things I want to quickly address. At my BBQ, Dorit told Eden that I was hopeful she could “help bring some peace into my and Kim’s relationship,” and I agree with what Dorit said. I was hopeful that as a fellow sober woman, Eden could bring some insight and peace to both Kim and me and our whole group, really, but as time goes on, it is becoming quite apparent that her strong approach is making many uncomfortable.

Like I said in the store with Eden, the third time’s a charm (meaning my three heated encounters with Kim over the years), and I am done. I truly want to heal the baggage, and it’s obvious that Kim and I do not possess the proper tools at this time to mend our relationship. I just need to move forward, and Eden is aware of this.

What you are now seeing is me taking my own advice, and I’m moving on. I don’t want to engage on this topic any more, and for my own peace and happiness, this is the right thing to do. When I went shopping with Eden, I shared my feelings at that time, right after game night, and I also shared what Kyle told our group last year in the Hamptons about what keeps her up at night. It was in that moment that I knew I needed to remove myself from the endless cycle Kim and I tend to repeat. Life is just too short to do otherwise.

Might I add that my own big mouth can and will always speak for itself, and I don’t need, want or wish for anyone else to say anything on my behalf. For better or for worse, these lips of mine say what’s on my mind. Eden and I clearly have two different realities regarding this situation. We just saw Eden tell Kyle and Kim that the two of them remind her of Eden and her sister, Catya, which is an entirely different thing she’s working through separate from me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang out with my favorite scene stealer and 7th housewife, Lola.”

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15 Replies to “Lisa Rinna Believes Eden Sassoon Is Pursing Kim Richards For Her Own Reasons”

  1. LR stirred up problems, ran away, & is now blaming Eden. Now that she is caught, she wants to stop talking about it. Really? She did the same thing with Yo & “M” & blamed it all on LVP. LR running away from every conversation at her BBQ was rich, she didn’t want to get confronted. And yet, she hasn’t mined ruining other people’s events. Can’t stand LR or ED.

    1. Yeah I think you’re right. It seems to be a pattern with LR to drop a load then run. I guess you could says she’s a “drive by shitter”!

    2. lisa r likes to poke the hornets nest and then flee. stirs up problems with her big mouth and then runs when it blows up in her face. why didn’t she have Edens back? she kept leaving the scene because she was uncomfortable because she knows she started all this. coward

    3. Exactly Bluebell. Lisa R had the nerve to complain about Eden confronting Kyle at her BBQ when she has has no issue arguing with others and causing a scene at other parties hosted by the women. what a hypocrite! Are we sure Eden is sober? She always seems a bit spaced out.

  2. Rinna is a low life troll. She starts things that she has no intimate knowledge and then runs or, if close to being caught, starts back-peddling and blaming others. Rinna is hiding much….weight issues, husband issues……..and Eileen is no better. We are getting a first-hand view of Hollywood trash, not Beverly Hills class with these two.

    1. yes. I found her and harry’s interaction fake and forced and just for show. and why does she keep calling her husband by his first AND last name?

        1. It is even more annoying that the reason she keeps doing it, is because she thinks it’s cute as they brought it up at a reunion one time. A few times might have been cute, or funny, but she’s beat that poor horse to death.

          1. Rinna appears, IMO, to an arrogant narcissist. Self-importance is no recommendation……yet she believes she is a billboard special. Goodness, I’m bad, I just can’t stand Rinna. I keep hoping there is some redeeming quality, but no so far.

      1. She’s like Rachel when she meets Joey Tribbiani on “Then One That Could Have Been” episode of Friends. She just acts so ridiculous bc she’s star struck.

  3. One thing I thought was funny: a few of our group here wondered why Rinna never has parties at her house. That is one thing we love to see – how the rich and famous live. Well we finally got to se her BACHYARD and her KITCEN. What about an inside party so we can see the rest of the house. Never mind, I really don’t want to see anymore of LISA I am famous RINNA.

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