Lisa Hochstein Thinks Lea Black Was Attacked At Venue Party


Lisa Hochstein is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to defend Lea Black. Lisa says it is disgusting the psychic would imply Lea Black was doing “black magic” on Elsa and she doesn’t understand why Marysol cares so much that Lea didn’t reach out about Elsa’s health. Lisa says Lea acted like a mature adult at the Venue party by being pleasant and calls out some of the women for being malicious and hypocritical.

Lisa writes, “Let me just get right into it. Marysol and the psychic: This scene was disturbing to me. Of course I hope and pray that Elsa had a speedy recovery, and it’s true that she is a strong woman. To imply “a blond woman” (Lea Black) was doing black magic to possibly contribute to Elsa’s accident is disgusting! I’m sure Lea doesn’t have time to cast spells on other people or hate anyone enough to wish to hurt them. That scene was shady. Furthermore I don’t understand why Marysol cares so much if Lea reaches out to her mother or not. From what I understand Marysol wants nothing to do with Lea, so why in the world would she want Lea to have any contact “or do right by her mother” if she wants nothing to do with her?

I’m just getting to know all these women, so I don’t know everybody’s past and I certainly don’t dig to find out. Slowly information is being passed along to me. Of course it’s not right for anyone to be accepting anything from anyone under false pretenses, if that’s not 100 percent accurate. No one’s story seems to be 100 percent accurate. There are two sides to every story, and then there’s the truth.

Anyway I’m sick of feeling like a punching bag and having some of these women take digs at me for just trying to do what I felt was right. I’m done being a friend the best way I know how and going out of my way. I wash my hands of it.

Moving onto Lenny and I, I don’t think our sex life is as bad as Joanna and Romain’s, because we definitely are having sex more than every other month like Joanna had mentioned. I think when you’re married and you’re exhausted, you know that person is always going to be there so there’s no immediate rush. I personally think many people lie about how many times they really have sex, and it makes others feel like they’re not getting the normal amount.

I was honored and very excited when Adriana asked me to be her bridesmaid. I am happy for her and Fredric if they are happy, and I’ve always wanted to be a bridesmaid. I fortunately had the opposite problem than most women, where I was the bride first and never a bridesmaid!

I decided to miss the Venue party because there is one every month and at this moment in time I wanted to focus on my husband, since he was able to be home early that night.

I think Fredric was simply being a good guest and I don’t think he had any ill intent when saying hi to Romain. If Romain and Frederic made amends after Fredric tweeted about Romain, he should have simply moved on.

I thought it was very immature of Ana to get such joy out of making Lea uncomfortable when she went over to say hi to Joanna. I felt bad for Lea, because she simply went to support Alexia at the Venue party and she was being attacked. She was pleasant to everyone, which is how any adult guest should act at a party. I was also shocked that Alexia got in Lea’s face and called her a hypocrite, especially in front of Ana. Lea didn’t go there to start any drama and all it did was make her feel uncomfortable. Not very good host etiquette. Some of these women have said that I like to “stir the pot” or get in other people’s business, but it seems like they are being a bunch of hypocrites.”

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  1. I remember how eager Lisa was to impress Lea because she wanted to move to Star Island. I also remember Lisa being a little hurt when Lea did not GUSHINGLY respond when they were first introduced. So get off the high horse Lisa and get out of the bath tub ( a disgusting scene) and grow up.

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