Lisa Hochstein Talks Motherhood


We recently shared the exciting news that on July 3rd the Hochsteins officially became parents! Real Housewives of Miami stars Lisa and Lenny Hochstein finally had their miracle baby brought into the world via surrogate, a baby boy named Leo. Lisa recently opened up about her amazing experience being a mother so far to Bravo’s Daily Dish.

The couple had struggled for quite sometime to conceive, yet that all changed with final luck of baby Logan’s arrival-which was actually a bit early.

“I got a phone call from the surrogate… She was going into contractions. And, of course, I started flipping out because it was so early,” she recalled to the Daily Dish. “He wasn’t supposed to be due until August 1. So I was trying to pack a bag, trying to pack his bag. My hair was soaking wet. [I was] trying to book a flight because I had to fly to another city within Florida. And everything just worked out so great, even though it was super stressful getting there. I didn’t have time to think about. I just had to do it. I’ve never gone to the airport without makeup or my hair done. I ran to the airport with my hair soaking wet. I was crying like a crazy person.”

And of course all of the craziness was well worth it, “I spent the whole entire night holding him on my chest; it was beautiful,” she said. “I’m completely obsessed and in love.”

As for picking out their son’s name, “Well, we wanted to stick with an ‘L’ name … We wanted to have everyone with the same initials,” she explained. “So I named him his middle name Marc because that is Lenny’s middle name and it’s an ‘M,’ and my middle name is Marie, so all of our initials are ‘LMH’.”

Lisa recently took to Instagram to share adorable photos of her newborn son! Take a look:

Bathtime #babyBoy #newMama #1weekold

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How did I get so lucky? Someone must really love me up there @loganmarchochstein @drhochstein #swaddling #loganmarc

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  1. Congratulations I’m so happy that u got a precious baby boy I no uve tried for a long time so just enjoy being mummy and daddy and and I’m so happy for u both

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