Lisa Hochstein Talks Adriana Making Her Guests Wait At Wedding, Adriana Responds


Lisa Hochstein appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night after a new episode of The Real Housewives of Miami aired, and Lisa talked about how Adriana de Moura made her guests wait for hours while she got ready. When a caller asked Lisa what one of Adriana’s most outrageous moments was during her wedding, Lisa said, “Just having everybody wait for her for so long. Everybody was very hungry, very tired. I think she was getting ready more than she was at her own wedding. So, I think that’s the most ridiculous part of the whole thing.”

Adriana, who was not pleased with these comments, took to Twitter to defend herself. “Nobody was hungry! There was a cocktail before the sit down dinner! @lisahochstein @Andy #keep it straight,” adding, “My guests had a hour and a half of appetizers and full open bar before entering ballroom for the sit down dinner #keepitstraight”

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  1. I can’t stand this woman. She acted like queen of the show yelling”hurry up” to everyone most of the night. Yes, it was ridiculous about the lateness but this Lisa person, this newbie was a real pain. Even to her poor husband who had worked a 17 hour day and at 11PM just wanted to go home. Where did she come from? Oh yes and we saw she was a porn star on Andy’s show last night.
    I hope the Preservation Committee she yapped about last night gives her more grief. Yuck.

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